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  1. Have we ranked the rookie RB's yet?

    primarily situational, and format dependent (redraft, dynasty, keeper). waiting until after the the nfl draft to rank.
  2. Bears shopping Jordan Howard?

    some decent landing spots might be Seattle, Oakland/Vegas, Washington, Green Bay
  3. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    in ff i have been reluctant to own (and rely upon) many nep players aside from brady because they spread it around and game plan/go with the hot hand. slot wr's, gronk, and rb's can rack up some nice ppr pts, but consistency can be a challenge. cooks had respectable #s for that offense.
  4. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    yes... i was in agreement and supporting your point
  5. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    cooks was beating dbs. i saw many long PIs called against him.
  6. Cleveland is dealing today

    i think they have had an excellent offseason. so, where do you think they are on the win now vs groom new regime continuum? i prefer the upside of barkley/best qb at 4 vs TT/hyde plus whatever combination they now choose (especially if they go qb with the #1)....assuming they will be grooming a qb either way.
  7. Cleveland is dealing today

    they still have many options. is this the direction you would choose for them? I tend to believe that the highly ranked qbs are a hugh gamble (so many factors that can determine success/failure), with a higher price tag than other positions.
  8. Cleveland is dealing today

    as much as i like hyde, i am starting to see that signing as a mistake (unless they decide to trade him). seems like barkley could be a generational rb. grab him with your 1st and go qb with the 4th.
  9. Where do you draft Jerick McKinnon?

    last year hyde rushed for 938/8, and caught for his career high 59 for 350. I do not think JK is built as a 3 down back, but can see a close total yards (or better), but McKinnon with 80+ rec. there were a lot of questions about hyde preseaon. SF is going to try to use JK as much as he can handle.
  10. Jets Trade up

  11. Who is the number 1 fantasy tight end in redraft?

    gotta be kelce or ertz
  12. Crabtree to BAL

    ah crabs!!! he is just signing on the rebound. he definitely should have waited on his options.
  13. Crabtree cut, Nelson signed

    i thought crabtree did relatively well in oak. while nelson seems to be breaking down, i think last year had more to do with hundley than nelson. nelson may not be able to get open long, but should still be a solid possession guy.
  14. Sherman out in Seattle

    heavily incentive based. if he hits those incentives, it appears both the 9ers and sherman will be happy. if he does not, minimal loss for the risk of high potential.
  15. Aquib Talib to The Rams

    Jimmy was throwing for about 300 per game without a #1. The team is on the rise. The Rams DB moves should help contain those type of days.