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  1. Fitzmagic is in

    Koetter needs to be fired.
  2. Milk Carton - Week 10

    I need me some Fitz Magic. It's the 4th Q and they are trailing so it's time to start the fireworks.
  3. I'm done with FF Fellas

    Yo Cowboys, just pick the players that score the most points. Duh. Us long time Huddlers will miss you... just say'n. Screw the Noobs
  4. I'm done with FF Fellas

  5. Week 9 Milk Carton

    Mike Evans? Hello? Paging Mike Evans.
  6. Deeper Sleepers

    Don't mean to burst your bubble, but I also have Penny
  7. Raheem Muststart

    I've done that before on a girl named Brenda. She was an extra. Never saw her again. Money well spent.
  8. Week 8 Milk Carton

    Time for a Rams Pick 6
  9. Week 8 Milk Carton

    Keep the faith. Once the Rams OL starts getting a push, things will change quickly.
  10. Fitzmagic is in

    Is there any doubt who the starter will be ROS?
  11. Fitzmagic is in

    Next years draft. Superflex league. 16 teams. Probably a mid pick.
  12. Fitzmagic is in

    I don't wanna say I saw this coming, but I traded for Fitz last week. Got him cheap but the upside was far greater than the 5th round pick.
  13. Week 8 Milk Carton

    Joe Flacco! Do something, please. Thanks in advance.
  14. Owning Watkins is mind numbing

    Fools Gold