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  1. Deeper Sleepers

    I drafted him in 3 leagues
  2. The Saquon Barkley hype train is at full speed.

    What makes you think he won't be #1 again? Nothing has changed in LA for a regression. In fact, the opposite is true. Top 10? lol I would love to see who you have in front of Gurley.
  3. Do people not like Joe Mixon?

    He averaged 5.0 ypc over his final 4 games and he will be the clear-cut workhorse. Bernard will more than likely be the passing down back. I wouldn't let Bernard deter anyone from drafting Mixon as a high upside RB2
  4. Do people not like Joe Mixon?

    BIG Mixon fan right here!! In a 10 team start-up, Mixon is right around the late 4th round. Doesn't surprise me at all.
  5. RIP Tony Sparano

  6. I seriously doubt this is an attempt for him to avoid Hard Knocks. I think this is just Josh owning up to the fact he has an addiction and he's receiving additional help. Being an alcoholic, I find this extremely admirable that he knows he might need additional counseling. I applaud him for doing this.
  7. Andrew Luck "Good to go"

    Neither would I, if I were talking about that league, which I forgot to include. My bad. Looks like it may bd time to trim leagues again. I can’t even remember how many leagues I have Luck in.
  8. Andrew Luck "Good to go"

    Don't you like Mack or the rookie Hines? And I love the rookie WR they drafted in Fountain. He'll be starting in no time. Who does he have to beat out? Rogers and Grant???? lol...piece of cake.
  9. Andrew Luck "Good to go"

    "Colts GM Ballard told reporters Luck would practice without limitations and take the team's starting snaps in camp with a dose of built-in days off. The GM also confirmed Luck would play in the preseason, if not the exhibition opener." - NFL.COM Man, I've been sweating this one. I got him early the year in 2 leagues for dirt cheap. Good luck with that now. His current ADP is 9.05 in standard formats. I hope he kicks butt this season. Not sure if I'll start him until I see a few games though. We'll see. Colts training camp starts Wednesday. I'll be watching this one closely.
  10. Le'Veon Bell may sit out half the season?

    I live in Burbank lol. Keep trying Dopie. Someday you'll get there
  11. Le'Veon Bell may sit out half the season?

    Remember, he lives in Denver. Mile High. Lack of oxygen to the brain.
  12. Saquan Barley themed team names?

    Saquan Deez Nuts
  13. Le'Veon Bell may sit out half the season?

    You never cease to amaze in your dickness. Wishing injury on players is something this board does not condone yet you do it frequently.
  14. Kenneth Dixon

    I bought into Alex this year on 2 teams. Hopefully, it works out.