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  1. Cam Newton to the Patriots

    He just went in the 12th round of an RTS held tonight after the news. I was in a slow NFFC cutline draft in the 20th round when the news broke I was 2 picks away and neither team took him so I grabbed him as my 4th QB if it don't work out he will be my first cut.
  2. Ranking top 10 RBs for 2020 NFL season

    Miles Sanders ADP is #7 RB off the board since May 1st in the NFFC Online championship league https://nfc.shgn.com/adp/football This has been the ADP since May 1st 1 CMC 2 Barkley 3 Zeke 4 Kamara 5 Cook 6 Henry 7 Sanders 8 Mixon 9 Drake 10 Jones
  3. 2020 FSGA drafts

    They interviewed the guy who did all the auto picks just now and he seemed completely clueless as if he knew nothing about fantasy football at all.
  4. 2020 FSGA drafts

    Here is a shocker Mattison went in the 7th in all 3 previous drafts and is still on the board in the 9th in this one.
  5. 2020 FSGA drafts

    What's the deal with team 5 ? Every pick he has made except his 1st round pick is an auto pick. Can he not understand how RTS works to draft in the room ? The picks were all true auto picks as well they were the top guys on the site rankings.
  6. 2020 FSGA drafts

    12 of the first 13 picks were RB's
  7. 2020 FSGA drafts

    Miles Sanders pick 8
  8. 2020 FSGA drafts

    Life is going to be rough in this league with only 6 bench spots. Kickers come up with the virus on Sunday and your stuck with a 0 unless this league has Sunday waivers which I don't know. I know in my high stakes leagues I will consider carrying 2 K's and a 3rd QB this year if things start going crazy in the preseason. We get 20 rounds though (the correct amount of roster spots in my eyes) as I would never want to play in anything less.
  9. 2020 FSGA drafts

    The Champions and American leagues are in the books. The National and Central are Thursday and Friday at 4 PM ET Champions draft board - done American draft board - done National draft board - Thursday 4 PM ET Central draft board - Friday 4 PM ET You can also listen to this live on the Sirius XM twitter fantasy sports channel
  10. 2020 Season Paid Status

    The current payout of the franchise fees will be: Champion - $360 2nd Place - $160 3rd Place - $80 Weekly Skins (13 x $10) - $130 Total $720 My Fantasy League (MFL) fee = $50 Total = $770
  11. 2020 Season Paid Status

    I forgot this was 14 team league not 16. So prize pool is $770 - $49.95 -$720.05
  12. 2020 Season Paid Status

    MFL has been paid using league safe. Took me forever to get the extra discounts applied because league was not in my name so I added myself as commish to the league to get this done. Cost was $49.95 taken straight from the LS account for LLD. This means $720.05 will be available for payouts this year. LEAGUE EVENTS 6/4/2020 A payment of $49.95 has been made to MyFantasyLeague.
  13. 2020 Season Paid Status

    I just updated paid status looks like 6 have paid so far and 8 have not according to LS.
  14. LLD reminder Free agency begins June 1st
  15. The 2020 LLD Draft has been completed

    Free Agency begins June 1st