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  1. it would be nice to know who is viewing forums and threads.
  2. i think the success of zeke and dal defense will tell the story
  3. pick a lineup every week. cannot use same player more than once. i win. the end.
  4. in
  5. i started playing around 1991 more or less. from then until about 5-7 years ago statistical analysis seemed to hold more merit than it does now. while i like a certain amount of speculation in projecting players, we now have a league where rbbc is the norm, not the outler. we are seeing more preventative medical criteria for players (good for nfl, bad for ff) which leads to more players being held out and more questions about gtd. we have always deal with: -player being lost in the 1st quarter -players getting pulled in a blow out -game plan changes due to score (ie: running with a big lead reducing our qb's game stats, throwing from behind- bortles last year) -bad weather games There appears to be more unpredictable variables involved with ff now.
  6. frankly, both are pissing me off these days (i am having fine success in my leagues). i do not like the newer trends of ff and the ambiguity/poor officiating of nfl games.
  7. this... if he is a good guys and good owner, maybe name the trophy or league after him.
  8. car will be throwing
  9. Likewise...both of their teams are not in situations to utilize them. nep playing catchup, and car will want to run it out.
  10. graham and olsen
  11. i have had a very nice ff career thanks to GBP system and wr's....going from sharpe/brooks to freeman to schroeder to driver and javon to jennings to nelson. cobb is hurting me in one league but i still have the faith in the system (for FF). they are still passing a lot. the problem is that rodgers is spreading it around. jared cook is a te that had some high speculation in stl that never came to fruition.
  12. well, NEP's passing game is just fine
  13. we had a decent amount of rain yesterday. looks like rain around kickoff with it lightening up around 2-3p. seems like this game should have a good dose of blount, hyde, and kaepernick legs. wet conditions will be an X factor..... could be some drops and fumbles, and the possibility is there for slips= big plays. edit- i was loving kerley in ppr until kaep came back. good gamed recently, but need to see him string more together to get in the lineup. patton, smith, and the tes seem to get more of kaep's targets right now.
  14. in ffpc we clinched #1 seed this week at 9-1, next best record is 7-3. 11 week season, then playoffs. we have a 70 pt lead in pts. so can lock that up this weekend. $$$ for best record, $$$ for most pts before playoffs start. we are ranked 80th out of 1380 teams
  15. ryan, carr, zeke