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  1. Yup. Make a commissioners decision and let them walk. Plenty of time to recruit new owners that won't hold the league hostage.
  2. I was a part of that championship team. I might be willing to rejoin this year.
  3. The issue is the capacity. Spanos packed up to go to a stadium with a 30,000 seat capacity. When the Chargers move into the NFL Disney World they will be renters. They will not share in ticket revenue. They will get a share of concessions and that's it. Dean Spanos can go F himself.
  4. Nope. Just my amazingly high football acumen.
  5. Its a joke and Spanos should feel ashamed of himself. Of course he doesn't which is why he's such a colossal duechebag
  6. Carlos Hyde step on down!!
  7. I doubt Hyde is a 49'er by the end of pre-season. He will be profiled, the hype will return then they will get a 4th round pick out of him.
  8. He's an upgrade over Clemens if he can stay healthy but I doubt he ever sees the field if signed. Rivers hasn't missed a game in 11 years lol.
  9. Gregg Rosenthal mentioned on the most recent Around the NFL podcast that he's heard Carlos Hyde could be a surprise training camp cut. A former longtime Rotoworld editor, Rosenthal now writes for NFL.com, frequently appears on NFL Network, and has cultivated enough connections that what he's hearing is noteworthy. Since the 49ers' new regime took over, coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch have been outwardly clear that San Francisco's running back situation needs upgrading, whether by signing (Tim Hightower), trading for (Kapri Bibbs), and drafting (Joe Williams) backs or Shanahan's suggestion that Hyde has personal improvement to make. We still believe Hyde could fetch something via trade, even in a contract year at a devalued position. The Niners would probably be willing to part with Hyde for a fourth-round pick, if not less. Source: Around the NFL Podcast Jul 24 - 5:43 PM I mentioned Joe Williams just yesterday to a kid that drafted Hyde. He laughed. I laughed back.
  10. What this guy said
  11. Mike Williams bust 3.0
  12. I cringed the second they selected him.
  13. Done. But not trying to be an ass, but I'm sober now. I'll take a Red Bull though