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  1. Yeah it's aweful. No more HOF status?? however, I do love the options available to phone posters like myself. I actually have access to emotions and such. But yeah, the layout stinks. Even James Bond agrees. So do Cheech and Chong. Just say'n
  2. They talk as if they are going to revamp the entire RB core and Carolina will save roughly 6M$ toward the cap by releasing Stew.
  3. Panthers
  4. Fake news
  5. So close to the SOCKS ?????
  7. Still alive. Go GB!
  8. It's a TE show so far for GB. Damnit
  9. I need a lot of Devonte Adams
  10. It's Coryell's time.
  11. Back away from the SOCKS pal
  12. San Diego Raiders?
  13. The NFL offered to pay $650M of the estimated $1.3B for a new stadium in San Diego. That is a difference of $650M that Dean Spanos tried to get the tax payers to pony up. We said no. So now he's hightailing it to LA where he is not welcomed. Competing with the Rams, MLB, MLH, NBA, MLS and women professional teams, along with national power college sports, he is now looking for a fan base. He is also a tenant now with zero income from stadium earnings. Hold that thought.....let's take a look at the monetary difference again so that it will be CRYSTAL CLEAR that Dean Spanos had no intent of staying in SD. The difference of what the NFL was offering and the cost of a new stadium was $650M.....with me so far? Here it comes....the relocation fee Spanos will be paying the NFL for moving to LA? $650M Yep Good riddance Spanos you are a piece of
  14. Uhhhhhhhh Then so be it