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  1. Aaron Rogers VROOM VROOM!!

    i'm like a bird
  2. SPIT tournament info

    Got the email this morning, but signed in yesterday. Should be no need to use the link in the email, right?
  3. SPIT tournament info

    in. no email received
  4. CA Huddler Meet-up

    Cheers guys. Let me know when you are up north.
  5. Todd Gurley #1 pick next year?

    tough question. bell has certain shown his consistency. i think you need to think about where you see them for the next few years. gurley is setting a high bar for himself and gets sea, az, and sf defenses twice (and plays in domes). pit gets bal, cin, and clev and plays outdoors. i am a fan of bell's receiving numbers (bell has more rec, gurley has more yards)
  6. What do you need on Christmas?

    Foles and Bryant to outscore ertz and Boswell
  7. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    i started playing around 92. very basic..... scoring for tds, and bonus at 100/300. lineups were rigid 1/2/3/1/1/1 (no flex) later added yardage (non-decimal), then flex, then keeper, then decimal, then ppr, then dynasty, then idp, then contracts, then auctions.
  8. Jimmy G throws TD on 49ers final drive

    guy looks great. shut him down. don't risk injury.
  9. Antonio Brown injured

    calf injury- Q to return
  10. It's Playoff Time!!!!

    foles filling in nicely for wentz, but going against hunt/hill/ingram ffpc team is quiet so far this week
  11. Nick Foles week 15 fantasy stud?

    very happy with his 22 pts at halftime
  12. Nick Foles week 15 fantasy stud?

    sure he should, but Ryan has not been very reliable this year. and who knows how much they will throw if they acquire a decent lead. pederson says he is going to stay aggressive but we'll see.
  13. It's Playoff Time!!!!

    got a #2 seed, 1st round bye in local keeper. been fighting wr injuries all year (hogan, k benjamin, r matthews, fuller, kupp, ginn, m bryant). now have to replace wentz currently 47th in FFPC (stewart on my bench) and brady laid an egg
  14. STEW!!!!

    unfortunately there was little rationale to start him, especially vs min. he is running at 3.5 pc and this was only his 4th game over 60 yds. without his 62 yd run he was 15 for 40 (and he has not been ripping big runs this year)
  15. NO v ATL Game thread

    you don't see that from brees very often
  16. Luck vs Wilson

    I think he is having an MVP season, and IS carrying his team. due to his increased pass attempts we are seeing more yards and tds. he is keeping his completion % respectable (though lowest of his career), as well as int %...also respectable but will likely result in a career high. hard to look at luck due his injury.
  17. Hopes and Prayers Weekly

    90 points from AB. the rest of the team let me down brady fournette stewart ab theilen rudolph adams sanu lutz kc d bench had a good day: lee, agholor, cam, goff, sea d on a more realistic note.... boswell to score less than 8.
  18. Jimmy G throws TD on 49ers final drive

    the team has so many holes, not sure how playing him would accurately measure his talent this year. they are seeing him at practices. not worth risking injury and lowering draft pick.
  19. Jimmy G throws TD on 49ers final drive

  20. What do you need on MNF?

    nothing won 1st round of FFPC playoffs (despite fournette/ajayi) locked up a playoff spot in local keeper won a board league to stay alive for playoffs (started the season 1-5)
  21. Jimmy G throws TD on 49ers final drive

    not sure i would want to risk injury for a lost season, on a team with few weapons. only played 3 downs, but i like how he bought himself time (extended plays) while moving through the progressions.
  22. Week 12 Milk Carton

  23. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    NYG yeah, he was out there just had very few targets. must have done cousin's wife.