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  1. League Forum Moderator Reset

    I need my Mod abilities restored in AOTAOP league forum (BOTH League) thanks
  2. NFL Draft

    Bears signed a basketball player who hasn’t played football since high school The next Antonio Gates?
  3. Al sent a trade in AOTAOP



  4. I finally got my Bank app to work.. I think.  Should have payment shortly but please let me know if anything goes a miss.


    Confirmation #USB824365655

  5. 4 boxes. On Two sheets. 8 total. = $40 Thanks!
  6. The Packers have been spoken for but the Denver Broncos have become available. You can see their info by following the Packers link above.
  7. Lots of long time Huddlers and the Battle Royal between the 2 leagues is unique!
  8. This is a great league with some nice payouts!
  9. In the 2nd round the Lions select C. Davis DT Iowa
  10. Detroit Lions - D.J. Humphries, OT, Florida
  11. Huddle NFL Mock Draft?

    I'll take the Lions if ya want a Homer.
  12. Any Lions fans here...slash Alex Karras fan?

    Had drinks with the guy back in the day. He used to go to the old Lindell AC across from the old Tigers stadium. Very down to earth kind of guy. Met Joe Namath one time and asked him about playing the Lions. 1st guy he mentioned was Alex. Said he was a great guy to party with but don't mess with him on the football field.
  13. 2015 Super Bowl Box Pool (Squares)...

    PP sent today from meg707
  14. My Lions carried me to a last place finish.