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  1. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Best I can rationalize is this... The Keenum ship has sailed. Whether or not Flacco is an upgrade is irrelevant. The fan base won't stand for Keenum being the stopgap next year. And the draft is pretty light on quality QBs this year, so Elway needed to find someone to be the new stopgap until he drafts the QB of the future in next April's draft. And with Flacco there, he at least has a guy with a more proven track record than Keenum. Having said all of that, it's far from an exciting move. I don't think Foles would have been the answer either, mainly because someone else will overspend to get Foles. Flacco might be better than his recent numbers with a quality, young WR group. He was throwing to over the hill Crabtree and perpetually injured John Brown last year. Sutton and Hamilton should be upgrades.
  2. Schefter: Broncos hire Fangio

    Maybe Denver just didn't want Kubiak's son as QB coach, and Kubiak considered that a deal breaker? It's also possible that the Broncos simply couldn't agree on how involved Kubiak should be, so Kubiak decided to leave and let another team meet his terms. Either that, or Denver is just a $hitshow as you suggest. Or a little of both, lol.
  3. Nick Foles

    I disagree. The incoming crop of QBs from the college ranks is pretty crummy this year. Wentz would fetch a king's ransom if the Eagles decided to trade him. More than Foles for sure since he's so young and more talented. They could then draft their QB of the future in 2-3 years when someone like Trevor Lawrence is there. And Foles is good enough to win now as we've all seen. If Foles plays well at New Orleans, that's enough IMO.
  4. Nick Foles

    Nick Foles was apparently on the verge of quitting football before Matt Nagy talked him into coming to KC as Alex Smith's backup a couple of years ago. And then Foles landed with Philly shortly thereafter (a place, coaching staff, and system he was already familiar with since Doug Peterson was a Reid disciple). I get the feeling that Foles might be ok with being a well-paid backup QB on a team and system he knows well vs. leaving for another city/coach where he would be starting over, so to speak. Just a hunch, but his career arc makes me think he might prefer to stick with who/where he knows. Again, this assumes that he'd get a nice pay raise from Philly to stay (which is feasible since Wentz is still on his rookie deal). I also assume that the Eagles would never let him walk in free agency with his value as high as it is right now. If they chat with him after this season and find that Foles wants to test free agency, they'd rather franchise tag him as non-exclusive or transition with the intention of earning draft capital if another team signs Foles to an offer sheet. And that assumes they would want to let him go in the first place, which isn't a safe assumption at all. Having Foles there as a backup has proven to be extremely valuable and key to the Eagles' success these past couple of years. There is also the question of whether or not Wentz and Foles could co-exist there after this season (which might prove really dicey if Foles were to make another Super Bowl). And one last comment - you absolutely have to throw out Foles' numbers with the Rams. Just look at the numbers that Goff and Keenum have put up both with the Rams and elsewhere. There is tons of evidence to support that the Rams were poorly run and coached and that no QB could have been successful there.
  5. Packers' new head coach is Matt LaFleur

    I see the name LaFleur, and when I think of coach pep talks, I immediately think: B_1G9ZjVEAEhCRJ.jpg_large
  6. Wild Card Officiating

    Stuff like this is what makes the NFL looked rigged. Clearly it's bad for TV ratings if the Chargers go up three scores to start the 4th quarter. Fortunately, Anthony Lynn got the league memo and played prevent defense the entire 4th quarter to ensure the Ravens could climb back into the game (not easy to make it look legit when you're facing Lamar Jackson).
  7. Nick Foles

    The Eagles have first world problems.
  8. Wild Card Officiating

    I still don't understand how the officials didn't get the Derek Watt catch and roll right on review. He clearly broke the plane. It blows my mind how often a review doesn't work.
  9. I think a DST should get a point for turnovers on downs. I’ve never seen that rule enacted anywhere before in any of my leagues, but a turnover is a turnover and should reward the DST.
  10. OBJ is out.

    OBJ’s mystery injury is clearly his desire to not get hurt in a meaningless game. Something tells me he’d be able to play if the Giants were playoff relevant.
  11. Super Bowl teams, who do you have?

    1/2 Point PPR QB P. Rivers (but planning to start N. Foles this week on a hunch since Rivers gets the Ravens) RB D. Cook RB J. Williams WR D. Hopkins WR D. Adams WR T. Lockett Flex R. Anderson TE D. Njoku K M. Badgely DST TEN
  12. Considering Joseph should be coaching for his job at this point, that decision was perplexing to say the least. As a Broncos fan, I was pretty pissed they didn't go for it. I mean, even Jeff Fisher goes for it there.
  13. The Bengals come to LA. They are terrible. If Gordon is out, Jackson looks like he could be a legit RB2 or more this weekend. He looked great last week against Pittsburgh! I'm starting him over the likes of Kenyan Drake, Tyler Lockett and Corey Davis at Flex if Gordon sits (PPR). This game has garbage time written all over it.
  14. Would you bet Melvin Gordon plays or sits?

    He suits up but Jackson ends up with more work, frustrating everyone in FF with either player.
  15. Well, things didn't work out this week, but Ekeler suffered a stinger, and Gordon might still not be ready. Since the Chargers play the Chiefs on Thursday, both have less time than usual to be ready. If both sit out, then things truly will be lining up perfectly for Jackson. I suspect one of them will be active though with this game being a de facto AFC West Championship game.
  16. Jackson has more upside IMO. Blount has to share with Zenner and Riddick gets a lot of the 3rd down work. Jackson clearly outperformed Ekeler last week, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was closer to a 50/50 split in a game that the Chargers will likely be in running / clock-killing mode in the 4th. If the matchup was different, I might feel differently.
  17. I think if the Broncos make the playoffs, Lindsay has a shot to win OROY. Barkley and Mayfield both play on teams going nowhere this year. I don't think he'll win regardless, but he has zero chance without Denver making the playoffs, as that would be a unique resume builder. He has been fun to watch this year!

    There’s really only one variable that matters. No video of AP hitting his kid. Maybe a second variable - public reaction to AP returning to the league after his suspension. There was no uproar, so he was able to make it back.

    Technically, it was a kick. The same way that technically Brady threw an incompletion via the tuck rule to save New England’s postseason in 2001.
  20. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Sure, a pay day wouldn’t surprise me, but you don’t need to file criminal charges to get that.

    I agree 100% with this. It’s not at all good what Hunt did, but this screams isolated incident where the woman was doing everything she could to provoke these guys. There is a reason charges where never pressed in the first place.
  22. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Dude, this all happened nearly a year ago. Nobody ever pressed charges. And, quite frankly, this is being blown way out of proportion for what it is. Hunt lost his temper because the woman called one of his friends the N word, and he tried to go after her, succeeding in pushing her twice and kicking her if you want to call it that. But feel free to lump this in with Ray Rice knocking his girlfriend out and dragging her across the floor to an elevator.
  23. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Good read on how the NFL more or less sucks at doing the right thing until it hurts their image not to:
  24. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Charges were never filed back in February when this took place. Curious why it took this long for the video to surface...
  25. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Am I the only one who didn’t see a punch hit this woman? I saw a couple of pushes, then Hunt charged which knocked a couple of people down, then a relatively tame looking kick (he clearly didn’t put anywhere near his entire force into it). Again, not condoning these actions, but stating this as a means of trying to understand how this level of offense is worse than what other NFL players only get suspended for. DIsclaimer: Broncos fan with zero shares of Hunt anywhere, in case you think I have a personal interest in seeing this guy reinstated.