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  1. MFL is back!!

  2. Great concept and a lot of fun. I won't have the time for it this year. I was involved in our championship but last year was probably one of my manuretiest drafts ever. Somebody here should step up and bring us back the chip.
  3. Dez Bryant cut

    Let's also remember Dez 40 time was 4.52. That's not burner speed. Look at the DB's that are coming into the league. They are faster, taller and bigger than ever before. Dez skill set wasn't separation, it was his ability to out jump and push off. I'm not saying he is still the guy that posted 1,300yrd/Double digit TD's, but he's still a viable weapon with the right QB and system. I hope the Packers get him....or the Patriots since I'm a Brady owner
  4. Dez Bryant cut

  5. Dez Bryant cut

    I missed that. When was that on?
  6. Dion Lewis or Derrick Henry?

    I don't know but they both went from being #1's to #2's IMO. I won't spend a high pick on either.
  7. Dez Bryant cut

    Can someone look up Dez's stats with Romo compared to Dack? I find it hard to believe a 29yr old Elite WR has lost that much step. Romo would lead Dez open, Dak can't do that and doesn't spread the ball around. Also, their offense is much different with Dak at the helm. The passing attack is second fiddle to the running game now. I'm not a big Dez fan. But I do think whoever signs him, will get a 1k yard WR.
  8. The Rams need LB's. And depth at OL. Anything else is stupid.
  9. Landry to Cleveland

    OMG are we actually agreeing on someing>>>>>????? Call the Huddle Police. Where is LordOpie when you need him
  10. Landry to Cleveland

  11. Landry to Cleveland

    Ask them how they defend a "mediocre talent". And Sammy Watkins is a lazy, overpaid WR that should not even be in the same conversation as Landry.
  12. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    Is it ironic that I was reading this while taking a dump?
  13. Landry to Cleveland

    I love Landry. I'm glad he finally got the recognition he deserves. That is a massive contract. Props to Cleveland for securing one of the most underrated WR's in the NFL.
  14. The first 6 picks will be.......

    Wasn't that the Vikings????
  15. MFL is back!!

    There is no site on the web that matches MFL's ability to customize IDP Dynasty leagues
  16. The first 6 picks will be.......

    1.1 Josh Allen That is all
  17. MFL is back!!

    People who play in IDP Dynasties prefer MFL over any other league service. It really isn't close.
  18. Custom Dynasty rankings

  19. We've been doing this for years, man. Snap out of your coma.
  20. Holy bejeesus. https://www.bostonsportsjournal.com/2018/03/29/bedard-rob-gronkowskis-possible-trade-market-final-meetings-thoughts/
  21. Gronkowski being linked to the Rams??

    Wow. Congrats!!! Here ya go....
  22. Gronkowski being linked to the Rams??

    yeah that
  23. Gronkowski being linked to the Rams??

    whatever they call it. I’m not into the fighting thing
  24. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    Whatever the case may be, the Rams are replacing their own disappointment in Sammy Watkins. The game I went to vs. the Seahawks, I witnessed Sammy's laziness first hand. He gave up on routes and never once stretched out for the ball, always giving up when it was clear he could have stretched out and made a play for the ball. I'm not the only one who saw this throughout the season. Goodbye Watkins and hello Cooks. A late first rounder for a 24yr old field stretcher? Yeah, I'll take that deal and we got a 4th to help address the LB position. The Rams system is a MUCH better fit for Cooks than the one he dealt with in NE.
  25. Gronkowski being linked to the Rams??

    Yeah, I read that too. He probably would have only been a 1yr rental, 2 at best, before he starts his movie or IFC career lol.