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  1. Zac Stacy?

    I really hope we have an update by this afternoon. I need to put in a waiver claim otherwise.
  2. AP - is he always this bad?

    AP is not horrible they just knew Freeman was unprepared and they just stacked the box.
  3. Do I consider trading Manning ?

    The trade has morphed and only is a 1 QB for 1 QB deal. I still want to hold onto Stacy. Trying to put T.Rich in for Stacy. I am considering it. I would hate to lose Peyton though. I am really torn.
  4. Do I consider trading Manning ?

    Thanks guys. We are tinkering a bit. I dont think I have it in my heart. But my team is decimated. So far this year. I have lost Randall Cobb, Shane Vereen, Amendola, Andre Brown and now Wayne is out for the year. Not that we dont all have injuries. Just horrible year so far. Peyton is consistent but I thought I could steal 3 starters for one.
  5. Romo or rg3 ros?

  6. So I received an offer this morning for my Peyton Manning. My team since draft has been decimated by injuries and under-performers but Peyton has carried my team to a 5-2 record. I don't know if can accept that. He has got me this far and he averages 40 points average every week. Here is the deal. I would get ·Peterson, Adrian RB MIN ·Romo, Tony QB DAL ·Boldin, Anquan WR SF ·Moreno, Knowshon RB DEN I give ·Wright, Kendall WR TEN ·Manning, Peyton QB DEN ·Spiller, C.J. RB BUF ·Stacy, Zac RB STL The rest of my team is in my sig. I am honestly not sure what to do. I have lost so much this year to injury. The vikings look horrible. Moreno is finally number 1 but I have been burned by him before.
  7. Singing for Collie.....?

    Puddin' head?
  8. any Amendola news?

    I agree that he has courage. The only reason he is out is was because he wanted the extra yards and didn't run out of bounds. Something he should probably be doing because of his size. I am going to see what they say this week but I don't have an injured roster spot so I have to stick with him or kick him to the curb unfortunately.
  9. What is CBS' obsession with the Texans DST?!?!?! had the Texans being ranked very high against STL and that was a nightmare. So its not just CBS.
  10. What is CBS' obsession with the Texans DST?!?!?!

    I would love to play matchups but we have a $5.00 per player add drop. So its not very cost effective.
  11. any Amendola news?

    Thanks kwolf68. I wish I never drafted him but now its either drop him or try to get something very small for him. Ugh.
  12. any Amendola news?

    Not that it even means anything!
  13. This trade was proposed to me. I just want to make sure I am not overthinking it. Its all based on Gronk not getting hurt.
  14. I would do that. Reggie Bush will.............get.............hurt
  15. Spiller trade offer

    I would make that deal in a heartbeat. I wish someone would offer me that deal! haha.