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  1. San Diego’s 2003 Super Bowl wasn’t a clear winner on this front. In a May 2003 memo, the city detailed $5.1 million in expenses and reported it’d received $2.8 million in new hotel taxes associated with the game. Sales taxes, which weren’t reported at the time of the memo, had been estimated to come in at about $1 million. A city spokesman couldn’t immediately say whether the that projection was met — if it was, that would mean the city saw a $1.3 million loss. If San Diego gets another Super Bowl, it may not face the same conundrum Glendale did. The suburb west of Phoenix didn’t have enough hotels to house all the out-of-town visitors or the infrastructure necessary to host the NFL Experience so Phoenix and other nearby cities stepped up. This meant Glendale didn’t reap all the new tax money it might’ve otherwise gotten from the Super Bowl. In the past, the NFL held the Super Bowl in the same handful of cities. Not anymore, as even Chargers stadium point man Mark Fabiani acknowledged earlier this year: “Washington D.C. wants a Super Bowl, Chicago wants one. San Francisco is getting one. Atlanta will get one with its new stadium. Same for Minnesota,” he said. And his kicker: “The idea of a rotation is a myth,” he said. Indeed, the NFL’s more recently been rewarding cities that build stadiums with Super Bowls. Newer stadiums in Indianapolis, Arlington, Texas, and Glendale have hosted recent Super Bowls. The new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara and a yet-to-be-completed venue in Minneapolis will get the big game in the next few years. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said the demand for the big game means few cities will get multiple Super Bowls. “I believe we need to get to as many communities as possible and give them the opportunity to share in not only the emotional benefits but also the economic benefits,” Goodell said beforelast year’s Super Bowl. “It helps the NFL, it helps our fans and it helps grow our game.” Bottom line: A new stadium could put San Diego in a good position to get a Super Bowl, but not many Super Bowls. So if you host one or a 10 year that enough?
  2. BS...It's pay to be special and that is all. Although I lost my team to this well known axiom, I support the city of San Diego in their decision. Billionaires do not need help in making more Billions...they just don't. I defy anyone to show me they do. This city can make more money just being what it is... Sunny, well situated and among one of the best places to visit/live (just bring your wallet). We are not cheap in what we do. We just choose to spend elsewhere. Not Billionaires with their hands out. I have done an 180 on this and now am at peace. They made the right decision. It's unfortunate for me but it is a truism. I cannot deny that anymore.
  3. There's always the davenport could drag that giant 24" tv outside and and view the game in between portions of cheese curds and brats... I know...f' u
  4. @james...he's talking to Grabby.
  5. Bills/Jaguars

    IN San Diego Ca only one REALLY stands out for pizza: For those who love girth in their pizza: They are moving to a new and better location ... New address will be 5277 Linda Vista Rd., east of Morena. Same great recipes and hopefully same nice people.
  6. CA Huddler Meet-up

  7. CA Huddler Meet-up

    Yes but i'd have to DRIVE back to San Diego ON New Years Eve after. Then get ready for more festivities after driving in LA traffic.
  8. CA Huddler Meet-up

    PS.. it is New Years
  9. CA Huddler Meet-up

    Too short of a notice. Sorry guys. Maybe next year?
  10. This can't be real.. can it?

    I understand this. What your'e saying makes sense. I like that ties are rare and if 2 kneel downs makes you lose then it was a close game and that is how it goes. Ties suck.
  11. This can't be real.. can it?

    1st for me as well.
  13. Seahags gettin werked!

    I'm gonna lose because they sat I have Watkins going too and he's not showing up I guess.
  14. Fournette misses Thursday practice

    The word should is the reason the play these games anyway.
  15. checking in

    Will someone give him a gold star for the day? He's interrupting nap time with yet another tantrum. DMD? Have you a gold star we can put on his homework?