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  1. thanks for doin all this

  2. Leftwich

    I gotta echo Captain here. If you haven't seen the play on SportsCenter where he gets bent over backwards, it is scary. Then Leftwich gets up and gets absolutely crushed just as he releases his passes three plays in a row after that. Definitely a warrior! Although this Colts fan was happy to see him fall short in his comeback. The Colts pass rush is looking downright scary right now! Never thought I'd say that.
  3. Which IDP Keeper?

    Thanks for the quick response. Only second year of IDP, so sorry if it seemed like a dumb question!
  4. Our league is allowing us to keep one offensive player and one defensive player this year. I've narrowed my IDP choices to Charles Grant or Donnie Edwards. Scoring is Tackles = 1 pt Sacks = 3 pts Safety = 3 pts Interception = 3 pts Fumble Recovery = 3 pts Blocked kicks (FG, XP, punts) = 3 pts Forced Fumble = 1 pt Pass Defensed = 1 pts TD = 6 pts Thanks in advance for your input. P.S. If this belongs in FFA, let me know and I'll ask to have it moved. I didn't see any IDP discussion over there so thought I'd start here.