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  1. So do the Browns sign AJ, trade the #1 overall for more picks and take Barkley at 4?
  2. [dynasty] ... most under valued players?

    I am about ready to cut ties with Devante Parker. He seems to me to be a guy who will never reach his potential.
  3. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    None. A fool and his money are soon parted. I don't gamble. My prediction was based on my hatred of the Eagles. A tip of the cap to the eagles. They did not play conservative. They kept pushing and deserved to win.
  4. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    Patriots in a rout. 42-7. Brady throws 5 TDs. Gronk catches 3. Brady MVP. The city of Philadelphia riots.
  5. Alex Smith

    Well my hope for Josh Doctson having a breakout yearn in 2018 just went down the toilet. Jameison Crowder looks to benefit the most from Alex Smith at QB. And Jordan Reed - if he can stay healthy.
  6. Mfl Salary/years cap commish...

    As did I. So disappointing.
  7. Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job?

    I am afraid to let myself dream this could happen.
  8. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Agreed. Having both is great. But I would rather get the line done first and then get the RB then the other way around. Either way, the Colts need both. I hope they get it because Luck really needs it before he becomes a QB who never reached his potential.
  9. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    Gurley was awful last year and the line was unstable. He is a beast now because the line is above average. I will always believe the line makes the RB and not the other way around. Players that can perform with a bad line - like Barry Sanders - are few and far in between and usually don't last long. Gutley went from some people calling him a bust to an All Star. His line is the main reason. His coach is the other.
  10. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    You say Elliott and Fournette, I'll go with these non first rounders Cook Mixon Hunt Kamara Foreman Williams And from 2016 Henry Drake Collins Howard And as for Fournette, they win even when he is out because their OL is strong. Same with Elliot. The Dallas OL is making Rod Smith look good. A strong OL can make an above average RB better. I am not denying the talent of Elliott and Fournette and potentially Barkely, but this is a team that needs to protect Luck. Build the line. Keep Luck upright. Draft a RB in the second round. I would rather have a stud OL protecting the face of the franchise than a stud RB. But that's just my personal preference. Not saying you are wrong.
  11. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    If the Colts take Barkley in the first round, then Luck should demand a trade two minutes later. Offensive Line Corner Back Line Backer Wide Receiver - only if they decide to let Moncrief walk. Personally I'd resign him on the cheap and hope his chemistry with Luck leads to a rebound year. As Hunt and Kamara have proven, you do not need to invest a first round pick on a running back.
  12. andrew luck rumor/speculation

    The have done a lousy job of building a team around him. However, I would rather him be up front and ask to be moved than to pull this passive aggressive crap to get out of town, if it is true.
  13. The 2018 Browns will draft a QB @ number 1?

    I love Lamar Jackson. Hope he goes to the Giants.
  14. Coach of the Year

    Although I am not a Jets fan, I do hope that Todd Bowles gets some votes. He wont win, but the fact that he has gotten 5 wins out of this team is a miracle. his team started out losing to Buffalo, getting trucked by the Raiders and then won three in a row, including beating the Jaguars. In the five other loses, they have lost each game by 8 points or less. They may only win one of their last four - Denver, Saints, Chargers and Patriots left - but even a 6-10 record in miraculous considering who is on their roster. This team plays hard every game and is a few bad plays away from being right in the playoff hunt (see Patriots, Dolphins and Bucs loss). As for who should win, as long as the Rams don't implode down the stretch it will be Sean McVay
  15. Josh Gordon

    If I had him I'd start him. But as a recovering Gordon addict, I swore never to go back again. But man am I jonesing for some Gordon now!!!
  16. my fave part about kamara

    Drafted him in my dynasty league figuring Peterson would be gone after a year. When I took him - very early - I got laughed at hard. At least five of those owners have called to trade for him since then. I laugh back at them.
  17. Eli Manning benched

    My son is going on 13 and has been a Eli fan first and a Giants fan second since he could follow football. He has loved Eli since day one and has never wavered. Even when he started to like other teams, he always loved Eli. When he heard Eli was benched he was pissed. He took down all his Giants posters and threw them out, except for the Eli one. He left that up. All the time I watched he do this, I could only think that I wish I still had his passion and love for players and/or teams. But I don't. Too old and too jaded. I will always be grateful for the long run Eli had with the Giants and for the two Super Bowls. He is the only quarterback to go head to head with Brady in the Super Bowl and win both. He will always be hated in New England for ruining perfection (and loved in Miami). He threw the single greatest Super Bowl pass ever with his completion to Manningham on the sidelines in Super Bowl XLVI (The Tyree Helmet catch was a prayer. The Manningham throw was perfection). He has been a gentleman on and off the field and even with the large shadow of his brother cast over him, he never lost his cool. But, this was the right move. The only thing to gain for Eli playing is a worse draft position and the potential of him getting hurt. I would have preferred they traded him by the deadline, but maybe the offers were no good. My only hope is they do the right thing and work out a deal to Denver or Jacksonville taking less on the dollar if needed, and let him chase that third Super Bowl ring. If no deal can be made, then release him and let him sign with whoever he chooses. Geno is awful and I assume Webb is worse. The Giants will lose out, finish 2-14 and pray San Fran wins one more game so they can pick second overall and get a QB. Shore up the OL, find a decent RB (not sold on Darkwa) and move on. The offense is in good shape with OBJ, Sheppard and Engram and are all young. The defense can still play. If they draft the right QB (don't ask me who, I don't follow college football that close), then this can be a quick turnaround. As for my son, I am sure next season he will be on board with the Jaguars or Broncos as his new favorite team. His current hatred of the Giants will wane (he does like OBJ as most kids do), but they will just be a distant second to whoever gets Eli. Thanks for everything Eli. I truly hope you get that third ring.
  18. Who will be the 2018 studs?

    Mike Williams - Chargers. Looks like a completely lost season for him due to injury but the talent is there and no one stepped up as the #2 guy behind Keenan Allen. I pushed all in on Tyrell Williams this season and it looks like they are not as high on him as I thought. Mike W. will be given every chance to win the #2 job in the off season.
  19. Am I out of line?

    I'd tank all of my games left except for the ones against the owners involved in these trades and hope it screws them all.
  20. Greg Olson

    Still has not come off of IR yet.
  21. Fast Willie Snead...

    had high hopes for him coming off suspension but he is toast for now. Kamara, as stated, is killing his value.
  22. Who's starting Doctson

    I am. I believe he is going to have a big second half of the season.
  23. Patriots/Bucs thread

    100% agree Shorttynaz. The only thing I do now is bench my Thursday night players in fantasy. They more than likely never pan out.
  24. JD McKissic

    He looks to me like the guy if you have a roster spot open, take a shot. We will all know within three weeks if this was a fluke or if he is more a part of the offense. I picked him up. I never liked Lacy and feel he is a bad fit for Seattle. Rawls and Prosise just can't stay healthy. As long as JD avoids the injury bug, I think he will continue to see and increase in touches, eventually becoming a solid flex option.
  25. Huge trade question

    I would trade my johnson for a teddy graham.