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  1. this
  2. D.Williams and Forsett....like what the heck???
  3. gotta love two for one deals where you get the better player. Go for it
  4. flip a coin Watson should be productive with a fair amount of targets and decent yardage, maybe a TD Gates most likely will be limited, always the possibility of 3 rec. 20 yds 1 TD
  5. 2nd docs opinion coming... As per Adam Schefter
  6. +1 Best secret ever....
  7. Sure it's now obvious that Rainey was the better pick up then Leonard, but who started him this week, and can you trust him moving forward?
  8. I'm starting him over Miller
  9. If you have Graham, then your options are not all that great...a Graham playing decoy or two quarters of Graham is better then most...
  10. I'm still playing Foles over Brady this week. I think they will be closer this week in fantasy points with Gronk back but it more likely that Foles will do better... for this week at least
  11. I just traded Moreno for Wilson Sell high candidate for a buy low guy, I have enough depth at RB that I can wait on Wilson. Wilson will come around, but probably not until later in teh season.
  12. Fantastic post.....
  13. Need more info, like who is your bench and who is roughly available on waivers
  14. I dropped Cinn for Tenn and it bit me....