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  1. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    Brady to LA makes more sense than Brady to LV. Imo ...closer to both Brady's careers after football. Tommy can cater to LA photogs while the Mrs can strut down LA's finest streets. LA needs a name to fill the seats in the new digs and Mr. and Mrs can cash the checks on an 8-8 season. Everybody wins. No down side ....right? lol
  2. Bill vs. Texans

    wow. Way to look like an omelet Texans ...nice fold.
  3. Milk Carton -Week 16

    Charger / Raider excitement ????

    wow....dude step away from the kb. It's time for a coming to jesus ...if he cared about fake football at all. we all know you are the best at fantasy football no need to rub our noses in your glory. I have read about your domination of leagues thoughout the Great Land of the USA ...I never knew the prowess though. Geez how can anyone post anything now? Wait... getting emails from Russia that you have indeed defeated everyone there as well...They ask that you retire and give everyone else a chance at fake football guessing. I'm thinking you should go out on top. C'mon man what would jesus do?
  5. Riverboat Ron Fired

    Rivera might be a Chargers choice? It's going to be Rivers or Lynn in LA next year. Of course could be neither as well. Rivers might retire and Lynn could be fired. Rivera was their def coor for a couple of years IIRC.
  6. Vikings vs Seahawks (MNF)

    +/- 1 with an over of +/- 2.
  7. Vikings vs Seahawks (MNF)

    He's back with helmet on sideline.
  8. Vikings vs Seahawks (MNF)

    Walked off but in tent. Hit in the head/helmet.
  9. Vikings vs Seahawks (MNF)

    Carson down.
  10. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    San Diego has a different definition....but thanks.
  11. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    Your talking cows...right?
  12. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    We all fight to the finish but I get what your at here.
  13. Whaddaya Need Tonight?

    Carson to choke on a chicken bone during his pre game meal and sit in the ER as they probe him for 4 hours.
  14. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    No. I play with gentlemen and proud to do so.