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  1. Austin Seferian-Jenkins

    This is the essence of what I was getting at in my post. Michaelredd9 asks fair questions about how the rules were applied to the situation. I'll grant that ASJ temporarily fumbled the ball for a split second. But was it crystal clear that he didn't have possession when he went out of bounds / hit the ground? This sort of play is a perfect example of how attempting to define rules and apply them evenly through video review fails. Because there isn't objectivity in the phrase "indisputable evidence". Because people can interpret things differently. I'll bet if you had MLB using video review on balls and strikes, you'd get different interpretations from different umpires. The concerning thing here is that so many of these plays are so microscopically close that it sort of has to come down to a judgment call at times. Maybe some day we'll live in a sports world where there are sensors in the ball, on the field, on equipment, etc. so there is no judgment on when a player is down by contact, crosses the plane, etc. but until then, we are going to be subjected to slowed down games and judgment calls on video review. And sometimes it won't make any sense at all because common sense isn't built into the rules.
  2. Murray out?

    Henry had 18 carries for 59 yards (3.3 ypc, same as Murray) before that long TD where the Colts sold out to force a 4th down and left nobody at the second level. I wouldn't exactly call those dominant numbers. That being said, I don't think we'll have any clear cut answers until after the Titans' week 8 bye. For now, both Murray and Henry are probably worth starting vs. Cleveland.
  3. Austin Seferian-Jenkins

    Disclaimer - I have no horse in this race. The result of the ASJ fumble ruling had no bearing on any fantasy matchups of mine, nor am I a Jets or Patriots fan... The NFL has a real problem on their hands with instant replay. Whenever something is slowed down frame by frame, it really blows things out of proportion. That ASJ play was one of those bang-bang plays where the dude clearly didn't lose possession of the ball. He caught the ball cleanly. He had had clear possession when he hit the ground. Butler did well to try to strip the ball, but what happened was slightly more than a bobble. This is just another play in a long line of plays where replay fails to deliver (the Calvin Johnson "process" call vs. Chicago comes to mind as one of the first really horrible lack of common sense calls made by blowing things out of proportion frame by frame). Let's be real - any chance of the Jets pulling off the upset were virtually eliminated by that reversal. I Aren't we all getting a little tired of long review delays and close games coming down to some dude in New York interpreting a play frame by frame? By the way, ASJ did well to take the high road after the game.
  4. Milk Carton Week 6

    I'm going to go ahead and put Sammy Watkins on the list now as I have plans Sunday afternoon and won't likely be around to put him on the list when he predictably goes MIA against Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye.
  5. Time to drop Cohen it appears

    John Fox has never historically gave rookies significant playing time, even when it was clear that the veteran wasn't a better option. This situation is different obviously with the WR situation being a dumpster fire. It was asking a lot to expect Cohen to get 100+ targets as a rookie RB, but I'm not sure I'd just cut him outright yet. Wait for the Trubisky dust to settle over the next couple of weeks. And keep an eye on snap counts, obviously.
  6. Patriots/Bucs thread

    This game is the exact opposite in every way of Rams - 49ers from two weeks ago.
  7. Doug Martin looking good

    This matchup is just too good to not roll Doug Martin out there. Maybe they ease him in, but on a Thursday night when the rest of the team is on three days' rest, Martin comes in fresh. I am sitting DeMarco Murray in favor of Martin.
  8. Keenan Allen's Fantasy Value

    I feel like Keenan Allen's injury history makes him a hold no matter what. Can you really get fair value in a trade? He feel a LONG way in my draft because of his perceived risk, and that risk is still built into his value.
  9. Doug Martin looking good

    Wrong. He comes back in Week 5. His suspension was only 3 games. I'll be starting him immediately out of need (looks like Ty Montgomery may be out for a while), but I don't think Quizz has done anything to deserve anything more than change of pace duties after Martin returns.
  10. Top 5 RBs

    In PPR: Bell Hunt Zeke Gurley Freeman
  11. Golden Tate gets robbed in broad daylight...

    The Lions got screwed. Period. Tate doesn't complete the process of the catch until he is in the end zone. Seems like a double standard to say he was down short of the goal line when they don't even consider the catch complete until possession is proven through the process. That call would have never been reversed if it was a major market team instead of the Lions. Guaranteed.
  12. Cohen or B Allen PPR RB

    Cohen is the safer play in PPR, as he will be heavily targeted. But Allen has the higher upside IMO, even if West is active, as Allen has the bigger chance of scoring TDs. I don't think Chicago will be very competitive against the Steelers.
  13. TNF

    Glad to see Sammy Watkins break out. Hopefully he's okay. He was on my bench because I hate playing fringe players on TNF, but I don't even mind... It's just good to see he has a pulse again, and hopefully he and Goff continue to develop chemistry. If healthy, I love his matchup vs. Dallas next week.
  14. The Electric Tarik Cohen

    Warrick Dunn also comes to mind. Guys like Cohen have succeeded as more than CoP backs before. It's not common, and it's WAY too early to count these chickens.
  15. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    Brady finished with under a 50% completion rate. I think Amendola's concussion really hurt the offense. Brady was leaning on Amendola a lot. Philip Dorsett, come on down!