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  1. NFC Championship Thread

    The Hill plays are one of the most head scratching of all time. SP needs to take that section of the playbook behind the barn and shoot with no regret.
  2. 2018 Playoff Fantasy Football!!!

    I got sick and didnt pay sorry irish. No way I could have picked a lineup! Well it might have been better than . next year I guess.
  3. The (?????) Raiders

    SAN DIEGO has a huge populace that roots for the Raiders and Oakland citizens show up in mass when they played the Chargers. It was always a thing here every time they played each other in SD. It's really not a big stretch to see this...Geez.
  4. The (?????) Raiders

    San Diego is in the discussion too ladies and gentleman. Big rumor here that it MAY happen.
  5. 2018 Playoff Fantasy Football!!!

    got it ..will send check 2mro or Sat. thanx!
  6. Wow...

    Good luck man ...Always appreciated your contribution to this site!
  7. Peterman to the Raiders? What a joke

    Basket case usually means a hot ticket to the main event...Maybe Gruden needs a crazy hot QB to make hot sweet playoff love to? ...Just sayin'. Or...He's on a steaming pile of team and needs someone else to roll around with? Really though does anyone know what the deal is with Gruden? I think not. Set the timer for 3 years from now.
  8. 2018 Playoff Fantasy Football!!!

    Send info as I can only send check ...PayPal is hackable and not on my radar.
  9. Rams ..Do you still believe?

    As fast as it started it has faded...Are the Rams what they were?
  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Huddlers!

    watch those bird temps fellas!!! Happy Thanksgiving.
  11. Packers vs Seahawks Game Thread

    How about if they picked up and moved to another city?
  12. Packers vs Seahawks Game Thread

    Wilson's A Rod ...who wins?
  13. Giants vs Niners Gameday Thread

    I guarantee they are. This is just a distraction from what is unfolding.
  14. Giants vs Niners Gameday Thread

    Easy ...the wildfires are no joke. I am surprised no one is wearing a mask at least.