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  1. Greg Zeuerlein out with groin injury

    Not easy. Waivers are the toughest. I start on Monday checking for all players cut while watching the game. Then I Tuesday I go through all leagues and log on my spreadsheets where I stand in record and pts. Also I start waivers on Tuesday try to hit as many teams as I can usually do about 20 if I can. Wednesday is the rough day I get home from work then clean up and eat and start on waivers around 5:30 PM and work only on that until Midnight. Some leagues cut off at 10 PM and RTS 11:59 PM. Thursday I do the Thursday only players for all lineups. Friday a 2nd batch of waivers but except for the 3 cutline weeks I don't do much if I don't have to here just check over for injured spots in lineup. Saturday I put in all the lineups and this is the part that is inane I input all of my and my opp lineups into a spreadsheet every week that takes like 8 hours. Also I keep all 110 teams on 1 spreadsheet the pain is updating every week after waivers. Wed is the worst with waivers besides that not so bad.
  2. Greg Zeuerlein out with groin injury

    Kept him where I could. Probably kept him on 62 of 69 teams if I remember correctly. Sure is hard to hold 2 kickers with injuries, byes coming for 3-4 weeks even with 20 man rosters.
  3. Greg Zeuerlein out with groin injury

    I had Zuerlein on 69 of my 110 teams took 69 zeros and lost 12 of those games by 10 points or less including a couple by less than 2 pts. Spent 3 hours Monday putting in for 69 new kickers............
  4. OK Brown fans - exhale

    Ding dong the witch is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!! In true story book fashion in comes the rook down 14-0 and saves a franchise beating the guy most people thought the Browns should have taken.
  5. Which players are on all your teams?

    I will answer this in reverse which players are not on any of your teams. I just finished my 100th redraft team of the year and I have 10 dynasty teams and players that have an ADP in the top 150 that I do not own a share of. McCaffrey - 0 shares redraft - I missed him a few times in June when I should grabbed him late 2nd/early 3rd but listened to a friend who was so down on him he got inside my head. (I own in 1 dynasty though) Howard - 0 shares both redraft and dynasty - Don't like him for where he was going Crowder 0 shares both redraft and dynasty - Just don't like him at all I own at least 1 share in redraft of the other 147 players
  6. #SFB8 (Scott Fish Bowl 8)

    Would be fun to play in this league against all the best players in the world.
  7. D.Cook 6th pick

    If you believe in a player you take him. You know your not getting Cook to fall back to you in 2nd round most likely so if that is who you believe in you take him.
  8. Sirius XM FLEX experts live draft league

    How do you feel you did in the draft ?
  9. Team Defenses typical scoring

    Though I prefer to do IDP over team defense for non high stakes contests.
  10. Team Defenses typical scoring

    I like FFPC rules for team DF make them count not just some low ball position that doesn't matter. FFPC gets it right. 12 pts shutout 8 pts for holding a team to 2-6 pts 5 pts for holding a team to 7-10 pts 2 pts for turnover 1 per sack 6 TD
  11. Started at 1 PM ET today in progress PPR league always interesting to watch the best experts in the world draft. On air in progress as well here are links. I actually drafted against Corey Parsons who is picking 4th in this one on Thursday in the NFFC he hosts a podcast show every day called Fantasy Frenzy he said I had the worst draft of any of the 12 teams on Thursday so just a little extra motivation for me. He in particular called out my 3rd round pick of Gronk as 1 of the worst picks of the draft. http://www70.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=71571&O=113&DISPLAY=LEAGUE https://player.siriusxm.com/now-playing
  12. Hi Henry - I made the AGES Mudskippers drops in the league board for the mudskippers. I'll do those myself from now on and post in the forum. Thanks.

    1. Henry Muto

      Henry Muto

      I just like everyone to do themselves for 2 reasons.  1 they may change their mind and 2 when season starts I am in over 100 leagues I am so busy I don't want to have to do any moves for other people since keeping track of everything is taxing enough in the season.

  13. Hi Henry - In AGES can you please add Kerwynn Williams RB KC to my roster. I acquired him via FA a few weeks back.


    Have a nice weekend

  14. FTSA Experts Draft

    https://www.rtsports.com/football/draft-board.php?LID=106430&UID=fantasyfootball&CONF=0&X=1529442835895 14 of the greatest fantasy football experts in the land do battle in the FTSA Experts league. Tom and Greg from the NFFC are the defending champs. This is a straight 1 PPR all positions league. Some very interesting strategies and picks in this. The great Mike Clay goes zero RB and lands Lynch as his 1st RB. The Huddle's Bonini brothers drew the 12 slot of this 14 team draft and started off with WR/WR with Michael Thomas and Davante Adams. Discuss.
  15. I sent you a trade offer. have a look