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  1. What round will you draft Josh Gordon?

    In the drafts I have seen since he has been reinstated he has gone from the 6th to 9th round. He went in the 5th round in one of the King's Classic drafts (14 team league) on Saturday.
  2. LLD 2019 Roster Moves

    -1 dead year
  3. LLD 2019 Roster Moves

    This will be where you will post your 2019 drops, IR and DTS moves in this thread. If dropping a player that has contract implications note next to the player the number of years on the player's contract at the time of the drop. You only need to post players dropped that have contract implications.
  4. Experts Draft

    Over the weekend the FLEX leagues held 3 different drafts/auction formats. All 3 were half PPR 1 snake draft 1 snake superflex draft 1 auction This is the link to their auction bidding this was held live on Sirius XM you can go back on demand and listen to any of the 3 if you have Sirius XM. This spreadsheet shows the order of the players bid as well top guys went 1st and guys on bottom last. $200 budget. All 4 of the top backs went for exactly $57. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fIReyuAxfrbje2wGCqIMv7Mk5-ULoojEp1SX_yrjvbY/edit#gid=0 Here is the snake draft that was not the superflex http://www70.myfantasyleague.com/2019/options?L=71571&O=113&CMD=GRID&DISPLAY=LEAGUE&ARCHIVE=* These are all big "experts"
  5. Deciding Draft Order

  6. https://insidethestar.com/zeke-holdout-what-happens-if-elliott-doesnt-report-by-august-6th/ August 6th Doesn't Matter for Elliott Because of having two years left on his contract, Ezekiel Elliott won't be phased by this Tuesday deadline. It's irrelevant as he can pick up his fourth accrued season in 2020 if needed. Hopefully, it's also irrelevant because Zeke's goal in all of this is to get a long-term contract with the Cowboys and never hit free agency at all. The worst-case scenario for Elliott is that Dallas refuses his contract demands and he's stuck playing out these next two years. Then the Cowboys could hit him with the franchise tag in 2021, which would obviously pay him well but without the long-term security or immediate raise he wants. Even worse, it means Zeke would be 27 years old when he finally becomes an unrestricted free agent. It's hard to find a long-term deal at that point, although Le'Veon Bell just did with the Jets. There are still many ways this can go. We have no idea yet if Elliott is willing to sit out a full season the way Bell did, but there's no question that his current holdout could extend well into the preseason and beyond. Bottom line; the August 6th deadline doesn't matter for Zeke. Sorry to dash your hopes.
  7. Again I think that means nothing to him. He doesn't care about becoming a FA. He knows this will never happen under current CBA. He would play 2 more years then get franchised. He doesn't want to leave he just wants to be paid. The new CBA comes in 2 years so who knows if the franchise tag rules change. I am sure many assumed Bell would report too because how could he pass up $14+ million. Then it was Bell will surely report before week 10....then it was well guess what Bell isn't coming back at all. I don't think anything can be assumed anymore in the NFL.
  8. I sure hope they do but after what Bell did last year I can't think anything ever again happens for sure. I seen Zeke fall to 9 in a draft last night. I would like to get in on some of that value even if it torches my team if he doesn't come back. I got Zeke at 5 once that is the best value I have got on him this year so far. If that team don't pan out so be it I have another 100 right ?
  9. I don't believe this to be true. I don't think he cares about that date at all. I don't think he has any interest in become a FA he just wants to be paid by Dallas so if I am right and if he misses that date it means nothing to him.
  10. I know the feeling I have drawn the #4 pick 3 times for my fantasy football vacation so far in the RTS drafts. For the past 5 years or so I started doing 40-50 drafts during a 2 week vacation I take right before the season. I try to not do drafts on that Friday and Saturday because of the 3rd preseason games that is where most injuries can happen since the starters sometimes play into 3rd quarter. So basically in a 13 day span (Sunday, Aug 25th - Friday, Sept 6th) I will be doing 40-50 drafts. Last year I knocked out 50 of them hoping to do around 45 this year. I plan on doing 18 RTS drafts between the days of Aug 25th until Sept 4th. I was very happy to draw #4 pick 3 times about a month ago when I signed up but that feeling now isn't as good. Need Zeke to get into camp. Right now I am doing a draft a day an praying I don't draw the 4 or 5 pick in these drafts I am doing now.
  11. Now that Sirius XM allows online streaming I don't have to go to my car and listen to this draft this year. The huddle's Steve Gallo has the #1 pick. http://www70.myfantasyleague.com/2019/options?L=71571&O=113&CMD=GRID&DISPLAY=LEAGUE&ARCHIVE=* Here is the board. I don't like that they went to 0.5 PPR last year this was 1 PPR. Also I think it's stupid not to have a kicker but the guy who created these leagues is totally against kickers (Jake Ciely) which I find incredibly stupid (and I really do like Jake is a great guy and great player) but that is a position in the NFL so should be a position in leagues. I actually thrive on the kicker position most years helped me win $100K in 2012 when others just fluff off the position I make sure I always get a top 5 kicker over the course of a season most of the kickers you identify as top 5 guys live up to that ranking. Unlike DF's they are playing with those but those are much more random over a course of a year than kickers are. Jax was #1 last year in most drafts and they sucked. Anyway still interesting to watch the "experts" do their thing. 2 things throwing a kink into this draft will me Melvin Gordon and Zeke. I don't expect Zeke to fall too far below 4 if at all but Gordon will be a late 2nd or early 3rd I think.
  12. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    Browns 11-5
  13. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    Like it isn't bad enough already when our guy scores a TD we hold our breath that replay does not over turn it on the 1 yard line or out of bounds we now have to hold our breath on every single catch or TD because we never know when some coach (or in final 2 minutes) a play gets stopped to review for an off pass interference. I personally hate it. I am all for getting a call right but refs are human and human is part of the game on judgements calls. This is going to open a huge can of worms and it is really going to make fantasy football that much more painful for us when we have our catches and TD's taken away on replay pass interference calls.
  14. Scott Fish Bowl 9

    1200 teams in this year's event. Last year they also used scoring for 1st downs. This is a superflex so at least for the teams with only 2 starting QBs you can start another position when on bye. Thus the reason Keg drafted guys like Mullens and Tyrod he wanted to ensure he had 2 starting QB's. I like the idea of 0.5 PPR coupled with 0.5 for 1st down. This way those short 1 or 2 yard catches are not worth as much except when they lead to a 1st down which should be worth more. Also TE's get double 1 PPR and 1 per 1st down giving balance scoring. The part I really don't like is the new rule this year of 5 bonus pts per 50 yards rushing, 50 receiving or 300 passing. So if a guy goes for 150 yards receiving they get 30 pts for those yards instead of just 15. Not a fan of that new rule.
  15. LLD RFA is officially over

    LLD RFA is officially over