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  1. We still need your help. Our donations are making a differance. Just thought i'd post a few responses from our guys down south. Guys just wanted to again offer my gratitude for your efforts and donations to myself and others who are using this in order to rebuild our lives. Just met with superballa and recieved a check. You just don't know how deeply moved I am and how helpful all this. keep up the good work and remember my apt. floor is open to any and all from the Band of Huddlers who want to come to NO when we rebuild. Many,many thanks Slayer Just taking a quick online moment to say you guys are awesome. Got the letter from SuperB a couple of days ago and I just wanted to say thank you. rajncajn Just talked to Tom and he wanted to relay his thanks to you all. He is back at his apartment still without power but with ya'lls donations we were able to buy him a generator which runs his A/C, T.V., and basic necessites. He is safe and again thanks you all. A big THANK YOU too everyone who has chipped in. My family and I greatly appreciate it. Your help will never be forgotten. It was great talking to you Nick, you guys are awesome. This post has been edited by Hitman: 9/19/05 05:25pm My brother, as all of those affected, has pride, and none of them want to feel like a needy cause, but the bottom line is they will all need help in the next several months, and i want to again thank everyone that has and will donate money. The message boards have really helped my brother to keep his spirits up and so once again for all of you that are active, my family is greatful! coachjb12 My brother has conveyed my feelings here very well but I wanted to tell you all in my words as well. To all who have donated here, Your generosity is without equal. For this many people to take money from their own pockets without hesitation to help a handful of people that in most cases they have never met just goes to show how great this country really is. The words " Thank You " can never express my gratitude. Last, To Superballa, alchico and NSab. The efforts that the 3 of you have put into this just blow me away. I will be seeing SB early this week but to the other 2 guys, When this is all over and we are back in our homes I will be extending a personal invitation for you all to come down and visit our rebuilt city. I want to personally shake your hands and thank you for all you have done not only for the Huddlers affected but for all the people of SE Louisiana and Southern MS. tbimm We need to keep this going, Some rough times are ahead for sure and with these other storms looming it could be even longer before things get back to normal. I know there are many other places people are donating, but this money is gong directly to our huddler bretheran You don't have to use Paypal, you can just mail a check, No donation is Too small, they Do add up. If you need any further info just PM Me or Superballa
  2. Southern Huddler Relief Effort

    With the new storm coming i'm sure this fund can be put to good use. Let's not let it die I havn't had any new donations in a while but i'm not giving up. I had a thought today and maybe using paypal is holding people back, i'm going to see about getting a p.o. box today and if everyone just sent a buck or 2 it would really add up fast, Will update later today with the address. If someone could pin this that would be great. Also a link to the main thread in the Tailgate would be nice since i'm not sure how to do it.
  3. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    I'll take the Rams
  4. King Of The Mountain

    I'll take the Rams
  5. Southern Huddler Relief Effort

    I forgot to include the Paypal info in the above post. It's There is also a thread in the tailgate with all the info.
  6. Week 2 Bonehead moves.

    Benched T Jones for B Jacobs, so i don't know if it will hurt, but i would have pretty much locked up a win if i had left him in(played him last week)
  7. Trent Green Owners

    I have both Preist and LJ on one team but i don't really need the points this week. On 2 of my other teams i have Green and Gonzo and i need them bad this week. It is very frustrating not getiing much through almost 6 quarters this season from these 2 since i drafted both fairly high.
  8. Culpepper AND Farve are reaming me!

    Farve-361 yards and 3 td's what more do you want???? I don't care how or when he got them, they still count. If he's behind all year he will always have good numbers
  9. Help your fellow Huddlers

    Had to do a morning Update...$4671.55..... Awesome Jump from last night Let's keep it up and we'll pass $5000 this weekend
  10. Help your fellow Huddlers

    Read below....this is why we are doing this SLAYER 9/15/05 11:05am Post #236 Huddler Group: Members Posts: 336 Joined: Aug 17, 2004 From: New Orleans Member No.: 7,441 Guys just wanted to again offer my gratitude for your efforts and donations to myself and others who are using this in order to rebuild our lives. Just met with superballa and recieved a check. You just don't know how deeply moved I am and how helpful all this. keep up the good work and remember my apt. floor is open to any and all from the Band of Huddlers who want to come to NO when we rebuild. Many,many thanks Slayer -------------------- NOPWL 2004 Champions SFFL 2004 2nd place Phi Zappa Krappa
  11. King Of The Mountain

    I'll take the Colts please
  12. Weekly Blitz

  13. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Indianapolis Colts please
  14. Help your fellow Huddlers

    Well it took a few days but we got the total to over $4000.... This isn't over yet folks, Let's keep it going, next goal $5000 Moring Update..........$4014.55
  15. Help your fellow Huddlers

    Come 1 come all, let's get tis over $4000 by the end of the day
  16. Help your fellow Huddlers

    Late night Update.......$3864.55.......... things are picking up again, don't let this die out
  17. Of the "suprise" TEs

    If he did he must have been on some really good drugs when they interviewed him after the game. :doah:
  18. Weekly Blitz

    hey grits, can i please have my detroit and buffalo win.
  19. Help your fellow Huddlers

    Game Day hasn't been too kind :doah: No Update due to no new donations But i'm not giving up yet I know we can reach $4000 and beyond. It's going to be many months until things are even remotely close to normal and the near future is when the need will be the biggest. People are going to exhaust their personal resources and be faced with rebuilding from scratch with nothing. Let's not let them down, and have a big surprise waiting for them when they need it most. Donation thread is pinned in the Tailgate
  20. Help your fellow Huddlers

    Come on everyone, up for a challenge........let's get to $4000
  21. Help your fellow Huddlers

    Pre-Game Update.........$3571.55... I know everyone is going to be busy partying and watching Football today. I have a challenge for everyone. Let's get the Fund over $4000 by the end of the day. Take a second between games, at halftime or during a timeout and send a donation to the huddler Hurricane Relief Fund for our fellow Huddlers. No donation is too small, $5, $10, $15, $20 whatever you can spare. It won't tale long if 40 people donte $10 we'll reach my Goal
  22. Help your fellow Huddlers

    Great job guys, now i can go to bed feeling better (it's still sat here) and actually have an Update for today. New total............$3541.... Football in a few more hours
  23. Communicating of league rule changes

    Absolutely none taken sir! I asked for your opinions because I want to do my job better. This is only my 2nd year as commish, so I'm still learning. Let me add that this is a private league with the guys I work with. We see each other every day, we talk about this stuff all the time. While my email wasn't spelled out we had casual conversation on these very topics numerous times. Stiil, I was suprized [given our scoring system] that Manning and Culpepper went one, two in our draft. Our league places more importance on RBs which was discussed numerous times. Yet, some people still felt that wasn't the case. Does that mean I did a poor job of reporting the new rules or does that make them stupid for drafting QBs so high? 981457[/snapback] I'm not so sure the guys who took the QB's were all that stupid. One of the reasons RB's are so valuable is you usually start more of them than QB's. Changing the starting requirements to 2 QB's is a pretty significant change and definately should have been voted on or openly discussed (not casually). I think the guys who took the QB's early, if they were smart during the rest of the draft could have a big advantage. Especially if they went after a #2 early also. JMHO