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  1. Trade looks legit to me.
  2. Never thought it would be that close. Great game.
  3. So what? What about the other 10? They might be right.
  4. Commish needs to let the managers manage. I'd never give up Rodgers and Roddy for that...but I'd wouldn't prevent someone from it.
  5. I don't care about him or ND but the story is too odd not to follow.
  6. Had to be off field issues. This makes no sense.
  7. 1. Houston 2. Denver 3. Colts 4. Atlanta But really liking Seattle this year.
  8. Awesome job! My wife would have it spent already.
  9. Charles looks pretty good to me.
  10. I played Charles, Rice, Alexander, and Wayne...and still might win. Unreal.
  12. Ummm...time to dial back the expectations of Houston.
  13. There's no way it rolled 900 yards. Not that it really matters.