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  1. Delanie Walker taken off on cart....

    Per Ian Rapoport, Walker’s season looks over:
  2. Falcons / Eagles

    It's like Doug Peterson doesn't want the same RB on the field for more than 2 plays...
  3. Player who fell the furthest in your draft?

    Notes from a 12-team 1/2 point PPR league: Tyreek Hill fell to the 3-4 turn Alshon Jeffery fell to the 7th round Rex Burkhead fell to the mid 9th Delanie Walker fell to the 10th round Aaron Jones fell to the end of the 13th round Ronald Jones went in the 15th round
  4. first year in 23 years not playing FF

    I did this back in 2015. I was in a bunch of leagues, and it started feeling like an obligation instead of a hobby. Especially Tuesday nights getting waiver requests in. I took the year off and really enjoyed the freedom. It also worked out well, as I had just started a new job and would have never been able to keep up with my leagues if I hadn't stepped away. I got back into fantasy football in 2016, but only in my main local (who thankfully had an opening). I'm still only in that one league, and I don't plan to get into others. Enjoy the year off - I actually didn't even watch much football the year I took off. I actually think it takes fantasy football for me to have interest in the NFL these days which is sad. But the game is becoming hard and harder to watch with all of the replays and rules changes.
  5. LeVeon Bell

    Bell started slow after last year's holdout, so I'd at least temper expectations with Bell's productivity in September. But the Steelers know that Bell won't be with the team next year, so they are going to grind him into the ground this year. He will likely lead the league in touches, and removing pass-happy Todd Haley from the equation will likely help him. I can't see how anyone would draft Zeke or DJ over Bell. Zeke is going to get 8 in the box half the time this year, and he doesn't catch passes like Bell. And the Cardinals are terrible, so DJ isn't going to come even close to the 20 TDs he scored in 2016.
  6. Who is the best QB value in redrafts?

    Cousins finished QB8 last year without both of those guys (Garcon or DeSean). All I'm saying is the QB of a Jay Gruden offense is highly likely to finish the year as a QB1 based on his track record. This will be an interesting year to see how both Cousins and Smith do. I also think Blake Bortles deserves consideration as a value, mainly because he is going in the low to mid 20s of all QBs, but the guy never finishes below middle of the pack and always seems to deliver QB1 numbers during the fantasy playoffs somehow.
  7. Who is the best QB value in redrafts?

    I always laugh when I see things like Aaron Rodgers has a 5th round ADP. I've never seen the first quarterback in any of my leagues last even remotely that long. Rodgers will be long gone by the 5th in all of my leagues. Rodgers is also a higher injury risk than most other QBs.
  8. Who is the best QB value in redrafts?

    If Smith stayed in KC, he wouldn't have nearly as good a price tag. I'm curious about what is so bad in WAS. Cousins routinely made lemonade out of those lemons. They still have Doctson, Crowder, Thompson, Reed (health notwithstanding - is there a more brittle core of receiving talent in the league?). They added Paul Richardson (sorta meh, but better than Pryor). And they are going to have to rely on the pass without Guice. I don't believe in a 33 yo Adrian Peterson any more than I believed in Kelley or Perine. Jay Gruden made a top 10 QB out of Andy Dalton before heading to Washington. Dalton's best fantasy finish ever was Gruden's last year there (4300+ yds, 33TDs). Dalton has been QB2 material pretty much the rest of his fantasy career.
  9. Who is the best QB value in redrafts?

    I am not nearly as optimistic about Keenum, but you're right in that I could stack elsewhere and grab Keenum literally in the last round. I'd rather get two high upside QB2 types in the mid to late rounds though. So maybe pair Alex Smith with the likes of Eli (gotta like the supporting cast and arrival of Shurmur) or Trubisky (again, nice supporting cast and aggressive, young coaching change).
  10. My answer to this question: Alex Smith. I think he will finish as a QB1, with a ceiling around 5 or 6. He is currently the 18th QB coming off the boards according to fantasy football calculator mocks. Here's why I'm high on Alex Smith: No Guice means the same old meh running game. Jay Gruden got a QB6 finish out of Kirk Cousins in 2016 and a QB8 finish out of him last year. An argument could be made that Alex Smith is better than Kirk Cousins. Washington's defense isn't going to do the offense any favors He's one of my favorite backups to draft.
  11. Trey Burton

    I just hope he has a semi-quiet 3rd preseason game. I don't want his price tag soaring.
  12. A.J. McCarron breaks collarbone

    McCarron has looked JV his whole career. I never understood the hype when he was a Bengal, and still don't.
  13. Deeper Sleepers

    Here's a deep sleeper for you all... Mack Hollins. A few reasons... First, Alshon and Agholor are both banged up. If Alshon sits the first couple of games, Hollins could earn his way into a prominent role. Alshon is no stranger to injury, and his timeline coming off of torn rotator cuff surgery was always a little tight anyway. Hollins is a big dude too - bigger than Alshon (6'4"). He does have to contend with current #3 WR Mike Wallace, but Wallace is 32 and a known commodity. Hollins has more upside as an unknown.
  14. did you buy high on McKinnon this off-season?

    I really like Breida at his ADP, especially since he is hurt yet unlikely to miss regular season action. After Jimmy G. got to San Fran last year, the 49ers RBs averaged 27 carries per game (it was a few carries per game lower prior to Jimmy G because the offense ran fewer plays per game). A 60/40 split would mean something close to 16 carries for McKinnon, 11 for Breida. That would put McKinnon just over 250 carries for the year if he holds up. But the monster upside is with the combined PPR and TD opportunity, as McKinnon is certain to get most goalline work. If he gets 60 catches, goes over 1,200 total yards, and gets to double digit TDs, he is going to be an RB1. He can get to those numbers averaging a pedestrian 3.8 ypc too. And we're talking with a 60% share, not a bellcow workload. Despite McKinnon losing work to Latavius Murray last year, there's a certain amount of trust and respect that you have to give Kyle Shanahan here. They've watched tape. They know who McKinnon is. They weren't turned off by what they saw on tape, and they know that they are expecting of him in this offense. I don't think it's bellcow work at all. But I also don't think it needs to be for McKinnon to produce borderline RB1 numbers.
  15. How many carries will Christian McCaffrey get?

    Since when is 5-11, 205 pounds considered small for an NFL running back? I don't understand that criticism of McCaffrey. I'll agree that he's maybe not prototypical of a bellcow, but people are acting like he's Warrick Dunn. Here is a list of RBs similar-ish in size to McCaffrey: LeSean McCoy (5'11", 210) Kareem Hunt (5'11", 215) Devonta Freeman (5'8", 206) Alex Collins (5'10", 208) Aaron Jones (5'9", 208) Jerick McKinnon (5'9", 205) Some of the above might not be bellcow material, but we've seen McCoy and Freeman fare just fine in the NFL. And Alex Collins was a workhorse the last half of 2017. I guess my point is that we shouldn't assume McCaffrey can't handle the workload based on his size. He seemed to do well with a bellcow role at Stanford (averaged 23.6 carries at over 6 yards per in his last two seasons there). That doesn't mean NFL success is guaranteed, but I would be surprised if we didn't see his total touches climb near or slightly above 20 per game. I chose 200-250 carries, but I think it'll be the high end of that number (15 carries/game = 240 over the season). I think 280+ touches is a near lock. ETA: I forgot to add Dalvin Cook to the above list (5'10", 210). I've not heard anyone express concern with his bellcow-ability.