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  1. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    if he returns, will he be a TE or WR?
  2. FA Bid : Pascal, Zach IND WR

    2 years drop snead
  3. Long Road Trip

    wow! road trip for fun or work?
  4. Long Road Trip

    where'd ya go?
  5. Marcus Peters traded to Ravens

    lol, another long pick-6 today
  6. Everyone's available including kelce

    when you trade with me, not only are you improving your team slightly (because my WR1 might be your WR3, etc.), you're also taking away improvements from your competition. Improve you! Hurt others! Don't delay!
  7. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    i really believe he's done and is milking this for air time to promote himself and his products... no judgement, just sayin'
  8. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    and he's still making money promoting CBD. This is when I was convinced he was done with football. The whole talk about wanting to play again, but doesn't want to get "suspended for using something that you can just buy in a store" wasn't about suspension, but about promotion.
  9. done, but double check because i might be drunk