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  1. Murray #1 overall to AZ

    There is no way the Giants give up the 6 for Rosen. The highest they will go is a 2nd round pick. The Giants need defensive players and they will get a stud at 6. I am hoping the game plan is to give up a 3 for Rosen and go defense heavy in the draft.
  2. Bell to the Jets

    I believe the Steeler offer was 5 years at $70 million. I think the guaranteed money might have been less coming from Pittsburgh's offer.
  3. Bell to the Jets

    4 years at $52 million with $35 million guaranteed. I think he thought he was going to get much more but it looked like the Jets were the only real suitors for him.
  4. Traded for a third and a fifth round pick. Brown also has secured a new contract. Brown's total compensation for the next three years has increased from $38.925 million to $50.125 million, while his guaranteed money has gone from $0 to $30.125 million. I am guessing the Steelers just wanted to get rid of him already and would take whatever they could get. It's no shock its the Raiders. I still don't think Gruden has any idea what he is doing - rebuild or reload.