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  1. Chat room for TNF?

  2. dynasty buy -- Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR

    He's gonna lose Taxi Squad eligibility next year. That means assigning him a contract if you currently have him. There is no justification for doing that at this point. Maybe in a 32 team league????? If he somehow blows up this year and gets the targets/catches to justify rostering him, I'll admit I was wrong. I just don't see him doing that in Minnesota or anywhere else. However, some players thrive after a change of scenery. Dallas or Cleveland could be teams that could burn a late pick in acquiring him.
  3. dynasty buy -- Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR

    He couldn't even crack the starting lineup until Jarius Wright was released and has shown nothing to justify rostering him in any format IMO. He couldn't take advantage of starting reps last year when Michael Floyd was suspended. Again, the talent is there but the commitment? Not so much. Pass You can blow a roster spot in dynasty if you want as I believe this is his last year of eligibility on the taxi squad, that is if he isn't already rostered with a contract lol. I sure as hell won't.
  4. dynasty buy -- Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR

    Fantasy wise, it's a hard pass for me. People are asking way too much in trade based on his draft position. He's under contract with a club option in 20 and is a FA in 21. He got a $9.9M contract with $9.4 guaranteed plus a $1.8M signing bonus. He's not even close to meeting those contract dollars. He's made his money. I feel he is another one of those "I got my money" guys and isn't really interested in becoming the player people thought he would be. Again, hard pass Fantasy wise and I wouldn't be shocked if he is released as he only counts $1.8M against the cap next year.
  5. Huddle Message Board League #3

    Not this team. The team I won it with which was years ago.
  6. Cooper Kupp hurt

    Kupp is back in the game!!! Holy crap that's one tough SOB!!
  7. Cooper Kupp hurt

    Yeah because Talib was such a nice guy while over there lmao. Hmmmm...seems like we got all the "dirty" guys now but they have yet to be called for "dirty" plays. Hmmmm...must have been the coaching.
  8. Cooper Kupp hurt

    If you don't have Josh Reynolds, I'd put him on your waiver claim this week.
  9. Huddle Message Board League #3

    I'm dead last as well. Quite possibly the worst draft I've had doing this thing. And to think I won it one year. Must have been drunk when I drafted.
  10. Cooper Kupp hurt

    It could be season-ending. Dirty tackling by Denver as always.
  11. You sure do post a lot about crap like this.
  12. per Jay Glazer FoxSports Dallas????
  13. Ronald Jones II - Calling TB Homers

    I'm starting him today.