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  1. Mock draft, anyone?

    I’m still alive and kicking. Almost done with my 2yr rehab commitment. Mainly to get my license back but it’s been tremendous. 16 months sober!! I’ll be back for FF in 2021.
  2. Rams move on from Wade Phillips

    Update. He came back and I talked to him a little more in depth. Cory mentioned the Rams will not be able to afford him and his most likely landing spots are Arizona and Las Vegas. However, the Giants could swoop him up based on $ to spend. Regardless, his outlook of staying a Ram is dim. 😡🤬
  3. SPIT Week 1 Standings

  4. Rams move on from Wade Phillips

  5. Rams move on from Wade Phillips

  6. Rams move on from Wade Phillips

    This pist me off. What’s worse is Cory Littleton visited us at the rehab center last week (San Diego native) and I got to chat with him for a minute. He told me the Rams will probably let him walk via FA in order to keep Fowler. The Rams are making mistakes all over the board. Jalen Ramsey for 2 1st round picks and a massive salary??? Idiots
  7. SMACKBOWL Week 1 Standings (revised)

    I forgot to enter this year. 😢🧦
  8. All-play BOTH league?

    I’m in when this league kicks in
  9. This year's standings oddities

    #3 in points scored. #1 in points scored against. 1-6
  10. Told you

    Wow! Here ya go........
  11. Who else is 1-4?

    0-5 with a team (16 team league) that is averaging 92.2 but my PA average is a ridiculous 123.6 what can you do but laugh
  12. AB to New England

    Try the Yankees of sports period.
  13. AB to New England

    lol Twitter is going absolutely bananas over it. And that last instagram post he made??? Good lord. If Bill and Co. can’t reel this guy in, nobody can.
  14. Congrats to The Huddle!

    Not sure if this was a feature last year @DMD but you are now in player news updates on MFL.
  15. I hate my team

    Yes. Yes I am.