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  1. Looking to find an owner for the KC Chiefs in our 32 team, homer based dynasty IDP league. This league has a lot of fun twists that truly make it one of a kind. It combines such elements as salary cap, contracts, franchise tag designations, various levels of free agency, compensation for lost FA, practice squad bidding, actual 16 week schedule with the seasons NFL opponents. Lots of intricate details that can be found here. Here is the Chiefs current roster. Chiefs You can check out the league forum here. You can also find a list of draft picks by team here. PM me if you are interested or check in here.
  2. The leagues I need mod permission are here: Thanks again.
  3. I need mod permissions for BoTH leagues DOH and Hardcore Homers Fantasy Football League por favor.
  4. He was so terrible last year this can hardly hurt the Jets.
  5. McVay is getting a lot of mentions here in LA but Lynn....nada.
  6. You missed nothing. It was a s%&tst0rm.
  7. It was practically unwatchable. I can't remember a less compelling weekend of pro football this season. I hope this weekend is better though I would probably bet on the Pats to cover the spread vs Houston no matter what it is. That game is going to be a beat down of historical proportions.
  8. My coaches who need to go is a short list. Bowles Pagano On the fence: McCoy Rex I don't think the Chargers helped themselves much as players this year choking away several wins and in not sure that all should go on McCoy. I'd personally give him another year. Rex I don't think is all that bad and who will Buffalo get who is better? It's not like they don't have Tyrod Taylor as their franchise QB. The Jets are a trainwreck under Bowles and it's clear his players are giving up on him. Pagano has to go also. I also think the Colts GM has to go along with the Rams and 49ers GMs.
  9. I like the idea of naming the Trophy after him.
  10. I would inform the league and see if the league as a whole would be open to eating his entry fee for obvious reasons. Some things are bigger than FF.
  11. That's what I thought also but am hearing he's more possible than I had previously believed. I still don't think he ends up being the guy but you never know.
  12. LA Fans never rooted for SF. You might be thinking SD? The Rams aren't screwed. This season is but sooner or later every dog has it's day. They have talent to work with. They just need to find a good coach and get better on the offensive side of the ball.
  13. I'd rather see them focus on o-line next year. They drafted a bunch of WRs and 2 TEs this year. I agree they need a true #1 WR. Britt is an okay #2 and Austin is okay as a gimmick player but they need a big #1 WR. They could also use a TE who doesn't let every other pass clank off his his chest....maybe Higbee will play better next year?
  14. Buffalo and pray for heavy snow.
  15. I drafted him, Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin in one league. It's been that kind of year for me across the board.