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  1. Kenny Golladay injury

    Any homers out there have information beyond what we know? No practice at all is never a good sign.
  2. Standard league and need four from these options: OBJ A Robinson DJ Chark Kittle Waller My opponent this week is pretty evenly matched with me so no real need to hit a homerun anywhere but still need solid output. I am leaning Chark/A Rob/Kittle/Waller.
  3. Probably depends on your risk tolerance. Robinson is clearly the target hog in Chicago regardless of who the QB is. 7+ targets in every game and a pretty high floor. Doubtful he gives you a 1 for 11 game like McLaurin just did. However, McLaurin, even with the hot mess around him, also gets his targets and could take one to the house at any time. I own both and trust ARob more.
  4. Standard league and I have Waller. Looking to pair Henry with Zeke. Other RB'd would be Mixon, D Montgomery and Mattison. Fair price?
  5. Looking to solidify other positions with trade offers and I am guessing Kittle will bring a tad more in return but I do love his schedule. Comfortable with letting Kittle go or try Waller?
  6. McLaurin/Chark

    Who do you think performs at a higher level ROS and why? I can't say that I have seen a lot of Redskins or Jaguars game highlights. I keep assuming the Washington offense will ultimately hold McLaurin down but so far he continues to produce.
  7. Need two of three OBJ Chark DJ Moore non-ppr
  8. Another cushy Brady matchup and Wilson has been really good. I always worry that Brady will be minimized by a blowout but they still keep throwing it yet Wilson has been unreal with his efficiency.
  9. WDIS at Flex

    With Russell playing as well as he is I like Metcalf.
  10. Another team in my league is struggling and doesn't have much to work with having Mack on bye, Saquon injured and Antonio not playing football. His TE is Burton and only has Evans to speak of at WR. I have some good depth and would like to offer Mixon, DJ Moore, McLaurin and Waller. He would start at least three of the four on a week to week basis. Enough?
  11. Been trying to find a solid WR2 behind OBJ (need a solid WR1 as well unfortunately) and have this assortment of what seems to be the same guy (ARob, DJ Moore, McLaurin, AJ Green). My RB's are: Zeke Mixon Montgomery Ekeler Mattison Pollard On the premise of him just being good do I go for DJ Chark who is available and drop one of the handcuffs? Even though I don't have Cook I feel like Mattison is a stronger hold. Or do I have enough already on the roster at WR?
  12. Young WR's

    And now Chark is in the lead for most dynamic....
  13. Volume of DM or matchup of Ekeler more appealing?