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  1. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    they need to make a choice. let him play, and he may get injured while being held up. if you call it "early" you take away some creative, great plays.
  2. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    great game. one for the ages
  3. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    i am not the only one who saw it that way. I am also not griping about it. it was close
  4. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    I thought he fell onto the te, with the ball over the 1st down marker....close though
  5. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    with a tip for the big int/return
  6. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    well ok then!
  7. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    the drops/tipped ball has been huge.
  8. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    i think it has a lot to do with seattle's defense. sf had them off balanced in the 1st half. then their line took over. the three turnovers have been big. sf d has been fine, but how long can you hold a short field?
  9. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    sea defense has been incredible.
  10. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

  11. Alex Erickson (Cin)

    hard to say how this will work out with finley
  12. This trade worth leaving my bench thin?

    Definitely worth it.
  13. Joe Flacco is Out 5-6 weeks, put on IR

    well d@amn! good for allen
  14. Money League... reasons to quit midseason

    who did she replace them with? is there any consensus in the league about it (beside the owners grabbing them from fa/ww)? if there is enough unrest, some of these might be reversible... and lock her team.