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  1. Milk carton time

    They had 1st and goal twice and not a sniff towards Lynch. Weird.
  2. Mixon. 18 Carries.

    It's mind boggling that he isn't already
  3. OBJ's TD celebration

    Disgusting. Pretending you're a dog taking a piss in the end zone? Good grief. That is why the celebration was taken away in the first place.
  4. Jordan Reed Inactive

    Source: Michael Gehlken on Twitter Glad I have Vernon Davis!!
  5. I started him. Something about NBYS came into play. I dunno. Maybe it's just me.
  6. Need help w/ ESPN

    That's shocking
  7. Need help w/ ESPN

    Not to make light of your situation, but this is why I only play with MFL. I'd send in an emergency ticket to customer support
  8. Baltimore - Jacksonvillw

    I got it on via the browser on play station.
  9. Josh Gordon hoping for September reinstatement

    He's still owned in dynasty's I'm in.
  10. Bradford Out

  11. And they say Gurley wouldn't do anything

    I thought this was week 3.
  12. NYG/DET game thread

    Abysmal play calling for the Giants