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  1. Andrew Luck "Good to go"

    Good Luck with that.
  2. Le'Veon Bell may sit out half the season?

    lol, did a Browns fan just defend PIT? And did you defend a rapist?
  3. Le'Veon Bell may sit out half the season?

    and you live at the beach, so your panties are full of sand. Gettin' a bit of taint rash, are ya?
  4. Le'Veon Bell may sit out half the season?

    you're right. I heard somewhere that only $10m was guaranteed. That's an offensive offer when the tag guarantees 50% MORE! It would've been less offensive if PIT made no offer. PIT is a mess of an organization. I lost all respect for them when they released Santonio Holmes (do any of you even remember why) at the time Ben was accused of rape by four women. One of which was recent with the sheriff in Florida destroying all evidence in the restaurant bathroom when he "allowed" the janitor to clean the place. It's clear Ben is a horrible person and PIT didn't have the courage to do the right thing. So, f-u-c-k PIT.
  5. Le'Veon Bell may sit out half the season?

    you are the oldest Millennial. How could a snowflake like you have not melted at your age? also, i could not care less about your silly rules and Bell is a dumbass turning down $70 million. I'll revise my opinion. Instead of season ending, I'll root for career ending.
  6. Le'Veon Bell may sit out half the season?

    i hope he gets a season ending injury in week one costing the poop-stained Steelers $14mil and getting nothing in return.
  7. serious allegations against Shady McCoy

    no if there's a chance that McCoy could be suspended over this, his agent will prolong the process until next off-season
  8. serious allegations against Shady McCoy

    McCoy was out of town. I'm going to guess it was the brother of Janoris Jenkins who did the beating. That dude gets around! "Is Jenkins gonna have ta choke a bitch?!" FYI FWIW, Miami is a 10 hour drive. I guess the big question is, was McCoy in Miami on Monday also?!
  9. serious allegations against Shady McCoy

    those people say he did these things for an extended period of time and admitted to covering up his *crimes*. So, that makes them very suspect
  10. serious allegations against Shady McCoy

    has he been accused of this in the past? If not, then this is questionable. When people make accusations, they really need to keep it real. If McCoy "viciously" beat a child, i'm pretty sure that child would've died very quickly. None of us are pro athletes. If we viciously beat a child, the child would die... and compared to McCoy, most of us are weak. So, this person sounds unhinged.
  11. Tyrod Taylor traded to Cleveland

    Browns | WR impressed with Tyrod Taylor Thu, 05 Jul 2018 13:25:14 -0700 Cleveland Browns WR Jarvis Landry said QB Tyrod Taylor was very impressive during offseason workouts and showed good accuracy and leadership during practice.
  12. Tyrod Taylor traded to Cleveland

    so, I still am unclear... why did CLE give up a 3rd when they could've signed McCarron? I only ask because wasn't Hue Jackson trying to trade FOR McCarron last trade deadline? Wasn't Hue the one upset that the front office failed to get it done? If so, then what made CLE change their minds about AJ?
  13. Robert Turbin suspended 4 games, PEDs

    And? Maybe it'll make him worth having on a roster?
  14. Possible suspension for Jameis Winston

    My Friend, you are correct!
  15. Dead body found in CB Janoris Jenkins home

    the brother has been charged with murder.... muuuuurrrrdeeerrrr. why he got on a domestic flight is beyond me. If you're going to flee, leave the damn country.
  16. Deeper Sleepers

    he had 56 total touches. I admit that I didn't watch him, so what did you see that makes you excited on a small sample size?
  17. Dead body found in CB Janoris Jenkins home

    UPDATE: Auto-erotic asphyxiation
  18. Dead body found in CB Janoris Jenkins home

    They saying it was Jenkins' brother who was very 'excited' boarding a plane the night before the body was found. The brother was house sitting when a collector for some gambling debts showed up and things got out of hand. The question is, was the brother gambling or Jenkins? Cuz I don't think the NFL allows the players to gamble?
  19. Dead body found in CB Janoris Jenkins home

    When it rains, it snows!
  20. Dead body found in CB Janoris Jenkins home

    Man, Jenkins kills on the field... and off!
  21. Dead body found in CB Janoris Jenkins home

    Did Aqib Talib shoot himself again?
  22. Dead body found in CB Janoris Jenkins home

    was it Zay Jones?
  23. Seferian-Jenkins signs with the Jaguars

    And now the asj train starts rolling. It'll be fun watching you doubters, not be wrong, but quietly change your opinions as if that was your opinion all along
  24. JAC WRs

    Lol, now people are getting excited about asj
  25. JAC WRs

    now officially a mess for FF. If you're a fan of the team, you're probably excited, but with the signing of Donte Moncreif, who is the WR to own? Marqise Lee Keelan Cole Allen Hurns Dede Westbrook Donte Moncrief Austin Seferian-Jenkins If you believe in each WR's potential, probably the deepest receiving group (WR and TE, 6 guys) in the league. On the one end, you have ASJ who's the biggest by a decent margin. So, who has the best combination of the rest for hands and speed? Last year, Keelan Cole had the best average of 17.8 yds/catch with Moncrief with 15 ypc. Obviously, Bortles is the biggest winner. So, out of those 6 guys, who would you guess will finish the top 3? I'm biased towards ASJ and Cole, so I'm not sure I can give a fair guess.