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  1. Maclin or Fitzgerald

  2. Cobb Or Welker

    I like Welker, do you get return points? if so Cobb might be a better look but then again J Nelson is back as well.
  3. WDIS at TE

    PPR league Celek vs Wash Olsen vs TB Keller vs Stl Greshem vs KC
  4. Any suggestions on line up

    I wouldn't touch it.
  5. R Jennings or Ballard

    Jennings, Brown is gonna start
  6. Pick 2 out of 4 please! Tough decisi

    Miller and Maclin
  7. REALLY need help. Bench Julio?

    I agree, you have to roll with your studs.
  8. who should I start this wk out of these RBs ?

    Stewart even though I don't like him, then it would be Richardson
  9. Gotta cut one of these guys

  10. It's a PPR league G.Olsen vs Chi Keller vs Mia Fasano vs NYJ Thanks
  11. WDIS

    It's a PPR league I need 2 RB and 1 WR Gore vs NY Bush vs STL Mendenhall vs TENN V. Jackson vs KC A. Brown vs TENN Thanks
  12. WDIS at QB

    I have two leagues with QB issues, the first team I'm leaning towards Fitz as he played well last week and Freedman played not so good plus I don't think Tampa as a team has it together and there on the road on turf inside not that that matters that much but is a factor none the less. 2nd Group I'm really have no clue as they both have very tough match-ups, I'm leaning towards Ryan because he's at home against a team that's been on the road 2wks in a row and he has more experience then Newton. But I can't over look the game he had last week although Arz is nowhere close to the D that the Pack has so i really can't pick. Thanks for the help Fitz vs Oak or Freedman vs Min Ryan vs Phi or Newton vs Pack
  13. Need WR help

    I like Sims or Ocho and Britt