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  1. All-play BOTH league?

    I’m in when this league kicks in
  2. This year's standings oddities

    #3 in points scored. #1 in points scored against. 1-6
  3. Told you

    Wow! Here ya go........
  4. Who else is 1-4?

    0-5 with a team (16 team league) that is averaging 92.2 but my PA average is a ridiculous 123.6 what can you do but laugh
  5. AB to New England

    Try the Yankees of sports period.
  6. AB to New England

    lol Twitter is going absolutely bananas over it. And that last instagram post he made??? Good lord. If Bill and Co. can’t reel this guy in, nobody can.
  7. Congrats to The Huddle!

    Not sure if this was a feature last year @DMD but you are now in player news updates on MFL.
  8. I hate my team

    Yes. Yes I am.
  9. Pick up Justice Hill

    If anything, I’d pick up Fournette’s b/u if available
  10. I hate my team

    Put it on a shirt
  11. I hate my team

    I hate me
  12. Rumor: Ezekiel Elliott planning a training camp holdout

    Yep. Flew in this morning. A deal will get done today
  13. Demaryius Thomas signed with Pats

    2 posts up from that!
  14. Patriots vs Giants

    Don’t fret. They’ll probably resign him Monday to a cap friendly contract as he won’t have to clear waivers.
  15. Patriots vs Giants

    Yeah I just saw. I’m hoping it was to save themselves $2.7M against the cap and they renegotiate