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  1. Of all the rookie RBs, he is my favorite. I am going to try to get him on as many of my teams as possible.
  2. You're my hero!!!
  3. Add him to the growing list of players that I was sure was going to be better than he was and therefore repeatedly turned down trade requests that include him. The list gets longer and longer and longer.
  4. What a disaster. As long as he does not wind up sitting next to Deion Sanders or Skip Bayless, I'll watch John Clayton wherever he goes.
  5. As long as he runs the right routes and keeps his mouth shut and stays out of trouble off the field, Cooks will be a fine mid WR#1. I would just back him up with a high end #2 as I do beleive there will be games Belichick uses him more as a decoy or goes the whole "I'll run it 50 times down your throat" game once in a while. At the end of the year, his numbers should be very solid, but not spectacular. His is on my dynasty team, but I am lucky enough to have Julio too so I go that going for me....which is nice.
  6. What a shame. So talented. I agree the whole Josh Gordon thing I silly but rules are rules and he should know better than anyone. I guess the talent is there but the desire is not. What could have been......
  7. My dynasty cut list just got easier. Sorry Jamal. You were great for a while but this is where we part ways.
  8. Yes. This has the makings of the Denver Broncos from years ago when we had no idea who would be the guy to start, score or sit. With so many options for the Patriots, they can go with whoever they want. Rex can score 4 times in three games and then get 5 carries total in the next three. The same goes for the other RBs. Unless there are injuries, I dont see one RB stepping up and being the man for this team. I see all four RBs finishing with RB#3 or low #2 numbers.
  9. The New York Giants select Tight End Jordan Leggett of Clemson
  10. This is a great move by the Patriots but in terms of fantasy football, I am avoiding this backfield like the plague.
  11. The Houston Texans select Roderick Johnson, OT — Florida State
  12. The New York Giants select Taylor Moton, OT, Western Michigan
  13. I like Kizer but I am probably in the minority. I feel OBrien will be able to coach him better than Kelly and in two years he will be their full time starter. I also feel the Texans will sign another veteran QB this off season (Cutler?) and give Kizer time to grow. I am guessing I might have gotten him next round but wanted to secure him.
  14. The Houston Texans select DeShone Kizer - QB Norte Dame.
  15. Sorry about the late pick. Work the overnight and we had training and could not get to the computer. i took Watson because I feel Eli is about to fall off the cliff. Maybe not this year but definitely next. I love Watson and feel he is a solid bridge from Eli and settles us at QB for another decade. Will try try to make the Texans pick a lot faster.