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  1. This sounds like something Frank Caliendo would say while imitating John Madden.
  2. Can't remember a wild card weekend with all of the games decided by the end of the 3rd / early in the 4th like this. What a snooze fest unless you are a Packer/Seahawk/Steeler/Texan fan. I hope we get better football next weekend.
  3. Addiction is no joke. Makes the brain put the alcohol/drug into the survival mode part of the brain. The only thing that matters is the next drink/hit. I wish him the best on cleaning himself up. Football doesn't matter at all here.
  4. I traded Tyrell Williams and Cameron Brate for DeAndre Hopkins because "they" said Hopkins was a buy low.
  5. Started Sammy Watkins, benched Ty Montgomery. Started Thomas Rawls, benched DeAndre Hopkins. Who knew last week would FINALLY be the week Brock got benched?
  6. Bell Watkins Kelce And still wondering where Rawls is... Fortunately, Ty Montgomery is warming my bench.
  7. That is super frustrating when it happens. I remember playing against Tavon Austin one week when he went off. I'm guessing you could look at his game log and figure out which week that was since he has pretty much sucked 90% of the season. Then again, I remember doing that one week with the spot start of my life a few years ago. I spot started Seyi Ajirotutu when he started a game for the Chargers with a few guys hurt ahead of him on the depth chart, and he put up 120 and 2. Pissed my opponent off royally.
  8. I started Rawls and felt like it was a mistake the whole time. Thursday night games are the worst. But the real kicker was when the Rams fired Fisher. I had a feeling they might fight harder with the regime change. If Fisher is still coaching the Rams tonight, I'm guessing they'd have mailed it in more. So even after getting fired, Jeff Fisher manages to dick us all over.
  9. Good question, Steve... I have Dez, Sammy and Demaryius in ahead of DeAndre right now. It doesn't help that DeAndre showed up on the injury report either, though it's apparently nothing serious. I have no faith in Brock to take any shots to him - he just doesn't attack. Plus, the Jags have been fair vs. the pass and poor vs. the run, so I expect this to be the Lamar Miller show.
  10. The Rams are more vulnerable to the pass. Not sure why there was love for Rawls going into this game. Rams - Seahawks typically seems to have an over/under of 22.5 points. It's always ugly and low scoring. Add the Thursday Night Football effect, and Richard Sherman has it right - the NFL is giving your fantasy team the middle finger too.
  11. I think you need to treat the Raiders' receivers like you treat the Saints' receivers. Carr doesn't force to anyone but runs through his progressions like a pro. I would imagine Crabtree will be overvalued next year because of how much his TD scoring this year inflates his value. Likewise, Cooper ought to drop to more of a mid range WR2 value available in maybe the mid 4th in a 12 team league.
  12. Booker is the least repulsive. Lol.
  13. STAFFORD!!!
  14. The Draftkings question is hard to answer without seeing their values. Agree with snake: Ebron in PPR, Gates in standard.