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  1. DEN OC Mike McCoy fired

    i haven't heard, so I'd guess Booker since they'd probably want to know what he can do.
  2. DEN OC Mike McCoy fired

    I'm not sure it's musgrave. I think McCoy wasn't thrilled with paxton, but Elway mandated it.
  3. Thomas rawls benched?

    Anyone know what happened? Mike Davis was a decent prospect a few years back. Finally getting his chance?

    here's a post from 2012... about a year ago, a friend of my son had some party thing at McDonald's. Since then, he's convinced us to go twice, today being the second one. At the party, my son was 3yo, so I snuck in Good Times. The last time we went to McD's, I had a full meal and nearly puked an hour later. This time, my wife, me, son and 1.5 yo daughter shared a large fries, a burger, and a pack of "chicken" nuggets. I had one "chicken" nugget and ~1/3 of a large fries and my tummy hurts. But that's not the drinking part... my daughter wanted to follow my son into the playplace thingy. Being a baby, I followed her in so I can keep her safe. At the entrance, I took off my sandals... my feet stuck to the floor. 10 feet in, mysterious liquid. Next level up, my nostrils revolted from the scent of very stale piss. Further in, a food looking substance. Throughout, just a layer of some grease something. We slid down the slide and I ran us to the bathroom to wash up. I'm not sure when the last time it was "cleaned". The kid's urinal was broken, with a deep yellow pool and foul odor. I took my son into the stall to pee. The toilet was filthy, so I lifted the seat and had him stand on the bowl to pee. On the way out, some metal bar something was sticking out and cut my calf open enough to get a good flow of blood and I could only wonder what the fook germs were on it. I am now having a drink trying not to freak out at the excess amount of germs that we crawled through, slid on, stepped in, and inhaled. cheers. http://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/379473-just-poured-a-vodka-tonic/?tab=comments#comment-3676999

    since? are you young? Maybe I'm too old, but I haven't been able to stomach (literally) McDs in years.
  6. Greg Olsen

    agreed, go with the option one unless option two is a better choice.
  7. Greg Olsen

    I wouldn't play him his first game back, but after that, i'd expect him to be a top 10 TE the remaining games. I tried to trade for him in my dynasty leagues, but despite his age and the fact that those teams have long been out of the playoff hunt, I got no takers. He's a definite add, if available.

    then i'm confused on the apple pie part also.

    This it was about money. but it can't be about money when you're in the playoff hunt. I like Teddy, but MIN needs to not screw with things and just keep going with Case.

    McFlurry? I'm not up on kid speak. Is that some kind of bushy motorboating?
  11. Broncos fired OC Mike McCoy. Denver's offense has certainly been disappointing, but this feels like a scapegoating move considering the quarterbacks McCoy has had to deal with and "talent" available on the offensive line. Until those issues are fixed, Denver is likely to struggle on offense regardless of who is calling the plays. Fired for the second time this calendar year, McCoy will once again be looking for a job this January. Related: Broncos Source: Jason La Canfora on Twitter Nov 20 - 10:16 AM ... They didn't fire the special teams coach after the mess, but fire McCoy? This seems like a desperation move. Why hire rookie head coaches? How about Brian Billick or John Gruden?
  12. Odds of winning tomorrow?

    approximately 3,720 to 1
  13. Milk Carton Week 11

    I need Julio to score under 23 points. I have the highest total points in my league, but am on the playoff bubble, so...
  14. Milk Carton Week 11

    a couple more catches for ertz would sure be nice.