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  1. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    If st winds, i hope it's because Emmanuel Sanders.
  2. Chiefs vs Titans

    Try watching the next game
  3. *** 20 Questions Contest Results ***

    Congrats tyler Thanks David for doing these things so often and every year
  4. SPIT Week 2 Standings

    now you tell me i'll ask now... who should I use this week?!
  5. Broncos fire Rich Sangarello

    Team needs to be sold already
  6. Texans vs. Chiefs

  7. when do we draft?!

    I haven't had an impotent team in so long that I need something to grab on to! let's move up the draft
  8. Garrett done

    true, but fun isn't allowed here, so it's ok
  9. Here comes the Judge

    they need to learn how to cheat
  10. Rams move on from Wade Phillips

    well, back to rooting for the Chargers
  11. Seahawks vs Eagles

    and you call scotch pee water? I'm confused. Have you ever had Scotch from Islay?
  12. Seahawks vs Eagles

    pretty much what I expected from you
  13. Seahawks vs Eagles

    Step up to Bruichladdich .
  14. Rams move on from Wade Phillips

    apparently, Wade is loves the first year or two by all the teams he's been with and then opposing teams figure him out, yet, this has happened several times, so how do opposing teams not know Wade the first year or two he's with a new team? All very confusing. I liked him with DEN, think DEN made this and many mistakes.
  15. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    I'd rather have mccarthy than ANY rookie HC.