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  1. High Stakes League?

    FFPC uses an 11 week regular season before a league playoff for weeks 12 and 13. wins become more paramount. I am much more conservative with lineup decisions and it has had very positive results over the past 5 seasons (4 of 5 reached playoffs and entry into main event).
  2. Would you believe me if...

    just a tip.... if you are doing an 8 man again next year, maybe do an nfc or afc only.
  3. Do you think top QBs will move up in draft next season?

    look at the top 5 and top 10 qbs in your league. my guess is that brees and mahomes go "early," while waiting still seems sound beyond that based on annual movement.
  4. Gus Edwards

    Goonie goo goo
  5. Who Should I Start?

    Why, the person who you think will score the most points, of course.
  6. MNF - What do you need (Week 11)

    boo yah!
  7. MNF - What do you need (Week 11)

    ffpc= reynolds not to outscore cooks and zuerlein by 26. Win would lock up #1 seed for playoffs and ensure $$ before playoffs begin local keeper= ppr/ 1.5 for te..... reynolds, kelce, zuerlein to score 28 to hold pace for best record (wentz/ertz "should have" secured that yesterday)
  8. Evans is toast

  9. MNF - what do you need? Crappy Week 10 edition

    Generally speaking, the 9ers contained him pretty well but he is not a guy to go away from because of his big play ability.
  10. MNF - what do you need? Crappy Week 10 edition

    He is very capable of 24. I think this comes down to the wire.
  11. MNF - what do you need? Crappy Week 10 edition

    barkley to score less than 24
  12. Bears

    Bears fans have a lot to be happy about right now. That tie is going to be interesting as I believe the pack beat the bears in the 1st meeting.
  13. Bears

    bears: 6-3 (vikes twice, pack once, lions twice) vikes: 5-3-1 (bears twice, pack once, lions once) pack: 4-4-1 (bears once, vikes once, lions once) lions: 3-6 with 7 weeks to play, i think it is up for grabs with the top 3 teams
  14. Is Adam Humphries for real?

    the OP was not asking you about your roster.
  15. Is Adam Humphries for real?

    he is not going to be a world beater but his last 5 weeks in ppr: 9.60 11.20 7.70 14.60 28.90