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  1. Week 8 Milk Carton

    some Martavis Bryant would be nice
  2. Vikes vs Eagles

    Awesome opening drive by the Vikes !
  3. Vikes vs the Saints

    The Minneapolis Miracle was the call Paul Allen's Radio Call of the Minnesota Vikings' Unbelievable Miracle Touchdown vs. Saints
  4. Vikes vs the Saints

    MMMMMMMmm Chicken..Holy F'n cow :-)
  5. Vikes vs the Saints

    i no longer like chicken
  6. Vikes vs the Saints

    that was a hugh mistake :-(
  7. Vikes vs the Saints

    Vikes D is solid. I like chicken.
  8. Vikes vs the Saints

    so far this is fun :-)
  9. um Vikings vs Packers

    Sam was a pleasant surprise tonight. His passes were tight spirals and accurate with zing, Hopefully he keeps building the mojo with the Vikes
  10. um Vikings vs Packers

    That fumble recovery was hugh for the Vikes
  11. um Vikings vs Packers

    Sam and Diggs is a good vibe. Vikes D is all that too
  12. um Vikings vs Packers

    Sam is stayin calm and making plays to Diggs. This is a good thing