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  1. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    and apparently, PIT/Ben just wanted AB gone.
  2. DeSean Jackson traded to Philly

    why wasn't OJ the safety blanket?
  3. DeSean Jackson traded to Philly

    but my point is, if OJ *needed* someone to leave to get those extra targets, then OJ is either not as good as his 1st round drafting suggested or TB is misusing him. does anyone have any clue if Byron Leftwich is favorable towards TEs?
  4. DeSean Jackson traded to Philly

    i wouldn't be too excited about OJ. He was "supposed" to be talented enough to take targets *away* from teammates. If he's not doing that, then temper expectations as removing competition isn't the solution. He was "supposed" to beat out Brate and esstentially be the #2 behind Evans. The problem isn't how great everyone else is.
  5. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    wow to both those statements
  6. DeSean Jackson traded to Philly

    AB's (3rd and 5th!) deal probably screwed over NYG trying to trade Odell and this can't possibly help.
  7. DeSean Jackson traded to Philly

    wow! cheap! WR DeSean Jackson from the Buccaneers for a 2019 sixth-round pick and a 2020 seventh-round pick.
  8. Nick Foles signs with the Jaguars

    This is going to screw up "The Good Place".
  9. Todd Gurley may have arthirtis in injured keee

    ajayi had this issue before entering nfl, so his time was limited before being drafted
  10. Breakout Candidates For 2019

    Eyeballs and what bolt and lava said, but how was aj green available?!
  11. Breakout Candidates For 2019

    tyrell williams
  12. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    the NFLPA would agree to that only if contracts were guaranteed like other sports.
  13. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    it's dysfunctional when four women accused Ben of rape, where the most recent incident had the evidence destroyed, yet PIT owner/mgt and NFL ignored it with no legit investigation.
  14. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    smells like bull
  15. Browns sign Hunt

    interesting that you're okay with child abuse. I'm glad you don't have kids.
  16. Browns sign Hunt

    I didn't forget. I let people bring this up so I can remind them... KC and society is (the really bad word)ed up. How is lying worse than abusing a child?
  17. Browns sign Hunt

    lol, local radio is saying KC is thinking of bringing in adrian peterson. So they fire hunt who hit adults that, arguably, deserved it, but are thinking of AP who hits his child? I'm confused.
  18. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    knowing what we know today, IMO... Amari Cooper > Antonio Brown so, a bit nutty that OAK might do this.
  19. No Tag For Nicky TD'S

    want to do some research? Take the top 5 receivers for your Eagles, figure out their averages per game with Foles and with Wentz. Should give you and idea of whether Foles is better at or just normal for spreading the ball around.
  20. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    yes. which means Tyree will not be very good.
  21. No Tag For Nicky TD'S

    Nicky STDs he's about to (the really bad word) some team out of a lot of money and cause a GM to pee blood
  22. Jason Witten is back

  23. Jason Witten is back

    this is good for Dak, but very good for you EE owners.