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  1. dynasty buy -- Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR

    what makes you say that? I haven't followed his career, so it's just seeing the increase in receptions from year one to two to now...
  2. It looks like he's progressing. Pick 1.23 now has about three catches per game this season on pace for 50 catches in year three. what do you think? Do you think he's on pace for the team to pick up his option next season?
  3. Gronk.

    This should be entertaining...
  4. Gronk.

    also, he has blocked a great deal tonight, so that's odd
  5. Gronk.

    i agree, frustrating, but KC did take him out of the game
  6. Going for 1 when trailing by 2

    my 10 yo asked why they didn't go for two. I told him that the HC must've thought 1. too much time left or 2. he didn't want to demoralize his team if they failed the conversion.
  7. I think he said, "it's either me or the woman who committed treason many times, like when she had Ambassador Stevens assassinated"?
  8. so many snowflakes. See his username, don't click the thread. that simple
  9. Ronald Jones II - Calling TB Homers

    yes, but while I've been a "supporter" of him, he needs some consistency before i'm confident; howver, I think that will happen with Winston back. I suspect that there was something off with him and Fitzmagic
  10. Cooper Kupp hurt

    lol, you guys have Talib and Suh. Broncos are definitely one of the cleaner teams in the league.
  11. Cooper Kupp hurt

    i'll be the first to admit that was a disgusting and dirty tackle, but "as always"? not even close.
  12. So, I started Osweiler...

    i think all it means is that you don't have a very good team?
  13. Rams-Broncos .....3 inches of snow?

    thanks. one thing people who don't live here is how difficult it is for snow to accumulate. Field is absolutely clear and in great condition with minimal wind. Temperatures should never be an issue with proper layers... unless temps are -20*F or worse. regardless, I hope y'all were hesitant to start any Broncos players. This is going to be nasty.
  14. neither tanking nor collusion are against the rules in any of my leagues. Some things are just not okay... you know it when you see it. that said, when I rebuild in my dynasty leagues where we have contracts and league "money", i'll trade away as much as I can to get draft picks but also to maximize my own 1st round pick. If I trade away all my QBs, I feel that's okay.
  15. Week 6 Milk Carton

    One down one to go Another town and one more show