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  1. Kamara owners

    It was a good rest game for Kamara, especially when the game got out of hand. Had it been closer, he would have played more. As a Kamara owner, I am not worried. At least, not yet.
  2. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    If this was because he hurt himself at a promotional shoot and showed up late and that was the last straw for the Browns, then he may have a chance to still have a career in the NFL. However, if rumors of a slip up due to alcohol are true, then he is done professionally. As someone who has multiple recovering alcoholics in his family - a few of whom relapsed - I hope Josh can get himself together and beat alcoholism. If this is not alcohol or substance abuse related and he was just a meathead, then he will catch on somewhere else and hopefully the change of scenery will do him well. The best place for him would be Arizona where Fitz could take him under his wing for a year and show him what it means to be a professional football player on and off the field.
  3. Thursday night Bengals/Ravens

    Mixon looks good. Not Gurley good, but he looks really good.
  4. And the football season is now officially underway!!!
  5. The 2018 NFL Draft

    As a Giants fan, I am very pleased with how the first three rounds played out. I have no problem with Barkley at #2 if the Giants believe Webb is good enough to lead to team in 2 years. I have to go by what they see in practice since he has not been on the field to evaluate. But if he shows promise, then the Barkley pick is perfect. If he sucks, we may regret this pick for a while. Will Hernandez (G) is a great pick in round 2 and will be a huge addition on the OL. He has first round talent. Immediate starter. Lorenzo Carter (OLB) is someone I thought would go in the 2nd round, so to grab him in round 3 is huge value. I was hoping for Geron Christian (OT) but feel Carter will be a good fit for the new defensive scheme (3-4) B.J. Hill (DT). Again, I was hoping for Geron Christian, but if he helps the pass rush and can plug the middle, then it is a solid pick. The Giants are obviously going for it over the next two seasons. The OL has been solidified in FA and the draft. Barkley - Engram - OBJ - Shepperd are really young and talented from the skill positions on offense. The defense "should" be better this season. Which means this will come down to Eli. If he finds the fountain of youth, and can limit the INT, then the Giants should be firmly in the mix for a Wild Card (the Eagles will win the division unless they have health issues). It will be tough regardless though - the NFC is stacked.
  6. Who does Cleveland take at 1.01?

    Barkley at 1. Giants trade out with Denver DEnver takes Mayfielf jets take Allen browns take darnold for once it all works out for cleveland.
  7. NFL Schedule

    Giants are in trouble - big trouble. The schedule did them no favors at all. Unless they somehow steal Game 1 vs Jaguars - which I don't see happening - the Giants will most likely be 1-7 at the bye. The can finish 5-3 or 4-4. At best - the VERY best - this is a 6-10 team.
  8. The first 6 picks will be.......

    Darnold Nelson Allen Barkley Mayfield Chubb
  9. Brandin Cooks traded to the Rams

    Well there goes my Robert Woods hold for dynasty.
  10. I'll take the Giants plus will fill in for other teams where needed.
  11. OBJ trade?

    If they trade with Cleveland it has to be for the #4 and Coleman so they get a replacement at WR and the Giants can add Barkley at 2 and a QB at 4. The Browns would have no problem dealing Coleman as OBJ - Landry - Gordon would dominate the touches. OBJ is an unreal talent but as a Giants fan I am tired off him and only see things getting worse. Move him now and be done with it. Coleman and Sheppard at WR Engram at TE Barkely at RB Allen at QB i am ok with that!
  12. Giants trade JPP to Bucs

    As a Giants fan, I can only hope for the following: Trade the #2 to the Broncos. Get what you can #5, #40 and a #1 in 2019) Cleveland - Darnold Denver - QB Jets - QB Cleveland - Barkley Then make a smaller scale deal with the Colts and swap the #5 for the #6 (with other picks moving) Colts - Chubb Giants - Nelson If Eli does not have any time to throw the ball then the season is done. With all the receving weapons they have (OBJ, Sheppard, Marshall, Lattimer and Engram) and signing Solder, the addition of Nelson would make their line worlds better, giving Eli time to throw, which will also make the running game better. If this does happen, I do hope the Giants repackage some of those picks and move back into the bottom of the first round and take Lamar Jackson as their QB for 2019 and beyond..
  13. JAC WRs

    I have Westbrook and moncreif on my dynasty team and prayed that moncreif would not go to Jacksonville. Oh well. I will now cut both of them and keep someone else. This is a ground and pound team. Bortles will throw less this year. I see each of these WR having their moment in the sun but none emerging as more of a #3/4 tops.
  14. Rams Tag Joyner not Watkins

    So does this mean the Rams see Woods as their true #1 WR?
  15. Dolphins tag Jarvis Landry

    The patriots gave up a 1 for Cooks. I could see them giving Miami a 2 and a later pick for Landry. That's if Miami would deal him to New England.
  16. Dolphins tag Jarvis Landry

    All reports say he will be traded. wonder if New England makes a move on him and begins to transition away from Edelman and amendola.
  17. So do the Browns sign AJ, trade the #1 overall for more picks and take Barkley at 4?
  18. [dynasty] ... most under valued players?

    I am about ready to cut ties with Devante Parker. He seems to me to be a guy who will never reach his potential.
  19. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    None. A fool and his money are soon parted. I don't gamble. My prediction was based on my hatred of the Eagles. A tip of the cap to the eagles. They did not play conservative. They kept pushing and deserved to win.
  20. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    Patriots in a rout. 42-7. Brady throws 5 TDs. Gronk catches 3. Brady MVP. The city of Philadelphia riots.
  21. Alex Smith

    Well my hope for Josh Doctson having a breakout yearn in 2018 just went down the toilet. Jameison Crowder looks to benefit the most from Alex Smith at QB. And Jordan Reed - if he can stay healthy.
  22. Mfl Salary/years cap commish...

    As did I. So disappointing.
  23. Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job?

    I am afraid to let myself dream this could happen.
  24. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Agreed. Having both is great. But I would rather get the line done first and then get the RB then the other way around. Either way, the Colts need both. I hope they get it because Luck really needs it before he becomes a QB who never reached his potential.
  25. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Gurley was awful last year and the line was unstable. He is a beast now because the line is above average. I will always believe the line makes the RB and not the other way around. Players that can perform with a bad line - like Barry Sanders - are few and far in between and usually don't last long. Gutley went from some people calling him a bust to an All Star. His line is the main reason. His coach is the other.