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  1. Who are you done with?

    Rams/Mcvay/Goff have a solid, uptempo offensive system. It is easier to have more confidence in their "recovery" than uncharted Browns/Kitchen/Mayfield. Mayfield had an excellent rookie season, but he is still learning how to work with his tools...and there is now offseason to look at tape on him. he has struggled for 2 games.
  2. Hunter Henry suffers an injury to his tibia plateau

    Reed gave us a lot more game time. Henry cannot stay healthy.
  3. Who are you done with?

    many of the other options have history to look at. Browns’ upside was/is speculation. If you are a browns fan, I think you are in good shape. From a fantasy perspective, I do not love what I i am seeing. Mayfield is missing reads and is not accurate. Seems like the offense is moving in slow motion. Frankly, he had a bad game salvaged by an 89 td to a top wr. Benching until I see him do better.
  4. Who are you done with?

    yeah... mayfield going to the bench for wilson until he proves otherwise. very surprised by how flat the passing game is. vanilla ice offense.
  5. i think danny will finish with about 15 pts in ppr
  6. was between ross and AB. starting AB. other starting wr= kupp and landry
  7. This is going to come down to your speculation and analytics. Do you believe that everyone is going to maintain their (one week) averages? This is a great opportunity for you to sell high for players you believe might be more consistent over the season. Pick and choose who you want to keep from your squad and create some depth.
  8. Mike Evans?

    dropable. he's trash.
  9. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    good for the raiders
  10. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    Yes. I set up the disconnect for Saturday via directv after they made some feeble offers. They disconnected midnight (sunday morning). I waited until last night due to the holiday. Edit: I was a little past my billing date and had no contract. No issues disconnecting.
  11. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    I have been a customer since 96 as well. The conversion to AT&T has been terrible. This year we have had to disconnect, then either wait for a call or email from winback, or call yourself after a couple of days. I made the call back yesterday and it was relatively painless (not directv customer service or retention). came close to last year, but a bit higher (deals were longer than 3 and 6 months). $85/month free hbo for a year free other movie channels for 3 months free sports package for 6 months free ST max $300 gift card
  12. Michael Crabtree to the Cardinals on 1 year deal

    could be a nice wr3. possession, move the chains kind of guy.
  13. I didnt think it would be so hard ( draft grid)

    I know why you missed it. It is on the shelf, next to the Italian gravy.
  14. I didnt think it would be so hard ( draft grid)

    Can you create one with excel?
  15. Nick Chubb thread