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  1. How many leagues?

    Henry makes more money playing F2F than many make working
  2. Kenny Golladay injury

    Ok. I'm Good.
  3. Kenny Golladay injury

    Who else do you have?
  4. NOS receivers?

    I like Albert O. also and hope my Broncos play two TE sets over the next 10 years
  5. NOS receivers?

    What if Thomas is out for a while?
  6. need a commish to process cash placed on DTS
  7. roach; assign contract asap please or he'll get one year need a commish to process cash
  8. NOS receivers?

    logically, you're right but I "feel" like NOS will see what Trautman can do. I kind of feel like he's the next Mark Andrews.
  9. NOS receivers?

    two TE sets? I predict Trautman 4/50/1
  10. Fa bid SAMPLE, DREW CIN TE - Mr Big Won

    i need another commish to process the cash portion please 3 years

    I talked a fair amount with Jim / Euchre... He's a good dude. He's going to take the year off and return next year. He'll submit no lineup the entire season. Since he plays everyone once, seems pretty fair and a good solution. Since that would give him the 1.01 pick, he came up with the solution of simply picking last in each round. respect. TRANSPARENCY... I don't if Jim is interested in trading, but I'm going to send him some offers. i suggest y'all do the same. While he'll pick last in the first round, the first round picks I'll offer will be wherever they fall. Seems like a good year for Jim to rebuild. Jim, thanks for finding solutions to all the issues. It'll be an honor to beat play against you next season.
  12. Bengals vs Browns (TNF)

    Thoughts on drew sample with uzomah out?
  13. NOS receivers?

    True. Trautman looking like a dynasty hold?
  14. Bengals vs Browns (TNF)

    And ajg is hurt again
  15. Bengals vs Browns (TNF)

    I just told my wife t that the singer isn't a doctor of music
  16. Bengals vs Browns (TNF)


    Noah fant... 9/120/2
  18. NOS receivers?

    They should trade for eifert
  19. Chris Godwin in concussion protocal

    When you stop.
  20. Anybody buying Scotty Miller?

    I thought shaft was black?
  21. How many leagues?

    Do you get to watch games in oz?
  22. NOS receivers?

    Hence my suggestion to downgrade needs I don't think anyone else on the team is any good
  23. Anybody buying Scotty Miller?

    Thanks but i don't know miller... Can he be an Edelman?