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  1. Thoughts on them of njoku gets traded? I feel like Harrison Bryant could be good but with Hooper and njoku thepath to playing time was going to bed very limited 

    Thoughts on the 3 if njoku leaves?

  2. I'd recommend y'all seriously consider handcuffs.

    What if the NFL season happens? what if hundreds of players get covid and are out for weeks, even if they're only a little sick and well enough to play, but the league doesn't let them?

    If you're competing, you should be acquiring handcuffs now, before your guys (possibly) get sick and the handcuff price goes up.

    If you're rebuilding, I recommend you get value now for handcuffs because maybe it's the handcuff that gets sick.

    Y'all should be trading away or for players.

    As I've said before, being mediocre in dynasty fantasy football only keeps you mediocre. This is a good year to go all-in on competing or all-in on rebuilding. Be great or suck. Don't be mediocre.

  3. That

    29 minutes ago, Brentastic said:

    A really forward thinking gentleman from this league started this discussion awhile back



    That's not what this thread is about. This is... What if the season does happen.

  4. Do we want to discuss options for this year only?

    I know we don't yet have enough info yet but if a player tests positive, he could be out for weeks, then what?

    Thoughts? Ideas?

  5. 2 hours ago, Finn5033 said:

    Yeah I took him 4th overall in my 10 team PPR league last year. My 2nd rounder was OBJ. I somehow still led the league in scoring but lost in the semi-finals. I’d still take him top 5

    I Once lead the league in scoring and didn't make the playoffs.

    We've since changed to a VP regular season and total points postseason

  6. 10 minutes ago, Ramhock said:

    Not as deadly for young athletes but is for their parents/grandparents. World is trocked until we get the vaccine.

    So choose football or spending time with older family? How many have time during the season in previous years to spend time with older family anyways?

  7. Time to admit that corona isn't anywhere as deadly as first feared. 

    NFL players should be more concerned about serious injury on field than getting seriously ill. Time to treat it like any other respiratory illness.

    * This isn't true for any player who has immune compromised family members and they need to make a personal decision in that regard.I

    Risk of covid from flying to the game is much higher than the locker room or playing.

    It's time to get back to normal.

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  8. 41 minutes ago, League_Champion said:


    Agree, because kneeling will make the World a better place. If the whole World kneeled today, all of our problems will be gone tomorrow.

    It worked for Zod.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, League_Champion said:


    It's a pile on because he's white. The whole Country is a big White pile on right now. He should apologize for being born white, that might take some heat off of him. 

    He should just kneel 

  10. 4 hours ago, League_Champion said:


    Godwin is on his way to become a legit Superstar. Just look what he did with Winston as his QB. I do agree with you though. He's not there yet but he will be, real soon. I bet he's in this conversation next season for sure. 

    but other than turnovers, Winston was very good. One of the best yards per attempt in the league and a lot of attempts.

  11. 8 hours ago, purplemonster said:

    Here's another with an eye opening statistic "But on third-down plays of 15 yards or longer, Mahomes was 12-of-16 for 255 yards and three touchdowns"




    But in defense of the rule change...

    How often would the Superbowl MVP be in That situation?