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  1. I don't remember what I was responding was a few days ago.
  2. double standard much?? lol
  3. So with all that time we should work on getting a game all would agree to see and possibly a group travel discount thrown in. I knew it was at least a 2 year lead Steve. Sometimes that's what it takes for STRANGERS to group together. Given the variables it really should never get off the We all could use a break from day to day BS...Right? Rich or poor we can save for a trip 2 years from now if we so choose. Vegas has every $$$ type of hotel and some could drive...It was just a thought. I'd like to see you guys in person and buy a round or two for you Steve and some of the rest of you as well. lol Looking at you Gopher!
  4.'re in???
  5. We should try to organize a Las Vegas trip for a meet and greet...I know I'd like to meet some of you who I've talked to for a few years and never met in person...anyone think it could work? See a game have a few and BS for a bit. What could go wrong?
  6. Cost me a lot last year....Hype machines will hype.
  7. Posted 4 hours ago ยท Report post i want him to go to NEP and put up 600 yards... just cuz it would piss off so many people Like this Quote
  8. no one will give a first....pipe dream much?
  9. Cooks disappeared a lot last season.
  10. These days I'd be worried that even the mail might get delivered 10 yards past my address if I lived in a "development" that Revis invested in.
  11. Some of us lurk and absorb the knowledge...comment when the spirit strikes. I feel that the posters here that I recognize as elders are just more practiced than me. I am ok with having a lower "like" level than everyone else. On a side note... Please check out my "Go fund my like page" on
  12. Happy face? ...ok...
  13. New group...Here we go
  14. I wonder if people like DMD have the premium membership. Only after passing double secret probation.
  15. Or score more