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  1. Is the milk carton thread on a milk carton?

    TY Hilton has been MIA almost all year. I keep telling myself I can’t cut this guy but I think the time has come.
  2. Butker contingency

    The game is being played Monday. He should be fine to start.
  3. 2020 Payment Thread

    Got $120 from you. Is that for you and Vic both?
  4. 2020 Payment Thread

    Received and marked you paid.
  5. 2020 Payment Thread

    Received. Thanks Brian.
  6. Graphics links broken?

    The graphics are broken for me also on all devices.
  7. 2020 Payment Thread

    Received and marked paid.
  8. Saints owner here wondering if you have any interest in your homer TE?  I have an interest in Brian Burns DE...let me know if you are interested...

  9. League Vote REDUX - MFL or Fantrax for 2020?

    We stick with Fantrax as per vote results. Your commish abstained from the vote. I would have voted to move but the vote still would have been in favor of remaining on Fantrax.
  10. League vote on moving to MFL given our difficulties during the draft...What say you all!
  11. League Vote #1 - MFL or Fantrax for 2020

    Looking like we may need to revisit this. Having major issues during our draft.
  12. 32 Homers needs owners

    Strong owner and good dude. @KRUMP will be a strong addition to our league.
  13. 2020 Draft Order - Dice Roll Results - POST HERE

  14. 2020 Draft Order - Dice Roll Results - POST HERE

  15. 2020 Draft Order - Dice Roll Results - POST HERE

    Th’ bones rolled by SoCal ChaRRRRRRgers turned to naught but ash. A saRRRRRRy 1058 for aRRRRRR defending Black Pearl league champion. On August 18, 2020 Drunken Peg Leg rolled 5D1000 Drunken Peg Leg chose to roll using these parameters once.The result of roll 1 is: [173, 15, 154, 703, 13] -->1058<-- This roll is for Black Sails Dice RollDrunken Peg Leg also wanted to tell you:SoCal ChaRRRRgers