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  1. And they say Gurley wouldn't do anything

    i think "they" were split on gurley before the season. we are seeing better o-line play, better passing game, and better playcalling. up until the game vs the 49ers his ypc was low (and a concern). the big difference is that he is actually getting into the endzone. his number was called plenty of times last year but was not effective. he was pretty impressive as i think the 9ers have a decent to good defense. a couple of injuries at the moment, but strong defense.
  2. Best and worst of week 2

    best- d. adams outperformed julio last night to secure a victory in ffpc worst- had top 3/4 scores in other two leagues, but played teams that just went off (both had hunt who had very little late in the 3rd)
  3. The "WR" Ty Montgomery

    first year playing fantasy football?
  4. Falcons new Stadium

    they just showed some prices on food items. i believe free refills on beverages also. blank wanted to keep them reasonable for all events. very cool!
  5. Thursday Night Football

    could be play calling
  6. Sam Bradford's knee?!

    i think diggs takes the biggest hit. thielen (slot) and rudolph might still be heavily involved with quick, shorter passes, and more reliance on cook (plus check downs)
  7. Kareem Hunt predictions for week 2

    .... And reid in philly
  8. Kareem Hunt predictions for week 2

    KCC were very creative getting the ball into their playmakers' hands (hunt and hill). i can see more game planning for them and kelce having more opportunity.... seems like 80-90 rushing, 30-40 rec with 4 receptions is a reasonable expectation for hunt.
  9. Kareem Hunt predictions for week 2

    Or that he might have lost to superman In week 1. My luck is that i play against in all of my leagues this week.
  10. Thursday Night Football

    aj boyd lefell ross hill giovanni mixon eiffert dalton they have better than average talent on the offensive side of the ball
  11. Thursday Night Football

    Lol. We have no issue finding decent chard in northern California
  12. Thursday Night Football

    while there is reason for optimism, we are still pissed at the front office for how they have dealt with many things since they got rid of mariucci. it doesn't help that they built a stadium 45 miles away from the city, making it more challenging for core fans to attend.
  13. Thursday Night Football

    and we get sf vs lar next week.
  14. What constitutes collusion?

    is offering a spouse special favors for players collusion?
  15. Elliott suspended 6 games.

    i like coleman, gillislee, and eiffert when healthy. i think you are in for a rough season. if you can stay competitive, your second half should really pick up with zeke and hunt (i also think he will take the starting job). ginn will have a couple of nice games (just enough to tease you). robinson will be frustrated (and frustrating) due to qb. go get em