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  1. DeAndre Hopkins misses Thursday practice

    Hopkins didn't practice on Friday either, but apparently Coach Bill O'Brien expects him to play. Sharing Button&utm_medium=social If you've got Nuk, you pretty much have to start him, but this is about the worst case scenario you'll ever have with him.
  2. Playoff Decisions

    Funchess, Evans and Morris
  3. Mike Evans, where art thou?

    Sad but true. Still, when I look at my other options (Watkins, Diggs), they have the same exact floor. So I might as well go with the guy who historically has shredded Atlanta and who plays at home on Monday night. Regardless, it's amazing that I had a first round bye with Evans and DeMarco Murray as my first two picks. My team this year is proof positive that in-season roster management > draft research and management.
  4. Gotta bench Evans, right?

    I am starting Westbrook over Diggs too. My WRs are Mike Evans, Keenan Allen and Dede Westbrook. I'm planning to sit Sammy Watkins and Stefon Diggs. Trotting out Derrick Henry at Flex and may reconsider that in favor of Diggs. Not touching Watkins with Woods coming back - even with Woods gone, Watkins was seeing like 4, maybe 5 targets per game. I'd rather trust a guy getting more targets. And in Minnesota, Thielen gets all the targets, And Rudolph gets all the red zone looks. I guess I am just holding out hope that Evans and Winston get things right and do what they usually do vs. Atlanta in prime time. I can't imagine the Bucs won't make an effort to get Evans going, as whatever they've been trying to do lately hasn't worked. I'm not worried about Desmond Trufant, as he hasn't been shadowing WRs this season but playing strictly LCB. Trufant has been stellar though (#9 ranked by PFF grade). Tampa's overall regression this season is baffling.
  5. Start Jordy?

    I'd play Lee and Jordy. The PIT game doesn't strike me as a Dion Lewis game for NE.
  6. Hunt or Collins Dilemma

    This decision is a lot easier if your league is PPR. Gurley is a PPR monster, and Hunt looks poised to carry the team this weekend. Hunt destroyed the Chargers in week 3. In fact, he had more yards rushing (177) than Alex Smith had passing (155) in that game. It's hard to imagine sitting Hunt in this spot. Collins doesn't catch many passes with Woodhead and Buck Allen there. I'd also add that the Browns' rush D is actually pretty good. Jamaal Williams only averaged 3.3 ypc against Cleveland last week. He did more damage as a receiver which I don't think you'll see with Collins. Hopefully that helps you feel more comfortable benching Collins, as tough as that might be to do.
  7. Pick a WR & Flex WHIR

    Funchess and Collins.
  8. who to start at qb?

  9. Bench Jordy. Play the rest. Tough matchup for the Packers, and I'm not ready to trust Jordy all of a sudden, especially when you have other quality options.
  10. Qb, flex and wr help

    Alex Collins, Jamaal Williams, JuJu and Bortles
  11. 12 team standard

    None of your RBs are that inspiring, so it's not crazy to start Murray and Henry to ensure you get whatever San Fran gives to running backs. If you'd rather not do that, start Murray and Perine. For flex, I'd lean Dede Westbrook, though if you are okay trotting out all your Titans, the matchup can't get much better for Delanie Walker. For what it's worth, I'm starting both Murray and Walker and benching Henry.
  12. What QB to start?

    Tough call. I hate starting a road QB in a prime time game against a division opponent. I think I'd lean Keenum here. I expect SD and KC to be lower scoring, whereas the Bears just steamrolled Cincy in Cincy. Keenum's floor feels higher to me.
  13. Large Start/Sit Decision

    If you are looking for the safest play, go with Dede Westbrook. His numbers have increased every week since he got back, the Texans stink vs. the pass and have nothing to play for, it's a home game for JAX, and Fournette banged up might mean less reliance on the ground game. He is highly unlikely to throw up a dud. If you are looking for the most upside, go with Jordy Nelson. His floor is awfully low though, as the matchup isn't great, Rodgers could be rusty or get re-injured, and it's entirely possible that Nelson's disappearance isn't just a Hundley thing (maybe Jordy just isn't getting open - I haven't watched film to know this, but he's no spring chicken). However, Jordy's history as Rodgers' go to guy is undeniable, so if all goes well, Jordy has a monster ceiling.
  14. Gotta bench Evans, right?

    I'm playing Evans over Diggs, but if Kyle Rudolph gets ruled out this weekend, it becomes a more interesting. But I still am going with Evans. I like taking players at home on Monday night - they tend to perform in the national spotlight (and the Bucs will have to throw). I know they are a hot mess and Winston has regressed, but Evans' career numbers vs. Atlanta are great. He went nuts at home in primetime last year too (11-150-2). His ceiling is way higher.
  15. Nick Foles week 15 fantasy stud?

    Fair points, but to insinuate that Foles might be a fantasy stud makes me think you aren't giving Carson Wentz enough credit for being truly special / MVP level this season. But who knows... maybe it is more the system than Wentz... Pederson has history with Foles and, as you said, they paid good money to land him as their backup. I guess if I was a Wentz owner, he's a better play than your typical waiver wire fodder in 12 team leagues (Tyrod, Brissett, Cutler, etc.). Whether or not he is a stud remains to be seen (hence your question mark).