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  1. DeSean Jackson traded to Philly

    He meant Jackson or just about any football player ever.
  2. Randall Cobb signs with the Cowboys

    or just get injured again and shelved. It's way too much risk vs reward at this point, right?
  3. Bell to the Jets

    After all the speculation and gnashing of teeth...I find this a complete YAWN. He has taken himself out of the puzzle and found himself a piece.
  4. Breakout Candidates For 2019

    He is better than what he has shown in games with slants and go routes but Rivers does not trust him and his arm ain't what it used to be. Not that it was big to begin with. Rivers has under thrown him plenty in practice and games. Taking TWill is not as much as a gamble as it seems ..IF...He ends up on a good team with a QB that can throw it where it needs to be.
  5. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    Gotta ask... Is it a myth you guys are polite to a fault? Is take a left at the moose a myth as well?