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  1. I'm with you. Since his big start he's had 1 game over 100 yards since November 1 of 2015. I wouldn't touch him at his current ADP. The o-line in front of him got mildly better in the off season but not to the degree where I'd expect him to suddenly figure things out again. I think he's a bust and flames out over the next year or two.
  2. Hit me with a pm with your emails and I'll invite you to the new league I'm setting up as co-commissioners just so you can peek around at the options. No worries as the league only has 2 teams at the moment and you won't be committed to joining. You can just poke around and get a feel for the setup.
  3. We run a waiver set up very similar to MFL but there are a lot of different options with waivers and FA and an ability to slice and dice and number of ways including hybrid approaches of running waivers then going FCFS. No complaints from me with regard to the waivers set up. There's a ton of customization options. The downsides I can think of are a lack of skin options...not a big deal to me really. Also, if you are using a lot of custom features they may be slightly more than MFL but not by much...depends on when you purchase. My league was $79.95 last year. I also don't see an ability to create custom players.... might be an issue for huge leagues.
  4. My bad LOL. Need to cut back on caffeine. I'll pm you and give you some access to poke around. I actually have a league set up but may not launch til 2018 given current commitments but that could change.
  5. I have been on that site for the past 4-5 years running a college league yes. Call me a liar if you'd like. I honestly don't give a cr@p if you use the site or not. Not like I get a commission. 2016 league home: 2015: 2014: 2013: The league is private but if anyone has any legit interest I'd be happy to provide some access. Here's a screenshot of just one page of the college players they have loaded in and they have several pages of these. Looks like thousands are loaded so not sure where this info is coming from. etc etc...
  6. I use fantrax for my college league and have found them to be pretty reliable actually. That said, I have not yet run an IDP league thru them but plan to this year or next (new college IDP dynasty league). If MFL doesn't get their stuff together I think fantrax would be a good alternative.
  7. That would probably be how I'd handle it and probably extend RFA by that time as well.
  8. I like Mixon across the board really. Hill sucks and is hardly competition. Gio is okay but somewhat redundant now and expendable. Mixon is going to be a 3 down beast...or at least has that potential. I like the PPR potential of Christian but have a hard time imagining Newton becoming the king of dump off passes . Not a fan of Cook especially behind that o-line. Fournette is nice 1st and 2nd down but won't bring much in terms of PPR. He's #3 for me.
  9. Mixon should be in there also.
  10. Concur. Dallas had a great draft.
  11. This is about as muddled as I can recall the top of the rookie draft being in awhile. I could see going a few different directions there.
  12. No. This feels like an LA move for the Chargers...adding entertainment/offense to make more of a splash. Should have taken the safety. And the Bengals? They have much more dire needs elsewhere.
  13. Seems a bit early but I can see the argument for it also.
  14. Two words. Trade. Rape.
  15. The 49ers are looking friggin' brilliant here.