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  1. Original post updated with more league info. Should be a lot of fun. PM me or check in on league forum if interested!
  2. A great opportunity awaits if you're looking for a fun league. This redraft league has all kinds of unique features like a mid-season plundarrrrrr, post-season pillage, relegation/promotion, pirate trophies, tons of pirate-speak and lots of laughs. PM me or check in here if interested: League site on MFL:
  3. YARRRRRRRR! Avast Privateers! The season be upon us soon like a maelstrom but before we set sail, we need more privateers to join us for our maiden voyage. We have 10 or so as of now but I haven’t had much luck getting more to join in the last 2-3 weeks. Thus, I’m putting out a call for your assistance. I ANY of you know of any folks who would be good candidates to join our league or have anyone already interested, please let me know asap. I’d like to have the league filled by the first week of August – only 3 weeks away and we have 6 spots to fill! ANY HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED! Thanks all! Cap'n Trojanmojo
  4. AVAST ye scurvy dogs! We still be needing 6 privateers to join our crew. PM me up for info or interest or post your interest here: Hope to see you hoisting the colors this Fall!
  5. 2019 League Website

    All, Here's the 2019 league site:
  6. Bump. Still in need of a few owners here. Reply here or IM me if intarrrrrrrested!
  7. 6 spots left me hearrrrrrties! Grab yer cutlass and join the crew! Unless ye be a lily-livered scurvy mongrel!
  8. Not buying this at all. The Rams are not 32nd and The Chiefs at 31 is ridiculous.
  9. Privateer waiting list

    Correct and yer’ in! Welcome aboard! League invitation sent.
  10. Rolling Th' Bones

    Once we've filled the league, we'll roll the bones to decide 1) what division each team will play in for year one (Pearl or Dutchman), as well as, 2) where that team will draft (1st, 2nd , 6th, etc). The order will be based on a dice roll from each team taken before the draft at Dice Roll Procedure 1) Go here: 2) Enter Huddle name where it says character name 3) Roll [5] D [1000] n+/- 0 (roll one time) 4) Dice Roll for: Black Sails Dice roll 5) Enter your email 6) email DM results to 7) Post your dice roll result here in this thread. The 8 HIGHEST numbers from the dice roll results will be the 8 teams in Th' Black Pearl for year one. The 8 LOWEST dice roll results will play in Th' Flyin' Dutchman in year one. In addition, the HIGHEST number result from the dice rolls will draft #1, the second highest #2, etc until we get to team #8 who will draft 8th in The Black Pearl. The 9th highest dice roll result will draft #1 on The Dutchman, the 10th highest will draft #2 in the Dutchman, etc.
  11. Privateer waiting list

    Yer in! Also, yes and yes to both questions. Glad to have ya' aboard! Invitation sent to the hotmail addy on your 32 homarrrrrrs team page.
  12. Privateer waiting list

    Invitation sent to the hotmail addy you have up on 32 homarrrrrrrrs! Good to have ya’ aboard!
  13. 2019 Payment Thread

    Hit up Trojanmojo / Dave for payment info. 2019 paid 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  14. Black Sails be lookin’ for hearty privateers to make sail on it’s maiden voyage. Are ye’ a hearty fantasy football playin’ pirate lookin’ a new adventure? Then grab yer’ cutlass and join the crew of “Black Sails.” We be a hearty crew of 16 privateers seeking 5 scurvy pirates to take part in our inaugural campaign. We are a full redraft league (with 2 leagues within a league) with relegation and promotion, a mid-season plundarrrrrr, a post-season pillage, pirate trophies and all the pirate speak you can shake a peg leg at! Buy in is $60 pieces of 8 (or 60 dollarrrrrrrs). Other rules: Draft: Slow online draft that should take about 7-10 days to complete starting mid-August. Waivers: weekly waiver run Wednesday’s then FCFS. Playoffs: Top 4 in each conference make it. The bottom four play to avoid relegation or to avoid the cap’n’s crapper. Schedule: each team plays every other team in their conference twice. Payouts: Top 3 in each conference get paid out. Don’t be a scurvy dog! Read our rules and reserve your ship now here: League website: