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  1. Cohen or B Allen PPR RB

    Cohen is the safer play in PPR, as he will be heavily targeted. But Allen has the higher upside IMO, even if West is active, as Allen has the bigger chance of scoring TDs. I don't think Chicago will be very competitive against the Steelers.
  2. TNF

    Glad to see Sammy Watkins break out. Hopefully he's okay. He was on my bench because I hate playing fringe players on TNF, but I don't even mind... It's just good to see he has a pulse again, and hopefully he and Goff continue to develop chemistry. If healthy, I love his matchup vs. Dallas next week.
  3. The Electric Tarik Cohen

    Warrick Dunn also comes to mind. Guys like Cohen have succeeded as more than CoP backs before. It's not common, and it's WAY too early to count these chickens.
  4. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    Brady finished with under a 50% completion rate. I think Amendola's concussion really hurt the offense. Brady was leaning on Amendola a lot. Philip Dorsett, come on down!
  5. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    Not a Pats fan at all, but let's be realistic. What team in the AFC East do you think finishes with a better record? Even if they are mediocre this year, 8-8 might win that division. I also think you're not giving the Chiefs enough credit for playing really well (especially Alex Smith).
  6. Stafford

    The reason isn't Stafford at all. In fact, Osweiler winning a playoff game despite being a turd is a testament to needing a good overall team in order to compete in the playoffs. The Derek Carr comparison's aren't fair. This was Carr's first mega deal, and he is still young. And it's highly likely that Carr would have a playoff win on his resume if he hadn't gotten hurt at the end of last year. The Raiders are closer than Detroit to competing for their conference (Brady isn't going to last forever, neither is Big Ben). They have a very strong offensive line, and Khalil Mack is a cornerstone of a defense that stands to improve this year. Detroit has holes everywhere on defense. No pass rush, no shutdown corners, mediocre LB play... They also have questions along their offensive line, and guys like Ebron and Marvin Jones just aren't cutting it. Hopefully Golladay emerges as a true #1 WR soon. I'd have rather seen the Lions franchise Stafford next year or trade him this year with the upcoming crop of QBs looking very strong for next year's draft. Save the $$$ and upgrade your defense. It's not just a cliche - it's true: Defense wins championships. The Lions aren't serious contenders for the NFC anyway - might as well break some eggs now to make a gourmet omelet in the future.
  7. I'm kind of surprised that I have yet to see Sammy Watkins in this thread yet. Maybe he just isn't falling in drafts. I nabbed him in the middle of the 6th round in my main local yesterday which felt like excellent value to me. I can understand the concerns with Goff, but at least new HC McVay is an offensive minded guy under whom Kirk Cousins emerged/flourished. The Rams were just an overall $hitshow last year, so it's hard to know exactly who the real Jared Goff is yet IMO. He showed promise in preseason week 3, even if Watkins wasn't that involved.
  8. Ameer Abdullah

    The biggest concerns for Abdullah are his health and the quality of his offensive line. That being said, apparently the Cardinals were interested in Abdullah in the draft a couple of years ago, but the Lions snagged him instead so they had to "settle" for David Johnson. I guess my point in bringing that up is to remind everyone what sort of talent Adbullah is. He has been snakebitten with injury. He's kind of like the RB version of Keenan Allen in that regard. As for rookie RBs, there are some I understand the love for and some I don't. I understand it for Hunt. The Chiefs moved up to snag him in the draft, and they already know what they have in Charcandrick West. The only concern with Hunt is his pass blocking - he'll lost snaps if he doesn't get that figured out. But his role as a workhorse appears to be strong, despite the comments about a "committee approach". He just might not get as many catches until he "gets it" in pass pro. And the Chiefs' offensive line is a plus as well. I don't get the love for Christian McCaffrey. He might be electric with the ball, but he is not a goal-line back at all. He also is going to a team with a meh offensive line and with a QB who hasn't shown a ton of love to RBs in his career. Granted, they drafted McCaffrey early and will use him, but I think 4 TDs is probably a good guess for him. I'd rather have a guy with better 10+ TD upside like Abdullah (or Hunt). I also think Dalvin Cook could lose out on goalline work with Latavius Murray there. And the Vikings have a bottom rung offensive line to boot. And Mixon isn't even starting yet technically... I'm not sure i want to invest a 3rd or 4th round pick in a guy who we are waiting to emerge. Fournette has foot issues and plays for Jacksonville. Enough said on him. Hunt is the only one I really like.
  9. Stafford

    This is getting out of hand. By the end of this contract, the Lions will have paid Stafford a quarter of a billion dollars. And so far, he has one fewer playoff win than Brock Osweiler...
  10. Brandin Cooks: Why no love?

    Edelman was one of the least efficient WRs in the league last year per PFF. I'm pretty sure the aggressive move of trading a first round pick to get Brandon Cooks isn't a coincidence. I'm not touching Edelman this year. I think low end WR2 is Cooks' floor. If Gronk gets hurt, he has significant Top 10 potential. But it's hard to see Cooks as truly elite considering how much NE usually spreads the ball around (but all bets are off if (when?) Gronk gets injured).
  11. Cameron Meredith

    Glennon may be terrible, but Meredith put up big numbers with Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley throwing passes once Kevin White and Alshon Jeffery were injured. Therefore, I don't think the "Glennon sucks" argument holds water. Having said that, I agree with the idea that Glennon keeps any Bears WR from being elite (WR1). If you really want a guy with that kind of upside, you need to look where the QB play, scheme and situation support it. Even UDFA receivers can potentially achieve low end WR1s status if those factors align.
  12. Wild card weekend a mega dud

    This sounds like something Frank Caliendo would say while imitating John Madden.
  13. Can't remember a wild card weekend with all of the games decided by the end of the 3rd / early in the 4th like this. What a snooze fest unless you are a Packer/Seahawk/Steeler/Texan fan. I hope we get better football next weekend.
  14. Addiction is no joke. Makes the brain put the alcohol/drug into the survival mode part of the brain. The only thing that matters is the next drink/hit. I wish him the best on cleaning himself up. Football doesn't matter at all here.
  15. I traded Tyrell Williams and Cameron Brate for DeAndre Hopkins because "they" said Hopkins was a buy low.