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  1. Patriots/Bucs thread

    100% agree Shorttynaz. The only thing I do now is bench my Thursday night players in fantasy. They more than likely never pan out.
  2. JD McKissic

    He looks to me like the guy if you have a roster spot open, take a shot. We will all know within three weeks if this was a fluke or if he is more a part of the offense. I picked him up. I never liked Lacy and feel he is a bad fit for Seattle. Rawls and Prosise just can't stay healthy. As long as JD avoids the injury bug, I think he will continue to see and increase in touches, eventually becoming a solid flex option.
  3. Huge trade question

    I would trade my johnson for a teddy graham.
  4. I have Moncreif and it is the same situation - tread water until Luck comes back and hope he comes back strong.
  5. TNF

    Totally. There didn't appear to be any push off at all.
  6. TNF

    This would be a tough tough loss for the Rams. Seemingly having the game in hand and to lose it on two special teams turnovers would be killer.
  7. TNF

    OH. MY. GOD.
  8. TNF

    Give me a game like this every Thursday, Sunday and Monday and I will be glued to my TV all three of those days!!! Recovered on side kick? That's all that's missing from this game.
  9. TNF

    As someone who has no players in this game, this has been a fun game to watch. Most Thursday night games are awful. This has at least been entertaining. And that was a helluva catch by Garcon.
  10. Howard Jordan

    Hey, at least he is not Paul Perkins.
  11. Took David Johnson at #1. In a 12 team league. Hoped he would last until end of second round - he did. Took him at 2.24 and then took Hunt at 3.1. Played Hunt as a Flex this week. Feeling real good about my team with no suspension now.
  12. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

    This one hurts. I have missed out on drafting players in the past, but this is the one guy I wanted from draft day in the NFL to my fantasy dynasty draft. And if Ware did not get hurt the DAY BEFORE MY DRAFT, Hunt would have fallen to me at 6. I knew after Ware got hurt I should try to move up to grab him but I really though he would still slip. Watching that game was like a constant kick in the nuts. I fear it may be like this all season.
  13. Ware goes down...

    Draft was Saturday. Keeper league. Had the sixth pick and was locked into Hunt for months. As soon as ware went down I knew he would never last to me. He went three. It ruined my draft. had ware not gotten hurt I would have gotten him.
  14. Josh Gordon hoping for September reinstatement

    If I draft him again someone should have me committed.
  15. Keenan Allen

    Nope. In fact, I am looking at Tyrell Williams around the 6th round as a better value. Injuries will always be the story line with Allen and I am not risking a 4th round pick on someone who has that history. If he slides a few rounds and I miss on Williams, I will take a shot. But fourth round? Not for me.