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  1. Rams-Broncos .....3 inches of snow?

    i haven't played idp for several years. is he now a marginal flex?
  2. Baldwin - Do you trust him?

    i currently have little confidence in him. i will begin starting him when i see consecutive games with 7+ targets. I only have him in 1 league and have better wr and flex options (including lockett).
  3. Rams-Broncos .....3 inches of snow?

    I think Lindsey is a fine play. Freeman is about speculation on whether or not it is over at halftime.
  4. Kamara owners

    have kamara in two. i anticipated a dip when ingram came back, but do not believe that what we witnessed in the last game will be a trend. I can see both of them averaging over 15 ros. each will have stronger games week in week out (one will have about 12, the other around 18)
  5. Rams-Broncos .....3 inches of snow?

    this depends on the type of snow. wind can be a bigger factor. when it is wet and slushy snow we get more of what you describe. when the snow is drier, while players might still be slower than normal, offenses and passing games can still flourish.
  6. Which players are on all your teams?

    5 teams this year: zuerlein in 4 thielen in 3 kupp in 3 brees in 3 ginn in 3 goff in 3 tevin in 3 cooks in 2 kamara in 2
  7. Rams vs Vikes

    tuck rule?
  8. Rams vs Vikes

    [taz] i have cooks and rudolph on my ffpc teams. thielen in 3 of 5 kupp in 3 of 5 [/taz]
  9. Do you trust Dalvin Cook tonight?

    thielen, cooks, and rudolph absorbed that hit
  10. Do you trust Dalvin Cook tonight?

    i think you have better options. i do not love the match up anyway. I decided to start him purely speculating that they might keep him out of the scrum and use him in the passing game (murray for the tough yards)
  11. Breida

    i like him. he is for real. i still think this is a shared backfield as we do not know how durable he is. i do not think morris is going away yet. brieda should have a nice day vs KCC though. edit: i think he is an every week flex start at worst in ppr (even sharing time)
  12. Who is the best QB value in redrafts?

    Agree I don't think Jimmy is a sleeper
  13. Who is the best QB value in redrafts?

    Cousins had Garcon and desean. I am not as confident in Washington's offense as you are. I do think tight ends should do well with Smith. Dalton also had more talent than Smith now has in Washington.
  14. Who is the best QB value in redrafts?

    If he stayed in KC I would agree with you. I think wash is a bad situation for him. I think Carr bounces back