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  1. Schefter: Broncos hire Fangio

    no it's not a matter of me explaining. lol Welcome to the club bro
  2. Schefter: Broncos hire Fangio

    Why you calling it a Gong Show? so many times I hear people say "Stand up for us" and (the really bad word) them. But...... you call it a Gong Show? Because you are losing your 2 best players?
  3. Rumor: C.J. Anderson to the Chiefs

    Let's not get carried away here lol. His head is like the Hindenburg at times and could easily explode, killing many innocent passengers along the way. but yes...I give him props. I was just laughing at his "... you trying to kill me" comment.
  4. Rumor: C.J. Anderson to the Chiefs

  5. Divisional Game Thread

    He's the real-life version of "Two and 1/2 Men"
  6. Divisional Game Thread

    Now run it down their damn throat!!!!!
  7. Divisional Game Thread

    As good as the Rams run game has been, the Rams are getting squat at YAC in the passing game. Not liking that at all.
  8. Official Rams/Cowboys thread

    Here comes the pick 6 I can smell it
  9. Divisional Game Thread

    oh well. that was impressive I must say.
  10. Divisional Game Thread

    Greg the LEG!!!!!
  11. Divisional Game Thread

    5/5? I'll take a TD to Cooks please for 26 Alex
  12. Divisional Game Thread

    I'm waiting for the pick 6 Almost had one already It's coming
  13. Divisional Game Thread

    4/4 You can't win if you can't stop em.
  14. Divisional Game Thread

    Stick a fork in em!!!!!!!!!
  15. Divisional Game Thread

    No way Rams are letting him go. He'll get paid too. Rams have the cap space. Then again, the Rams REALLY need an OLB so he could be trade bait.