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  1. Playoff Fantasy Football Contest

  2. 2018 Playoff Fantasy Football!!!

  3. Congratulations to Brent: 2018 LLD Champion

    Congrats, Brentastic. I expected nothing less this year. Great job building a powerhouse for years to come.
  4. Thanks guys. I owe this victory to Henry Muto. He called me on a Friday night and suggested we pick up Damien Williams for one of our shared teams about three weeks ago when Kareem Hunt was released. Spencer Ware was owned by everyone but it wasn't known for sure if he would start at that point. I decided to take his advice for all of my teams and even dropped Justin Jackson from my two NFFC teams to pick up Williams. I owned Melvin Gordon too but for some reason I thought Williams could make a real impact! The rest is history. It's a good thing I got great advice from the 2012 champion.
  5. 2018 LLD PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!

    FF is a cruel game. There is really no fairness or logic about it. Teams that should have won don't. Teams you never expected to win, sometimes surprise you. Unfortunately, the Thunderballs haven't t played great or poorly in the playoffs. They have been consistently average just like the regular season. Great writeups, Berlin. To recap, I got married in March, moved in May and had my first child arrive 27 days early in June. He's six months old now and we're excited for his first Christmas. Life is grand!
  6. LLD:. FA Bid - Williams, Damien KCC RB

    2 years Drop James O'Shaughnessy JAC TE (1 yr)
  7. FA Bid : WARE, SPENCER KCC RB - Relish Wins

    2 years; drop Garcon (3 yr).
  8. 1 Drop Gates, assign 1 year contract
  9. LLD FA BID: Nick Mullens SFO QB

    1 year contract; drop Beathard.
  10. LLD2: 2018 Chat

    Poor MonkeyOne started the wrong QB in week 7. What could have been. Fabergé Legg Warmers couldn't be bothered to start a QB at all in week 7 and still won. Meanwhile, the Thunderballs keep winning when our team is mediocre at best. This league has no parity because so many teams sold the league out with their surrender of goods. It's a league of the haves and have nots. The middle is the worse place to be.