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  1. Shurmur to Giants/McDaniels to Colts

    do you know what sarchasm means?
  2. If Keenum wins in Philly Philly, then he'll easily command $20mil over several years. If he wins the Superbowl and gets the MVP, he's going to pull a Flacco and sign huge. He's already on the verge of justifying the tag.
  3. Shurmur to Giants/McDaniels to Colts

    if true, who does McDaniels trade Luck to? Is Cassel still available?
  4. Vikes vs the Saints

    and now the Vikes move on to "Philly Philly".
  5. Vikes vs the Saints

    Raheem Moore is all, "maybe they'll stop talking about me and that dang BAL game?" I think the DB was already in motion and probably thought that he was too early and would draw the PI. So he tried to adjust?
  6. didn't they already play it in the NYJ/NYG stadium? Isn't that not a dome? why not in other open northern venues?
  7. I'm hoping keenum comes to Denver.
  8. Trivia

    8.5 points.
  9. What is going on with the Browns?

    a tie would be nice.
  10. Giants | Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job? Fri, 05 Jan 2018 18:10:52 -0800 New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick "sees an opening" to become the head coach of the New York Giants, a source close to Belichick said Friday, Jan. 5. Source: New York Daily News - Gary Myers
  11. Playoff Game Thread

    Patrick Mahomes!! Patrick Mahomes!! Patrick Mahomes!! ... Because I want Alex Smith on my Broncos
  12. Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job?

    lol, i don't know what that means
  13. Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job?

    That's awesome. Could you imagine the (the really bad word)ing uproar if that had happened. The ultimate collusion. Oh that would've been great.
  14. i'm probably too "loyal"... if a guy has been simply amazing, you let him ride out into the sunset on his terms. I don't care about Dan Marino's declining skills or Don Shula's aging... when they forced those two out, "My" Dolphins lost my support. I'd rather have several years of fail -- which they've had anyways -- than to force out guys who were so critically important to the team. Now, saying that, If Shula said Marino was done, then I'd accept that because Shula meant more to the Dolphins than Belichek has meant to the Pats. I wonder if the Dolphins owner Joe Robbie would've pushed Shula out? I remember Robbie's kids screwed everything up. /rambling
  15. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    if there's any truth that Vance Joseph, with no (the really bad word)ing experience, landed a fully guaranteed five year deal, then i can totally see a successful experienced HC getting 10. John Elway was very ambivalent supporting VJ in the press conference saying that VJ will be back next year. Elway screwed up that press conference and cut the legs out from under VJ. Not that VJ had anything to stand on anyways. My Broncos are a freaking mess. If the team -- whoever the team is, lol -- fired Elway and VJ and gave Gruden a 10 year contract, many fans would've supported that.
  16. well, now there are legs to support the power struggle theory and that Bill lost. Yikes! Giants | Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job? Fri, 05 Jan 2018 18:10:52 -0800 New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick "sees an opening" to become the head coach of the New York Giants, a source close to Belichick said Friday, Jan. 5. Source: New York Daily News - Gary Myers
  17. Coaching changes

    I'll ask again... Why is Brian Billick not a HC? Wasn't he great with the Ravens? Who's wife did he sex up to get blackballed? Am I wrong? Is Billick not a good HC?
  18. that's my point about it not being true. I agree with what you say, especially about the part of belichek just wanting to win and not caring about anyone's legacy or feelings. what are the odds that Kraft said, "Bill, trade G or you're fired?" Doesn't Bill have final say on everything (except his own job)? Would kraft threaten Bill? Couldn't Bill get a job with a dozen teams yesterday? Also, any rumors that NEP offered G a contract extension? If not, then I don't believe any of this. If they thought that much of G, then they would've tried to extend him at the beginning of the season, yeah?
  19. Garra... Polo... I find the story unlikely
  20. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    Still speculation. We've all heard that. At this point, the only question is whether they'll be punished for violating Rooney rule
  21. Carson Palmer retiring

    he threatened retirement in CIN. That was uncool. Rumor is he pushed his way out of OAK. So that's two. The three part is a joke about the first two.
  22. Black Monday Tomorrow

    Rooney Rule.
  23. Carson Palmer retiring

    and no HC either
  24. Black Monday Tomorrow

    you're right, but when I suggest firing Vance, i'm also saying to fire Elway. Fire everyone. Restart with an experienced GM and a conservative experienced HC. i wonder if Sasha Brown and Brian Billick could work well together? here's an example of Elway's poor decision making even to consider mcadoo... NBC Denver reports the Broncos are interested in ex-Giants coach Ben McAdoo for their opening at QBs coach. They are reportedly also interested in ex-Bengals OC Ken Zampese. The Broncos have an opening after QBs coach Bill Musgrave was promoted to offensive coordinator in November. They announced Tuesday that Musgrave would remain offensive coordinator for 2018. McAdoo was Aaron Rodgers' quarterbacks coach in Green Bay before arriving in New York. He did poor work with Eli Manning and the Giants' offense.
  25. NFL draft 2018

    I think he was joking because if you draft two in the 1st round, then neither gets a real opportunity and you destroy both.