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  1. Deeper Sleepers

    Jaguars | Keelan Cole not going away Fri, 22 Jun 2018 09:59:52 -0700 Jacksonville Jaguars WR Keelan Cole hasn't "skipped a beat" this offseason following his surprise rookie season and seems poised to be the Jaguars' third wide receiver this season, according to FirstCoastNews.com's Mike Kaye, who added Cole may end up being the team's best option in the slot. Source: FirstCoastNews.com - Mike Kaye
  2. Buccs might be interested in Adrian Peterson?

    good post. in addition to "Jones has had issues at pass protection and has little experience at receiving" ... he too often ran into the backs of his OL. Meaning this shifty speedster will look to bounce his runs outside only to find the NFL LBs are way faster than what he faced in college. The fact that Jones has been playing WR in OTAs suggests the team will look to get their speedster the ball in open space. If that beat writer is correct that he'll get 15-20 touches per game, i'll predict that Jones goes on IR by week 12.
  3. Missing Threads Again

    i have deleted nothing. In fact, I have done zero commish work for about two weeks now since I took my family on a cruise through the Carribean we got back yesterday. Man, vacations like that are very exhausting. Maybe we ask the admin to create a new LLD3 forum? Ask them to double check all settings during the process. and we move again. Is this the first new forum they created since any major site changes? lastly, this is all moot if MonkeyOne can't get on to the site from the EU / England. Maybe we change to some private/free/independent forum anyways and not worry about the deleted threads here?
  4. Buccs might be interested in Adrian Peterson?

    Isn't TB the team that drafted a PK in the 2nd round?
  5. Broncos | Big role for DaeSean Hamilton? Sat, 16 Jun 2018 20:43:16 -0700 Denver Broncos WR DaeSean Hamiltonshould "play plenty" this season, according to Jeff Legwold of ESPN.com.
  6. Buccs might be interested in Adrian Peterson?

    when word gets out about him and how the rookie isn't a real NFL RB, Barber's ADP will climb fast.
  7. Buccs might be interested in Adrian Peterson?

    i was very disappointed when DEN considered him before he signed with NOS. How the heck can people get upset about players kneeling, but want a child abuser on their team? Friends were surprised when I said I wanted DEN to get Richie Incognito. As far as I know, the guy is just a jerk, but hasn't hit or hurt anyone, that i know of.
  8. and... he's blocked again. I'm guessing that the IP ban/redirect only temporarily failed and this will be a regular problem. Y'all should ask USA TODAY if the huddle can detach and provide a EU acceptable option.
  9. Buccs might be interested in Adrian Peterson?

    what do you think his potential is? Three down back? 1st-2nd down grinder? Change of pace? 3rd down blocker and receiver?
  10. Buccs might be interested in Adrian Peterson?

    He's more like Ty Montgomery than a regular rb. I know, shocking.
  11. Buccs might be interested in Adrian Peterson?

    Must people don't realize that their rookie rb is a wild card not an actual rb. Looking into Peterson and not singing him means that Peyton barber will be a huge sleeper
  12. Is MFL doing maintenance?

    don't forget to add Hilter ranting about kickers.
  13. Interesting. Our EU league mate now has access.
  14. we have a problem

    Good! Nice to have you back
  15. Thanks, phantom but the suggestion of detaching from USA today was not for you. It was for the support team.