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  1. One song

    One song. One I haven't heard in a long time or a new one. I don't care if it's a one hit wonder or from the rare perfect album. I don't care what style of music. One song I should listen to today. Today, I go with: Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
  2. here's another wdis

    I've got that same choice to make in one league. I'm going with Warner.
  3. Manning or Brees?

    Exactly. WHich is why I didn't draft him. You've got him so start him dip$hit.
  4. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    I chase Budweiser with Jagermeister and collect belt buckles.
  5. BIG QB Quandary

    Seirously. I'd kick both their a$$es.
  6. BIG QB Quandary

    Neither QB is that big. I'm 5'11" 160 pounds wet and I'd fight either one of them.
  7. A n00b question

    Like they say a Megan Fox by anyother name is still a Megan Fox.
  8. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    it has been disqualified but the correct answer is the throw-back Chargers powder blue.
  9. A n00b question

    I got him in the 9th in 2 leagues.
  10. Bye week filler time...Dayne, Perry or

    Another Sproles vote.
  11. If it helps, I did my firts dynasty auction this year and had only done 2 auctions before. The only player I had to have was Steven Jackson. I don't know about doing the trade but that tells you what I think of Jackson's potential as a keeper. I think that's a gut call, personally. Good luck.
  12. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    I thought mydrafting of Shipp in two leagues was a sure fire sign of my genius.
  13. Greetings

    Voltaire is gone.
  14. A n00b question

    I like that idea. I usually draft a kicker in the 9th round. I look for someone on a offense that is high scoring and dude plays homegames indoors. Let me know how that works I might try that next year.
  15. "Advice" and "Advise"

    My Dad is from Elmira, NY he says fornk instead of fork. Try living through 17 years of that $hit and get back to me on the advice/advise thing.