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  1. OK, I'll admit this is kind of an odd one, but it's happened to me multiple times on different computers (both home and work), both using Google Chrome: The scroll wheel suddenly stops working to scroll up and down on our BOTH league forums page. The scroll function continues to work fine on other tabs and web pages. I've discovered that if I close the Huddle Forums tab and reopen it, the scroll starts working again. Any ideas?
  2. thanks for doin all this

  3. Need mod permissions back for our BoTH CBFL forum - PlayaHata (me) Ghetto King
  4. We're entering our 13th season and over half of our owners have been here since the beginning. Cheating Bastages Fantasy League $100 annual fee 35 player rosters, 10 player taxi squad 90 total contract years 6 pts for all TDs PPR with 1.5 PPR for RBs and 2 PPR for TEs Tackle heavy scoring (2pts per tackle) League Site - "Open Team" is obviously the open team. Team went 4-9 last season and will be picking 2nd in the rookie draft Bylaws / Scoring - Message Board - I'd be willing to only charge $50 for the 2017 season as a rebuilding incentive. PM me if you are interested or if you have any questions.
  5. I just tried to change my e-mail address and got the exact same error message. Small world Zooty!
  6. My thoughts as well, and I think a good portion of his not sucking was due to the fact that pretty much every team the Colts played was running the ball down their throats (at least during the regular season). Prior to last year, Jason David and Rob Morris were the two players most commonly ripped on in local sports radio.
  7. NEW ENGLAND Lost: Tom Ashworth, Matt Chatham, Andre Davis, Tim Dwight, Christian Fauria, David Givens, Adam Vinatieri Signed: Reche Caldwell
  8. I knew the reason why the fan was flipping off the camera as soon as I saw it. Imagine you've paid big dollars for excellent sideline seats at a football game, but you can't see much of anything because of the GIANT cart thing that moves up and down the sideline with the TV cameras mounted on it. You're forced to watch almost the entire football game on the scoreboard screens because that's the only way you can see. It happened to me at a Colts MNF game a few years ago and believe me, I know EXACTLY how that fan felt. Not condoning it by any means, but I know what he was feeling.
  9. I was afraid of direct-linking, but the pic is on the link to the KUSports message boards.
  10. I can confirm that a Google search of "Sharipova" along with the name of an animal will find it rather quickly.
  11. Just read a little more of the article in detail, and the developers of ZEUS have a website, Pigskin Revolution where they provide analysis of play-calling decisions during the NFL season. Click on "2006 Commentary". Coming from a Colts fan, they had a nice writeup on the Patriots/Colts game from two weeks ago.
  12. Just read this article in the newest Esquire, "The Genius Issue". I found it very interesting. ZEUS Football It's three main findings... 1) Always (almost) go for it on 4th and short 2) Use the onside kick much more frequently 3) In kicking, strength trumps accuracy
  13. Anyway, make sure to give us a trip report when you get back. I plan on taking a trip out there within the next year.
  14. I traded for Kitna two weeks ago, and he is single-handedly saving my season since my other QBs were Roethlisberger and Leftwich. I now will be starting Kitna, Kevin Jones, and Roy Williams (after this weeks bye) in my PPR league and couldn't be happier!
  15. No. Wouldn't even think about it.