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  1. did you buy high on McKinnon this off-season?

    He is someone I would be very comfortable with as a RB2 in ppr. I believe he will post better numbers than last year (while sharing time with murray). No, not a bell cow type back but heavy pass catcher.
  2. Who has been here since the 90s?

    i believe i started coming here around 99-00
  3. Rankings PLEASE HELP

    .... or a standard deviation to adjust for the weeks
  4. Rankings PLEASE HELP

    I thought MFL showed weekly highs, but he would still have to compile the top 10 from all of the weeks edit: yes. you can sort by position, and then by week, but i am not seeing "overall"
  5. The 2018 NFL Draft

    i preferred rosen, but both would improve buff
  6. The 2018 NFL Draft

    great pick for denver
  7. The 2018 NFL Draft

    sorry loaf
  8. The 2018 NFL Draft

  9. The 2018 NFL Draft

    barkley means they want to compete and help eli now. they go qb here and they are in rebuild
  10. The 2018 NFL Draft

    i don't like it. should have gone barkley and they probably get mayfield at 4 anyway for less $$$
  11. Alvin Kamara

    big fan of kamara. excellent numbers sharing time and really started to get going around week 8 or so (a good game in week 4).
  12. Have we ranked the rookie RB's yet?

    primarily situational, and format dependent (redraft, dynasty, keeper). waiting until after the the nfl draft to rank.
  13. Bears shopping Jordan Howard?

    some decent landing spots might be Seattle, Oakland/Vegas, Washington, Green Bay
  14. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    in ff i have been reluctant to own (and rely upon) many nep players aside from brady because they spread it around and game plan/go with the hot hand. slot wr's, gronk, and rb's can rack up some nice ppr pts, but consistency can be a challenge. cooks had respectable #s for that offense.
  15. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    yes... i was in agreement and supporting your point