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  1. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

  2. Melvin Gordon Questionable?

    just like ryan mathews and ladanian tomlinson before him.
  3. This is more of an angry rant than anything

    are you playing each other this week? cuz I do that against opponents, especially division opponents.
  4. Shane Vereen

    so if there's no change, then vereen will be the RB to own in FF going forward?
  5. The Chargers are cursed...

    I"m sorry, snowflakes can't have playdough as they can choke on it.
  6. Shane Vereen

    while you're correct, how do you explain the fact that he put up better numbers than the other TWO NYG RBs combined?
  7. The Chargers are cursed...

    lol, you couldn't be more wrong. Puzzle? Seriously? Too hard. They do coloring books and they don't have to stay inside the lines.
  8. Oh Ezekiel...

    Do you guys think that AP is significantly better than all the DAL RBs, besides EE? If EE is suspended, does AP provide them with a significant upgrade?
  9. Howard Jordan

    and since we all know that John Fox has a dislike of all rookies... why did cohen get so much work? Did Fox's philosophy change? was cohen that much better than howard? is something wrong with howard?
  10. Oh Ezekiel...

    if EE's suspension happens this year -- and DAL is in the playoff hunt -- do they trade for AP?
  11. Shane Vereen

    well, he was better than the other two RBs combined...55 total yards to their 42 total yards. Three catches to their three catches combined. if you need a bye-week / injury replacement RB in deeper leagues, he could be coming up on some solid weeks.
  12. Howard Jordan

    at least you didn't call Cameron Jordan on Draft day a few years back looking for Jordan Cameron, only to find that the one you wanted was already drafted by NOS. i know, it's easy to confuse DE and TE.
  13. Oh Ezekiel...

    Trent Richardson, part 2
  14. The "WR" Ty Montgomery

    FF Gods? you people are dumb. why would god care about your FF team? Or need a starship for that matter.
  15. Corey Coleman (broken hand) needs surgery

    if they re-instate gordon, trade him away immediately. This applies more to dynasty, but if you could package him up with another to get a redraft upgrade, that'd also be good