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  1. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    It has been inconsistent and problematic since the calvin johnson catch.
  2. How to value Chubb

    Where is hunt going in those drafts? So, with luck there is no injury and chubb does what he did last year for 10 weeks. We will need to hit on some upside mid to late round rb's to compensate for the potential dip with timeshare.
  3. 49ers and the "positionless" offense

    A lot of potential in ppr for mckinnon and coleman, especially with the possibility of injury (which the rbs had last year...everyone looked good in the offense). Of course, this could turn into a repeat of his father.
  4. Kyle Rudolph

    I am a fan of his, but think they are overpaying. How do we think he ranks (non-ff): kelce/ertz kittle Rudoplh/Ebron/Mcdonald Cook burton hooper
  5. Tevin Coleman

    coleman seems very similar to McKinnon... all of them ran well when healthy. all of them seem capable of catching the ball. This is going to be a cluster until shanny decides on 2 main guys
  6. High Stakes Fantasy Leagues

    We still do FFPC and do well enough (usually finishing around 100/1500). About three years ago we started doing the drafts online vs the large draft room and really like it.... Gives us some freedom on where to go (might do it in New Orleans this year). Haven't had to wheel anyone home in quite some time, but that was very fun. I think we had about 30-40 huddlers out there for a little bit.
  7. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    I would be happy with Mckinnon/Coleman/Brieda..... could use the fb for short yardage. all of those guys are under 200lb
  8. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    even if signed, i think anyone can be traded/released.
  9. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    Mostert just signed a 3 year deal
  10. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    mostert and wilson looked decent as well. Even Alf had good moments.
  11. Tevin Coleman signs with the 49ers

    As a 49ers fan this confuses me. I like Coleman, but RB seems to be the least of our worries.
  12. I got you covered like a rubber, G.

  13. Bier is having sex with my wife AND my mother. It's twice as bad because he's always talking about it when we go out for drinks.

    1. rajncajn


      The sad part is that he'd rather have you.

  14. The man knows food and drink. Thanks for the restaurant recommendations!