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  1. Rams Tag Joyner not Watkins

    So does this mean the Rams see Woods as their true #1 WR?
  2. Dolphins tag Jarvis Landry

    The patriots gave up a 1 for Cooks. I could see them giving Miami a 2 and a later pick for Landry. That's if Miami would deal him to New England.
  3. Dolphins tag Jarvis Landry

    All reports say he will be traded. wonder if New England makes a move on him and begins to transition away from Edelman and amendola.
  4. So do the Browns sign AJ, trade the #1 overall for more picks and take Barkley at 4?
  5. [dynasty] ... most under valued players?

    I am about ready to cut ties with Devante Parker. He seems to me to be a guy who will never reach his potential.
  6. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    None. A fool and his money are soon parted. I don't gamble. My prediction was based on my hatred of the Eagles. A tip of the cap to the eagles. They did not play conservative. They kept pushing and deserved to win.
  7. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    Patriots in a rout. 42-7. Brady throws 5 TDs. Gronk catches 3. Brady MVP. The city of Philadelphia riots.
  8. Alex Smith

    Well my hope for Josh Doctson having a breakout yearn in 2018 just went down the toilet. Jameison Crowder looks to benefit the most from Alex Smith at QB. And Jordan Reed - if he can stay healthy.
  9. Mfl Salary/years cap commish...

    As did I. So disappointing.
  10. Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job?

    I am afraid to let myself dream this could happen.
  11. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Agreed. Having both is great. But I would rather get the line done first and then get the RB then the other way around. Either way, the Colts need both. I hope they get it because Luck really needs it before he becomes a QB who never reached his potential.
  12. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Gurley was awful last year and the line was unstable. He is a beast now because the line is above average. I will always believe the line makes the RB and not the other way around. Players that can perform with a bad line - like Barry Sanders - are few and far in between and usually don't last long. Gutley went from some people calling him a bust to an All Star. His line is the main reason. His coach is the other.
  13. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    You say Elliott and Fournette, I'll go with these non first rounders Cook Mixon Hunt Kamara Foreman Williams And from 2016 Henry Drake Collins Howard And as for Fournette, they win even when he is out because their OL is strong. Same with Elliot. The Dallas OL is making Rod Smith look good. A strong OL can make an above average RB better. I am not denying the talent of Elliott and Fournette and potentially Barkely, but this is a team that needs to protect Luck. Build the line. Keep Luck upright. Draft a RB in the second round. I would rather have a stud OL protecting the face of the franchise than a stud RB. But that's just my personal preference. Not saying you are wrong.
  14. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    If the Colts take Barkley in the first round, then Luck should demand a trade two minutes later. Offensive Line Corner Back Line Backer Wide Receiver - only if they decide to let Moncrief walk. Personally I'd resign him on the cheap and hope his chemistry with Luck leads to a rebound year. As Hunt and Kamara have proven, you do not need to invest a first round pick on a running back.
  15. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    The have done a lousy job of building a team around him. However, I would rather him be up front and ask to be moved than to pull this passive aggressive crap to get out of town, if it is true.