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  1. Panthers RB

    Everything I have see leads me to believe that Foster is the starter. Davis is still ailing. Shelton has looked good, but he will have to wait until Foster gets hurt.
  2. Fantasy baseball Trade

    I agree. Great trade for you. Fantasy baseball is all about studs and Ichiro is the only player even close to being a stud involved in this deal. These are the types of trades that win leagues. Nice job!
  3. SF 49ers Derrick Hamilton Goes Down

    Some guy going down in SF is not news.
  4. Fantasy Baseball ?

    I think your approach is correct. If they can't help your score and only hurt it, set their butts on the pine! The great thing about daily transaction leagues is that you can use strategies like this. Most people don't even follow it enough to know their scores in each cat.
  5. Any Georgia Huddlers?

    I am in a great money league here in Atlanta that usually has openings. We do a live draft and have a good core of owners. I think we have been together for 6 years. The draft is usually held in Smyrna. Send me a PM and I will fill you in on some of the details.
  6. So far: Brown Benson Cadillac Arrington Edwards Mike Williams Williamson Shelton Pretty standard scoring dynasty league. I hope this helps.
  7. Worthless Price supposedly to be released

    I think this post does come close to the real problem with the ATL passing game, but it isn't Vick and it isn't the WRs. It is the offensive line. And the Falcons take a WR with their first pick! By the time WRs get close to having their routes completed, Vick is already running around feeling pressure. If he had a decent passblocking line, he may be able to give time to the Wrs to get open. I am not a Vick apologist, nor do I think Peerless Price is a very good football palyer, but I know that when I watch the Falcons, thier pass protection breaks down early on almost every play. The Falcons dropped the ball by not addressing the offensive line in the draft early. Edited to fix Yukon like spelling
  8. policy's take on the Lions' draft

    As a long suffering Lions fan, I am torn. I wish I had a GM that I could trust and just say..."He knows what he is doing...I'll give him the benefit of the doubt". Unfortunately, Millen is not that guy. Mike Williams will be a great player in thier system. He fits opposite Roy very well. The best place for him is on the weak side working over the middle and in the red zone. I think this pick speaks volumes about the Lions feelings about Chuck Rogers. They obviously don't think he can be counted on to be on the field. This pick should have been used on defense. The Lions are not a team that can afford to take a "luxury" pick like Williams. To say they don't have holes is silly. Their defense doesn't scare anyone. Merriman or DJ would have been the smart pick. I can't help but feel that the Lions made this pick because it was "sexy". Did anyone else notice that the Lions made this pick very fast? A smart GM would have tried to work a deal with someone that wanted Mike Williams. picking up an additional second rounder and adding a defensive player would have been a pretty solid move. As you can see, I am torn. Not unusual for a Lions fan the day after the draft.....
  9. SEC Folk

    I think Miami had a great draft. Brown is an obvious top notch back. Roth is an NFL ready player, as a lot of Iowa players are these days. Crowder was a great value where they got him. He has some issues, but can really get after it when he is healthy. I don't know much about Daniels. Overall, I don't think they made a lot of mistakes. They probably could have used some more help on the offensive line, but you would know more about that than I.
  10. I'm very confused

    How many 19 year olds are dumb enough to steal a $3000 check? Why do you want to give this guy a pass on being a thief and a "alleged" gambler? As far as what McPherson was accused of as being complete BS; when Bobby Bowden throws you off the team, you did some pretty serious shuckse.
  11. Trdae rumor

    If DJ drops to 10, the Lions need to be the team pulling the trigger by staying where they are and drafting him. I think it is funny that many Lions fans feel that all Detroit needs is depth. They are not that good. They need help on the OLine, DE, Linebacker and safety. Just because we have big name skill position players does not mean we are a playoff contender in the NFL yet. Stay where you are and take an impact player!
  12. Rome doing MNF?

    You hit the nail on the head. His show would be entertaining if not for the constant repetition of the same lines. I can only listen to it for about ten minutes.
  13. Williams or Williamson?

    One problem. The Vikes don't have the good coaching you speak of. I think the Vikes take Benson if available. If they take a WR, it should be at 18, not 7.
  14. I'm very confused

    I heard the guy doing an interview yesterday and he didn't exactly strike me as a guy who seemed to have a whole lot upstairs. His success in the Arena league should help him if he goes to a team that has a quick hit passing scheme. The decision making process is not as important. I am just not sold on the guy yet.
  15. I'm very confused

    I am not an expert on McPherson, but I think he was betting on his own team in college and stole checks to pay his bookie. A little more serious issue than steroids, at least to NFL people.