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  1. Ramsey to KC

    i like how you guys take this seriously
  2. Eli benched

    Lol stay in ny and play for jets Pit needs help
  3. lol, why would anyone have Reed on their team? Eifert had two decent games and I'm trying to trade him as he's been stuck on my dynasty roster, too valuable to drop, too injured to play
  4. I feel like this is incredibly dumb. I get that MIA wants to rebuild and reload, but he was 1.11 last year and no one thought that was dumb. Everyone though that 1.11 was a fair spot. In last year's draft, a 2020 1st was probably worth a late 2nd round pick, something like pick #60, right? Even if PIT doesn't go to the playoffs, this is a great move by them as they get a 1.11 really cheap and he's under a rookie contract for 2 more years with an option. I can't really blame MIA because if you're going no where, then why not. MIA should focus on their OL in 2020 and QB in 2021, making them a monster team, even if the rest of the team ain't that great. OL baby!
  5. MNF who cares?

    the dude really is tough.
  6. MNF who cares?

    i think a dislocated ankle.
  7. MNF who cares?

    one thing to know about Trevor is that he is very tough. So if he's down like this, it's serious.
  8. MNF who cares?

    Chubb is explosive!
  9. MNF who cares?

    i'm watching the game despite having zero FF from CLE or NYJ
  10. MNF who cares?

    I care.
  11. Why does God hate my fantasy team? Every year

    injuries are why i only play dynasty. If your season goes to poop, you can make trades to maximize next season.
  12. Sam Darnold out with mono

    At least CLE will win.
  13. SNF

    did ATL score too fast?
  14. SNF

    advice for wives
  15. Who are you done with?