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  1. Tyreek Hill again...

    how mgt acts is just as relevant as how players act. So, it's valuable to know which teams are way more tolerant than others. If Tyreek tells the truth, KC will stand behind him and welcome him back after suspension encouraing Mahomes to throw to HIll.
  2. Tyreek Hill again...

    what does that mean?
  3. Tyreek Hill again...

    not really. It's more fact than anything else. AP admits to still beating his son. Hunt was *only* fired because he lied to the team.
  4. Tyreek Hill again...

    guys guys guys... it's all okay, as long as he's honest. It's okay to beat women and children, as long as you're open about it.
  5. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    Ben is big enough to rape AB.
  6. Tannehill traded to TEN

    they should do this and build their OL until Lawrence
  7. Hunt suspended 8 games

  8. Hunt suspended 8 games

    so annoying that DEN didn't sign Hunt or any rumor that they considered it. Dude is 23 yo and going to be a top 10 RB for 3-4 years.
  9. Hunt suspended 8 games

    is anyone surprised by this? why is CLE trying to trade Duke?
  10. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    quite the to-do list
  11. OBJ to Browns

    resistance is fruitile...
  12. OBJ to Browns

    why do these clips always cut out the best parts? I want to see her reaction to getting whacked in the face
  13. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    Flacco has five kids under six years of age. I bet he is more daddy than QB these days. Which, good for him.
  14. OBJ to Browns

    that mustache tickles.
  15. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    manning was the one good thing Elway did. Granted, it was very significant
  16. Bell to the Jets

    seriously. no player should ever use his agent
  17. OBJ to Browns

    he's a packers fan
  18. Bell to the Jets

    he sure showed the owners! I bet they immediately fold on the next CBA regarding franchise tags. #winninglol
  19. OBJ to Browns

    are you offering to wash his back?
  20. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    bong water. james bong.
  21. Tyrell Williams to the Raiders

    lol OAK just released Nelson *after* paying his roster bonus a week ago
  22. Joe Flacco entering his prime

    he knows that when the new owner is selected by the trust that everyone will be dismissed with the new owner choosing a completely new staff. Since there's a lawsuit trying to force the trust to do its job, the end is within a few years. He's clutching at straws instead of trying to build the team properly. DEN might be the worst team in the division... meaning a wildcard would be impossible. So (the really bad word) if I know.
  23. i was just trying to tease. I don't follow college, but apparently, the 2020 QB class is supposed to be much higher prospects than this year, so I think MIA should suck on purpose this year. I would say the same for DEN, except that we have Flacco, so championship!