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  1. I hope it is Houston so I can see the Deandre Hopkins of old.
  2. Nope. Not at least in his first year. He was always a good teammate year 1 and into year 2. After that all bets are off. I am hoping as a older WR, he knows his chance to get a playoff win is staring him in the face and he behaves. I don't think there are many HoF who never played in the playoffs.
  3. I am pleasantly surprised this happened so quick;y. Marshall on a short term deal trying to make the playoffs is perfect for the Giants. Now, grab some OLine help and maybe we can make a run this season!
  4. I am not sold on Lockett and Richardson can not stay healthy. Baldwin is good, but he only had three games over 100 yards and if you take away his 3 TD game against the Patriots, he only had 4 TDs. He had 6 games with less than 50 yards. He had 7 games with 5 catches or less. Now, I don't watch a lot Seahawks games so I am not sure if coverage was rolled to him or not, so I will defer to a Seahawks fan on that. To me, Seattle needs that extra weapon. I feel Cooks could fit that bill. My preference is Carolina. If Ted Ginn can get 10 TDs in a season from Cam, Cooks could do much better as he can actually catch the ball!!
  5. Heard the Patriots offered their #1 for Cooks and were turned down. Looks like the Saints want a mid first round pick for Cooks As a Cooks dynasty owner, I am nervous about this. I hope he does not wind up somewhere awful and falls off the fantasy map. I was glad he id not go to New England - too many mouths there and he would have no consistency. Seattle would be great. So would Carolina.
  6. Please come the the Giants. Move Shepperd to the #3. Give Eli and big Red Zone target.
  7. As a long time Charles dynasty owner, I just hope he plays next season!!!
  8. McAdoo for Tomlin please.
  9. Money sent. Thanks Irish.
  10. Irish, Waiting on email invite.
  11. Is this better or worse for Carlos Hyde?
  12. Won a local father/son league with my 11 year old. We talked strategy before the draft and I told him that if we take David Johnson with our first pick and pick Bell in the 2nd and Brady in the 5th, we would win. We wound up with all three and did not finish in first but scored the most points, made the playoffs and won the title. It was my only title win of three leagues and it was the most enjoyable. My son and his friends really got into it and tried not to homer it too much (Jets and Giants fans). But we caught a lot of breaks draft wise when those kids choose players way too early based on fandom. My son wanted Odell and Eli but Odell went #1 overall and Eli went in round 3. Again, homer picks. He was happy with who we got - he loves Jordy Nelson and we got him in round 3 - and he loved winning. He caught a lot of flack after the draft for Brady and Bell but after week 5, no one was talking about that again!! The best part about playing with my kid is he did not lose sleep or stress over the outcome. He was happy we won but that is now an afterthought. He was not mad when players under performed or if he lost a close game. I wish I could handle fantasy like that. I am looking forward to next season. So is he but he is not already looking into draft strategy for next season like his old man is!!!
  13. If Dak struggles against Tampa Bay and they lose, I could see the coaches perhaps going to Romo. I agree with you, the Super Bowl is the top priority. If Dak struggles, do not lose sight of the prize in the short term for the potential of long term gain. A lot can change in a year. If they get back on track at home against Tampa, the Romo calls will die down.