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  1. Eli Manning retiring...

    He will get in. it is just a matter of which ballot. I think enough people are underwhelmed by Eli that he will miss out on first ballot and make it the second time.
  2. Would Brady play for Las Vegas?

    If Brady leaves it has to be a to a team that is ready to compete for the title. I am not sure that even with Brady the Raiders are that close. They wouldn't even be the best team in their division.
  3. Not a dime.

    Same here. Went wire to wire. Best regular season ever for me in my 25 year old dynasty league. Played the team i beat twice by 30 points each time and lost badly to him in the semi finals. Fantasy football is a cruel mistress. See you next year.
  4. Godwin Diggs OBJ DJ Moore Sutton Fuller Kirk Semi finals against highest scoring team. Thanks.
  5. Lamar Jackson

    Owners in dynasty leagues that have him have got to feel good about their team going forward regardless of who they have at other positions.
  6. Have to pick two of three in a scoring only league semi final game Austin Ekeler vs. Vikings Mark Ingram vs. Jets Alvin Kamara vs. Colts Thank you!
  7. Odds on the new Cowboys coach

    In all honesty, I'd put my money on Peyton Manning as the dark horse. But it will probably be Harbaugh who will be ready to leave Michigan after he loses again to Ohio State and is not playing for a title.
  8. Joe Flacco is Out 5-6 weeks, put on IR

    Does this kill Sutton’s value? I have never heard of the quarterbacks for Denver and have a feeling Sutton might be in my be on my bench for a while.
  9. I know a lot of people were big on his this summer pre draft as a sleeper. Even after McCoy got to KC, there was still talk of Thompson eventually getting time. But now I see he is inactive for games and when he is active, is only on special teams. I am not a Chiefs fan and don't follow them so I am not sure what happened. Their run game is not that impressive so I am not sure why this kid is not given a shot. Any Chiefs insiders know what is going on and if this kid will even see the field this year? Thanks.
  10. Great team on paper 1-4 record

    Is this a two team league? How did you get OBJ, McCaffrey and Barkley?
  11. League Question?

    I am guessing it will only get worse during the season. Get your money back and run.
  12. K Stills and L Tunsil traded to Houston

    He is the worst coach in the league. If they ever fire him and bring in someone who knows the game, they will be a much much better team.
  13. Will Fuller V. I just have a feeling this is the year he still healthy and plays (hopefully) a full 16 games. If he does he should finish top 10 for WR based on his chemistry with Watson and his constant single coverage.
  14. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    So let’s go with two wins in the division. I like their chances against the bills, buccaneers, cardinals and dolphins. And they are good for a shocking win somewhere maybe the Jets. If Sheppard comes back for week one I like their offense and their defense is not horrible.