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  1. Audible/Audio Books

    So last year the family picked up listening to the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, I'm at Changes (Book 12) now and this is probably my favorite series on audible to date. It is about a Wizard who also happens to be a Private Detective in Chicago, IL. And he openly advertises both professions. The narrator, Marsters, is also my favorite to date. Really good series with a little bit of everything and great story lines. Really digging Harry Dresden as a character.
  2. Any of you in NY City?

    It has been a long time since I've worked in NYC (I'd work between 30-90 days a year in NYC) and I miss it. I normally stay around mid-town and the last time I was set to work in Brooklyn so I took the subway every day. Every morning there were 4 guys singing "This little light of mine", they were great and it was a great way to start the day. Love Katz Deli. If you like cheese, I'd suggest hitting Murray's Cheese Bar. For beer and burgers, I like Black Tap. The best Fish and Chips for me is at the Shakespeare. I prefer dark ales to beer for the most part. Call me crazy but I like Gotham Pizza, their $5 2 slices and a can of soda lunch special was great. If you like sandwiches and won't mind hitting Brooklyn, please go to Defontes, crazy good and huge sandwiches. My last trip, a buddy took me to a meatball/pasta place that I can't remember the name. The spaghetti is great and it has a single meatball the size of Central Park and it was so freaking good. They had a t-shirt and a hat with a meat grinder thing... If all goes well, I'm taking my 14 y/o next year and will tour pizza places, cheesecakes, and the M&M Store (He loves M&Ms).