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  1. Vikes vs Eagles

    Awesome opening drive by the Vikes !
  2. Vikes vs the Saints

    so far this is fun :-)
  3. Vikes vs the Saints

    The Minneapolis Miracle was the call Paul Allen's Radio Call of the Minnesota Vikings' Unbelievable Miracle Touchdown vs. Saints
  4. Vikes vs the Saints

    MMMMMMMmm Chicken..Holy F'n cow :-)
  5. Vikes vs the Saints

    i no longer like chicken
  6. Vikes vs the Saints

    that was a hugh mistake :-(
  7. Vikes vs the Saints

    Vikes D is solid. I like chicken.
  8. um Vikings vs Packers

    Sam was a pleasant surprise tonight. His passes were tight spirals and accurate with zing, Hopefully he keeps building the mojo with the Vikes
  9. um Vikings vs Packers

    That fumble recovery was hugh for the Vikes
  10. um Vikings vs Packers

    Sam and Diggs is a good vibe. Vikes D is all that too
  11. um Vikings vs Packers

    Sam is stayin calm and making plays to Diggs. This is a good thing
  12. um Vikings vs Packers

    Sam is back. He is excited to be on a good team
  13. um Vikings vs Packers

    Sam is looking Good so far :-)
  14. PIT vs CIN

  15. hey cheese steak

    Cheese Whiz Jimmy Graham laid an egg today
  16. MVP Challenge Memorial 2013

    Bring Back Pat posted in the MVP league forum on Monday. I replied via PM on Tuesday and have not heard back yet
  17. Cecil Lammey ‏@cecillammey 5m CONFIRMED by team sources, Julius Thomas did make the trip to NE, sources saying he could be a game time decision #Broncos
  18. Worst Backup QB you can remember

    Spurgeon Wynn
  19. Alex Karras

    Candygram for Mongo
  20. Vick OUT Eagles QB Michael Vick wanted to return to Sunday night’s game against the Falcons after suffering a concussion, but the team refused to allow him to, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. Vick was adamant about returning to the field, but once the concussion diagnosis was made, as per NFL protocols, there was no chance the Eagles would let him back on the field. His status for next week, given the league’s mandates on concussions, seems quite doubtful. Vick was alert and attentive Sunday night after the third-quarter hit, according to those who spoke to him. But there is no way to predict exactly how anyone responds to concussions and how quickly Vick would meet all baseline tests to be cleared again to practice and potentially play.
  21. Let's talk small SUVs

    The hybrids provide thier mileage boost in city driving so it would depend on how much driving is in stop and go traffic. I never drove a 4 cyl but they say they scoot along pretty good. The V6 has 240 hp and is more than enough. If I would have bought mine in the last few months I sure would have at least test drove the 4 cyl. I was a life long GM and Chevy fan. This is my first Ford and I really do like it.
  22. Let's talk small SUVs

    I have a 2010 Escape limited awd with V6..I really like it. I get 21 mpg in the winter and now that the summer gas is being sold the last two tanks I am getting 24.5 or so. The 4 cyl front wheel drive are rated at 30 mpg. The sync system is nice for blue tooth phone, navigation and other voice controlled stuff.