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  1. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    lol, the bullpoop surrounding the truth keeps piling up ...Luck's shoulder is "fine," and that the problems now involve "parts around Luck's shoulder," ... what nonsense double speak is that manure?
  2. Dolphins tag Jarvis Landry

    why would you tag a good player?
  3. you don't draft for need. that's how you wind up sucking you draft the best player (saquon) at #1.
  4. is AJ that much better than Trevor Siemian ? Seems to me, if he's not, then CLE should give a 7th round pick for him if they miss on the FA QBs, other than AJ. AJ would have to be significantly better, when you take into consideration cost. I'm sure Trevor Siemian is making minimum wage and AJ would be getting at least $15mil
  5. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    people are focused on "right now"? I think it's the "ship has sailed" part that should be of concern. I'm going to guess that means the doctors are NOT saying his shoulder is fine. I think it means the doctors are saying that it's not fine, but another surgery isn't going to help or change anything. I'm guessing that Luck is never going to return to his former ability. I bet that IND trades with DEN or something near pick 5-8 so that team can get saquon and IND drafts a qb
  6. Bucs Release Doug Martin

    it's funny how a guy gets popped for PEDs, but his performance didn't enhance
  7. Bucs Release Doug Martin

    he's going to sign with the NYJ
  8. that's probably their version of smelling salts?
  9. it's probably not a real test. The doctor looks at the player and says, "test results back. you're pregnant." If they don't respond, then concussion.
  10. i'm certain there are a handle of QBs who would rather start for CLE than be a back up. who are the QBs available that are better than Kizer and want to start? Bradford Keenun Bridgewater Cousins (we know he's not going to cle) AJ Cutler McCown Brees (beyond unlike, but still) seems unlikely CLE can't upgrade, if they want to. Just seems like they'd be so much better off signing someone like AJ, one of the MIN QBs, or even Cutler and then using the #1 and #4 to make serious improvements elsewhere
  11. who? CLE? Cousins has strongly implied that he won't play for them (or any team unlikely to win)
  12. i think CLE fans wouldn't know how to deal with it. THink about it tho, how far away are the Browns really. I mean, really. If Barkley is a stud RB, if AJ is a good QB, if Nelson really is a good OG... and we know for a fact that Solder is amazing. WOuldn't those four player easily turn this franchise around? They could easily get those four guys.
  13. no way barkley gets by IND at #3. Browns sign AJ and Nate Solder. Draft Barkley at #1 and Guard Quenton Nelson at #4. They make the playoffs. also, local sports talk is all about signing AJ here in Denver
  14. [dynasty] ... most under valued players?

    and I guess that's the point... if leagueamates feel the same, but you're wrong, then there's great value there. Of course, if you're right, then I'm throwing away assets...
  15. [dynasty] ... most under valued players?

    do you think Henry is under-valued? Should he be a dynasty target? there's no way league mates will trade Cook.