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  1. Assuming the top 4 Rb's will be gone I am not certain on which way to go. If Brown is there selecting him may leave me with RB1 choices of McCaffrey/Howard/Freeman which I am a little apprehensive about. If I go RB plenty of pros/cons to Barkley, Kamara, Gordon, Hunt, Fournette and I am not sure which one to take. What are you seeing in the 6th spot?
  2. Line-up rules

    What do your league rules say about a team that neglects to start a player at a required position? Zero points for that position penalty enough? Something worse? Point scored for that position that is sitting on bench? I'm sure the issue in our league happened out of stupidity but thinking more about a scenario where a team is trying to tank for playoff seeding and such. This is a non-keeper, redraft and blind bidding free agent league so there are no gains to be made in those areas for not starting a player.
  3. Waiver Wire

    $1000 budget in my local league and Jackson went for $1000. Not so much an indication of his real value but more an indication that this guy is an idiot.
  4. A man of my word

    872 and there is nbody better than the Rock. I want this dvd.
  5. Best 0-5 team I've ever had

    Most likely after setting the jukebox to play "Pour Some Sugar On Me" for an hour straight.
  6. Whatchu need tonight?

    About the only time I can remember where all of my league games have been decided by either big leads or all players are done. I think I will watch a bunch of episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  7. Hasselbeck

    You got it right here. If you have space on your roster and your current QB's are not studs then you gotta get him. If he stays healthy there is no reason he can't be very productive. Heck, if you have space on your roster and you have a stud QB you should get him to stash from other teams.
  8. Looking for one owner for 12 team league. Scoring & Settings Setting Value League ID#: 179047 League Name: Intramural Hoops League Password: Intramural Draft Type: Offline Draft Max Teams: 12 Scoring Type: Head-to-Head Max Moves: 45 Max Trades: No maximum Trade Reject Time: 0 Trade End Date: March 4, 2010 Waiver Time: 1 day Can't Cut List Provider: None Trade Review: Commissioner Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules Max Acquisitions per Week: No maximum Weekly Deadline: Daily - Tomorrow Start Scoring on: Week 1 Divisions: No Roster Positions: PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, Util, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN Players Stat Categories: Field Goal Percentage (FG%), Free Throw Percentage (FT%), 3-point Shots Made (3PTM), Points Scored (PTS), Total Rebounds (REB), Assists (AST), Steals (ST), Blocked Shots (BLK), Turnovers (TO) Check out our Huddle thread and pm me if interested.
  9. Trent Edwards

    I think because the punter Moorman threw the touchdown pass and just threw another short gainer.
  10. Warner is struggling? Last week he threw like two or three incompletions. Don't get cute here.
  11. what do you need monday night

    I need approximately 85 points from Rian Lindell.
  12. MyFantasyLeague question

    A man that gets it.
  13. I have had four drafts and drafted from the 3,5,6 & 10 spot. For various reasons I do not have any of these guys: Brady Brees Rivers SJax Forte Barber CJohnson Rice Felix Jones Roddy White Colston Ochocinco Witten Gates Gonzo Olsen That's a pretty good squad...I guess my teams suck.