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  1. Brady the Buccaneer - A poll

    Heard he's going with #7...Radio talk.
  2. Official QB domino thread

    Yeah I thought this would happen all along but who really knew? I honestly never thought they'd go with McCarthy(sp?).
  3. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    They do. Somewhere else I'm sure. Man I loved this site and suddenly they ran everybody off. I have a feeling that home cooking turned into frozen entrees. This, I guess, is the way of the world. Too bad cuz this used to be the spot. I gave out so many links to people that now I am embarrassed. Come on guys ...bring it back! Please? sorry in advance for any(of my) truth posted here. I like all admins I've interacted with.

    Gonna visit soon ish . On the list.
  5. DL Myles Garrett reinstated

    Is the traffic so low here that even this cannot be locked? Just kidding. carry on
  6. Jameis Winston underwent LASIK surgery

    Just reported -He had his ten cent head upgraded to an 20 cent head. Whew. Crisis averted Who cares?? Point machine!

    I've said this before in here though a while back: Chief fans are truly the best fans I've encountered while traveling. I visited Arrowhead during a Charger charter outing and MIND you this was during the Ryan Leaf era. I was wearing a Leaf jersey in the stands. I took a lot of abuse (rightly so) but also was treated to the best hospitality at the same time. I'll say it again so far...Best Football experience of my life. Also a bar close by: a few bought me drinks (with a side of Thanx KC!
  8. Washington has released Jordan Reed

    He might not remember the last time he played. Sad really. I see retirement. He should too.
  9. Official QB domino thread

    I offered additional information about Brady/Pats, I didn't just say "nothing to discuss, case closed, I know Brady stays with the Pats." This is additional info? That is actual supposition. Look either way...noted steve. Trying to point out there is much more discussion to farm out there than Brady Stays. Just check the lines in Vegas. They think he stays too. Yawn.
  10. Official QB domino thread

    Ok noted
  11. Official QB domino thread

    Uh..It's in my quote.
  12. Official QB domino thread

    Or to say it another way: Ignoring everything else cuz you have your mind set one way ...Is boring. In this we agree.
  13. Official QB domino thread

    Whispers turning into actual talk as Rivers may flow to Indy. Many sources have chimed in. Google at will.
  14. Greg Robinson Arrested

    Plus it would drag this site to almost zero posts per day.
  15. Greg Robinson Arrested