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  1. Titans vs. Patriots

    That sort of scummy way to gain an edge was a perfect way for Belichick to get a taste of his own medicine since he's the one usually pulling that sort of crap. In the end, that time that ticked off the clock ended up being a big deal.
  2. Venting: Never bench your studs BS!!!!

    I’m benching Todd Gurley this weekend if there is definitive news about Cook and Mattison prior to the Rams game (I have Boone). Rams at Niners is a terrible matchup for Gurley. It sucks the Rams play Saturday and the Vikes play Monday. Gurley still qualifies as a stud, no?
  3. Venting: Never bench your studs BS!!!!

    I think “always start your studs” is an excuse people use for not taking calculated risks with their lineup decisions. If I had stuck with that mantra, I would have let OBJ sink my team down the stretch.
  4. Week 1 Milk Carton 2019!!!!!

    Is Anthony Miller inactive? I don’t think I’ve seen him in the game, let alone targeted on a route.
  5. MyHuddle Player Tracking Not Working

    Yeah, I got a relatively quick response from support, and the issue seems to be resolved now. It was probably broken for close to an hour if I had to guess. Hopefully they are taking precautions to ensure this never happens again. Scary stuff...
  6. MyHuddle Player Tracking Not Working

    Yes, this is also happening with me and others. I've never had as many issues with The Huddle in the past as I have had this year, and the NFL season hasn't even started. If they don't fix this ASAP, I am requesting a refund. I don't want to do business with a site that doesn't work correctly (I've also had the issue for weeks now that the site keeps logging me out whenever I try to access paid for content) and that exposes my personal info to random other customers.
  7. AT&T U-Verse drops NFL Network & RedZone

    Almost 100% sure the answer will be yes, and it won't even be close. It all depends on what you really need, but Amazon Prime, Hulu and NetFlix are collectively under $50 per month (Prime is a lot more than video streaming too). If you went basic cable + internet vs. a real TV package with any provider, you are probably saving more than that.
  8. 2019 Vegas Win Total Over/Under

    The Redskins arguably the most favorable strength of schedule swing from last season to this upcoming season on paper (their collective opponents' winning percentage from last season is lowest of all teams). I'm not saying you are wrong, but to say they are a lock to lose 11 or more games is too strong IMO. I also understand the inexact science behind strength of schedule analysis, as the teams going on the field in 2019 will have new players, coaches, etc. that factor into their performance. I'm inclined to bet the over on Miami, if only because their schedule includes four games with Buffalo and the Jets as well as home games against the Redskins and Bengals. If they can muster a win outside of those games, their path to 6 wins isn't that hard to envision. Of course, there are a lot of things up in the air with Miami, so it's not at all a safe play. It's just where my head went when looking at their number and situation.
  9. I love the AAF

    This. I am ready for a break from football for a bit once the playoffs end. And yeah, college basketball, NBA and NHL playoffs, etc. nicely bridge the gap from end of NFL season through to near the beginning of NFL team OTAs
  10. Fitzmagic To The Dolphins

  11. OBJ to Browns

    I think you are overthinking this. Mayfield has a gunslinger mentality. OBJ can beat anyone in a jump ball type scenario, and frequently he can beat any two guys in those scenarios. What's the point of having an all-world WR if your QB is too gun shy to let him make a play (think Brock Osweiler's impact on DeAndre Hopkins). This marriage is closer to perfect than you've led on. The only argument you've really made here is that Mayfield is too short to throw slants and such over the middle, but Drew Brees is shorter than Mayfield and manages just fine with those routes. Again, I just think you've gotten too microscopic in the analysis.