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  1. Henry Muto, where art thou?

    Was going pretty strong until the final week. I was sitting with a teammate (Michael Cobb) in 8th overall out of 7200 teams in the FFPC until Gurley (who I didn't have on this team) went nuts and pushed me down to 24th overall finish. In the DFWC Electricrelish and I were in 2nd place overall out of 612 teams going into the final week but we fell down to 5th overall so no 2nd National Dynasty championship for us. Thanks for asking I do appreciate it. It looks like my run of greatness may have come to an end. I highly doubt I will ever be in the running to win another 6 figure contest going into the final day but if it ever happens again I will be sure to post on here another thread so everyone can follow as those 3 nights one in 2012, 2014 and 2015 were all very magical even the heart breaker when AJ Green failed to catch 1 stinking pass in the 2nd half.
  2. Week 15 playoff edition, what do you need?

    Need to go back in time and not have picked up Josh Gordon. Cost me 25 pts over the last 2 weeks might in the end cost me $250,000.
  3. Week 14 MNF what do u need ? Playoff edition

    I guess it couldn't be all roses could it nothing like Amendola catching that last pass to beat me by 1 point in an RTS championship game. Not sure what felt worse that loss just now or knowing I lost 179-172 with Philly DF getting that guy 8 pts on the final play because the punter couldn't punt it high enough to allow 1 more second to run off clock at end. Oh well win some lose some.
  4. Week 14 MNF what do u need ? Playoff edition

    We will not go quietly into the night we will live on we will survive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I just win 200K ? Nope I just won a dynasty league playoff game of a league I started in 1997 but trust me it felt almost as good as the night I won 200K. You play to win the game!!!!!!!!!!
  5. All I want for Christmas is 1 Burkhead TD please.
  6. Henry Muto, where art thou?

    Well apparently it is possible except when you make a few bad lineup calls. This team that Electric Relish and I did this year when we did not draft a RB until round 10 was a smashing success until we decided week 11 to play Sanders over Adams. That cost us the #2 seed the automatic berth to the $250,000 championship round and pushed us down to the #4 seed of the playoffs. 1 mistake can undo an entire season. We then had a great week in the playoffs in week 12 scoring 164 pts only to lose to the #1 seed who scored 204 pts we were the 2nd highest score of the week if we were the #2 seed we would have won our game. So now we are out of the playoffs and don't get to compete for the $250K. We also dropped Burkhead mid season right before he went nuts had we kept him maybe things change. Our 1st drafted RB was James White he held down the fort for about 8 weeks we got McKinnon off waivers and got Perine off waivers so we were ok at RB and had a 3 headed TE monster in a 1.5 PPR of Gronk, Ertz and Graham which carried the team.
  7. I won 4 games on the final play (while losing none) 3 of them with the KC DF but 1 of them maybe my most incredible win I have ever had. I was down 209-206 in an IDP BoTH huddle league ironically one called "League for the Ages" as a reference for back in 2007 when I first joined this site and a league many tried to get me to join there league and then in 2016 I just decided to make this league myself. I was coming into this week with a 16 game regular season winning streak going 13-0 last year and started 3-0 this year and it looked like the streak was about to end as I only had Justin Houston left I was hoping when the game was tied at 20 he would miss the FG in hopes I would get an OT sack or something to win the game but when he made it I was like well there are 4 seconds left now I need a miracle how about a touch back so the clock doesn't run out and then a sack....well I got the touch back so you're telling me there's a chance........well when Cousins threw the quick screen I was like so much for that so when they started passing the ball around like a hot potato I was like well at least someone fall on it for KC and I can get 1 win out of this in a league where I came in tonight down 0.05 with KC DF left but they had 0 to that point then that miracle happened where not only did KC get a recovery but it was Houston and he decided to not fall on the ball but to run the ball in for a TD and win me the game.
  8. You are late in posting you contracts for DAF please post them asap

  9. You are late in posting you contracts for DAF please post them asap

  10. Meet Joe Williams everyone

    If you take away Ajayi's three 200 yards games............
  11. Henry Muto, where art thou?

    Is it possible to win a league when your first drafted RB is in the 10th round ? Apparently ER and I wanted to test the theory last night in our draft. If that team wins the 250K grand prize we sure will have one hell of a story to tell.
  12. FYI your up in DAF.  You had pre-drafted 1 pick but you had 2 picks back to back.

  13. DaD final pick.  I'll be out of town but if my pick comes up I'd like to get Tim White (UDFA Baltimore) if at all possible.