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  1. Reuben Foster claimed by Washington

    All the ladies in the HOUSE go woop woop!
  2. Leveon Bell Trade?

    Some will be Kings, others paupers. This is one of the seasons defining moments. Who will be right? My guess is less than RB10. GL to you all.
  3. Leveon Bell Trade?

    Could be his Achilles Last Stand. Pun intended.
  4. Patrick Peterson Suspended
  5. "Who's the most desperate guy you know?" ~ Draft Day

    Never draft out of desperation...Always draft out of awesomeness. YMMV
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Is it? I get that there are 2/3/possibly4 stories to follow ...and then what? I will watch rounds 1-2 then watch something on Netflix or my DVR the rest of the time. Anyone paying attention to rounds 3-? *I"m not a dynasty player (yet) so anyone else? ABC? REALLY? What a waste of funds. Those looking forward to tonight have nfl on speed dial no matter what channel.
  7. Tyreek Hill again...

    Well...for one..It is EASY to pay for an exceptional Nanny and or Manny. Two...uh number one should be enough!!! WTF???? There are so many AAAAAAAA+ rated nan/man/nies in the world why would you neglect and/or/ ignore this child? It is bordering on beyond stupid to not do this if they were SOMEHOW overwhelmed. It's the uber driver of parenting. At the very least he could do that. Unless....he truly is someone who should be investigated and moved into the horrible spotlight he is in.
  8. Tyreek Hill again...

    I just meant it is wrong as in pretty sad. I am amazed that even with millions of dollars and so many resources at Hills disposal this has occurred.
  9. Tyreek Hill again...

    As much as this is right it is wrong. If the child is left in cps care, it would mean another one lost to the system. Most in the world know this is not good and with all the money Hill makes it is more than sad.
  10. hey Dolphins fans

    It's bad when he get's thicker than his beard.
  11. Demaryius Thomas to Texans?

    AH...makes complete sense now. Should have looked it up. My mistake.
  12. AT&T U-Verse drops NFL Network & RedZone

    Wouldn't that depend on the internet speed you buy? Streaming requires a hefty speed and the more devices you use the more speed you'll need. there is no easy answer to this question imo. There is no doubt you can divide and conquer for cheaper. It is a fact. The catch is your location and your desire to use multiple devices or not. Especially at the same time. You reach a high tier in the internet spectrum you will get deals that rival some, not all, deals separately. Like I said before: this depends on your entertainment needs. Mine are high. If you want basic service plus a couple of premium channels then streaming is for you. Just get the best high speed internet you can afford. Unless you like buffering and interruptions. I don't And do pay a little more. Netflix is awesome and I have that service. I've found though they do not cover a lot of things and if it's on a network currently It is spotty at best.
  13. Demaryius Thomas to Texans?

    6 mil a year seems high for DT even though he has not had a QB for a few years.
  14. Was the leaked Browns schedule a hoax?
  15. AT&T U-Verse drops NFL Network & RedZone

    These disputes rarely are forever. Look for them to patch things up. Possibly soon. Since I need to stream any content anyways and my internet is set at premium as well...I get cable from my carrier as well. It is rare you beat the packages you can get and have the same access you used to without them. I fight with them every year and get an OK deal for the most content on their service as possible. I know I'm paying more than the average person for somethings but I do enjoy a wide range of entertainment. My experience is that they will settle sometime in the near future. Until then complain your as s off and watch your bill go down.