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  1. OK Brown fans - exhale

    Glad I was able to watch the game. I’m really liking what the Browns are doing. Picks, trades, FA, Front office.......And they get a good haul next year as well. 4 wins max but vastly improved on both sides of the ball. Congats Browns fans.....
  2. Please god no. Anywhere but there. ANYWHERE!!!
  3. Anybody rolling the dice with W. Fuller?

    I started Will today. Should be a target machine
  4. Chat Room is open

  5. Chat room for TNF?

    http://us25.chatzy.com/71917986379819 Chat room is open
  6. The Curious Case of Daurice Fountain

    Great info thank you. I'll keep him on my taxi.
  7. He was a hot mid rookie draft pick. Seemed to be a legit red zone target but was released with no explanation. Anybody know more on him?
  8. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    I think a change of scenery/cities will do wonders for his sobriety. Nothing against Cleveland but addicts more times than not need a change. Everything about the Browns and Cleveland are constant reminders to him of his struggles and addiction. I wish him the best in his continued recovery.
  9. Thursday night Bengals/Ravens

    Garbage time!!!!
  10. Thursday night Bengals/Ravens

    I"m just gonna sit here and talk to myself. Almost got that INT I asked for. It will come Time for Flacco to work the screen to Collins. Or throw it to Crabtree. Just do something. A 3 and out is not acceptable.
  11. Thursday night Bengals/Ravens

  12. Thursday night Bengals/Ravens

    I'm going against Dalton in a 2QB Superflex. I could really use a Balt INT (-4) Thanks in advance
  13. Thursday night Bengals/Ravens

    I'm hoping for a ton of garbage time from Flacco in the 4th Q. And I could really use a lot of clock runoff by Mixon. Tucker is gonna be a dud tonight down 14. Maybe he'll boot a 50+ to make it up. Oh and Collins is gonna be on my bench after tonight if he doesn't do more than this. Doesn't help that F@CKBUCK is vulturing the TD's. I hate Vultures. Rotten human beings...every damn last one of em.
  14. touching QB = roughing

    National Flag League
  15. Chat room for TNF?

    Come on in!
  16. Jordan Wilkins

    Hate to burst your bubble but I'm starting Wilkins in 2 leagues today. Scared?
  17. It’s like Christmas Eve

    I've seen the lineups I'm going against. No cookies and milk for Santa this year.
  18. Is it just me or are all your posts about this damn league that there seem to be so many problems with? Leave the league man. I'm not sure you are going to be happy with the answers you get since you keep on asking the same damn ones in a different manner expecting a different result. Leave the league. Simple.
  19. Chat room for TNF?

    I don't even think we have a chat room anymore.
  20. So, Dez....

    I'm not sure they are over the TO hangover yet but I'd love it
  21. Buccs might be interested in Adrian Peterson?

    Patience my friend
  22. So, Dez....

    Well he did say he wants to play for a contender
  23. Huddle Message Board League #3

    I always go with 3. Not only for injury insurance, but it assures me that I will have at least 2 kickers vying for best points each week.
  24. McKinnon Injured

    In BB, both Morris and Breida can be had for around $5 as apposed to $35+ for a top RB. Great way to fill out the bottom of your cap.