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  1. Cooper

    The main reason I traded for Cooper lol. Some people give up WAAAAYYY to early and easily on players.
  2. Least Mode

    suspended 1 game
  3. Marlon Mack

    I LOVE Mack. I picked him up in a few deep leagues. Missed out on him in others.
  4. KC/OAK Game Thread

    I benched Lynch for the same reason. We'll see if Joe Mixon was the better start. It's not gonna be hard lol
  5. Cooper

    I started him. Thanks for the 38 points Cooper!!
  6. Saints Defense for real?

    Well played!
  7. What to do with McFadden and Morris?

    Snow Globe??? Is that your really bad attempt at a political dig? Considering I'm not a Liberal, that's fantastically comical. And IF I DID have a Snow Globe, it would almost certainly contain frogs.
  8. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    I've owned Morris since draft day...I've never been a fan of McFadden.
  9. What to do with McFadden and Morris?

    This conversation is being debated in the thread below....so yeah. Nothing to add to another ad nauseam post. And if you don't like it...it's a pretty simple solution. Ignore me. I really don't care to please everyone here at the Huddle anymore. Or have you joined the Huddle Hall Monitor posse?
  10. What to do with McFadden and Morris?

    i like frogs
  11. Dallas awarded 2018 NFL Draft

    Never thought about it but now that you mention it, it would be a great road trip.
  12. I loved...LOVED the draft in the Philly outdoor environment. Let's see if Big D can put on a show without the show.
  13. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    Ezekiel Elliott has been granted another temporary restraining order, and will be allowed to play Week 7. Source: Kate Hairopoulos on Twitter Oct 17 - 7:41 PM
  14. Bragging rights

    careful..the Hall monitors are watching