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  1. One song

    One song. One I haven't heard in a long time or a new one. I don't care if it's a one hit wonder or from the rare perfect album. I don't care what style of music. One song I should listen to today. Today, I go with: Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
  2. here's another wdis

    I've got that same choice to make in one league. I'm going with Warner.
  3. Manning or Brees?

    Exactly. WHich is why I didn't draft him. You've got him so start him dip$hit.
  4. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    I chase Budweiser with Jagermeister and collect belt buckles.
  5. BIG QB Quandary

    Seirously. I'd kick both their a$$es.
  6. BIG QB Quandary

    Neither QB is that big. I'm 5'11" 160 pounds wet and I'd fight either one of them.
  7. A n00b question

    Like they say a Megan Fox by anyother name is still a Megan Fox.
  8. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    it has been disqualified but the correct answer is the throw-back Chargers powder blue.
  9. A n00b question

    I got him in the 9th in 2 leagues.
  10. Bye week filler time...Dayne, Perry or

    Another Sproles vote.
  11. If it helps, I did my firts dynasty auction this year and had only done 2 auctions before. The only player I had to have was Steven Jackson. I don't know about doing the trade but that tells you what I think of Jackson's potential as a keeper. I think that's a gut call, personally. Good luck.
  12. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    I thought mydrafting of Shipp in two leagues was a sure fire sign of my genius.
  13. Greetings

    Voltaire is gone.
  14. A n00b question

    I like that idea. I usually draft a kicker in the 9th round. I look for someone on a offense that is high scoring and dude plays homegames indoors. Let me know how that works I might try that next year.
  15. "Advice" and "Advise"

    My Dad is from Elmira, NY he says fornk instead of fork. Try living through 17 years of that $hit and get back to me on the advice/advise thing.
  16. A n00b question

    cre, turn your brain off and do whatever Vet says. He is the smartest person ever.
  17. QB Decision

    $hit, that sucks. I'm a fan of neither but like Leftwich, when healthy more than Pennington. Both have $hitty match-ups. I'd wait until the last possible minute to submit my line-up becuase I'd want to start Leftwich. If he can play with the knee I'd much rather start him than Pennington against a defense that just shut down Manning. Good luck.
  18. BLOCKBUSTER trade- i need your help

    You are risking the 2nd half of your season on a QB that is hurt. I wouldn't do it. This will be the last thread I respond to wherein Willie Parker is referred to as anything other than W. Parker or Willie Parker.
  19. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    It all comes down to living fast or dying slow.

    I agree with this.
  21. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    Jackson Caddy L.T.
  22. Let's talk about the Metal

    I stil like Gwar and Death Angel. I have The Ultra Violence on CD somehow.
  23. need trade advice!

    I'm neither and think it is a bad deal. I'm also out of Crown and headed home. Good luck to you.
  24. need trade advice!

    Screw that. If I were you I'd be starting Tomlinson, Williams and Johnson every week except their byes. At this point I'm not so down on Jones that I'd be basically willing to trade him for Horn and McAllister'Green and I don't even have Jones in any of my 8 leagues. Faulk is fodder so this trade would basically be A. Johnson and K. Jones for Horn and McAllister/Green. I've got Johnson in two leagues and he has me worried but I'd look elsewhere if I had to make a trade. Something I'll admit I don't do often. Good luck.
  25. Trade offer for Harrison

    Spewing $hit out yer a$$ doesn't work around here. I'll give you Green. But, Davis for Harrison straight up is a terrible offer. The rest of the deal is mineutia. While Bruce, Harrison and Warner have probably maxed out on the bell curve none of them are done just yet. We are only two games into the season but even if you just want to look at those two games there is nothing I see that tells me Wayne has or is replacing Harrison. It is not a Faulk-Jackson situation if you ask me. Warner needs more TDs but he's top 5 in yards and the Cards will probably be throwing quite a bit until they figure out which RB is going to be the man this year. Given Warner had Fitz and Boldin to go along with a scoring defense that would be dead last in the nfl if it weren't for San Fran and the Vikes and I'd say there should be a lot of opportunities for Warner to get his TD #s up. Holt isn't lighting anything up yet either and with Bruce as yer #2 you really aren't asking himn to do anything more than he's averaged since 2001 anyways (1,113.5 yards and 6 TDs a season). Now you can argue that the team is old and in a keeper or dynasty he should be looking to trade but trading Harrison for an injured Davis he wouldn't be making his team younger anyways. Davis is questionable for this weekend already supposedly. Steelhead, you may want to consider trading Harrison as drafting Green was proably a mistake depending on where you got him, but not for Davis. Good luck.