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  1. How many leagues?

    Not the last few years. So not long have I spent all this time playing the last few years I have actually came away in the negative but I had a good run from 2012-2015 that has more than made up for the small losses I have taken the last few years. Sometimes you get the lion and sometimes the lion gets you.
  2. How many leagues?

    They last anywhere from about 75 mins to 120 minutes on avg. Just depends on who you draft with. I did 3-4 day during the vacation. I started drafting in April. Yes takes up all my time. I go to work then I come home and do more work. Yes if you get lucky and beat 5,000 to 10,000 people you can win up to $500,000. It take a minor miracle to win but every dog has its day.
  3. How many leagues?

    114 and basically all of them have waivers 9 Dynasty 2 local redraft 1 FFPC satellite 3 FFPC Main events 31 FFPC FBG Championship 35 RTS The Fantasy Championship 1 NFFC Primetime 17 NFFC online championship 15 NFFC Cutline I took a 2 week vacation right before the start of the season and knocked out 52 drafts in 16 days to get to the 114 total. I spent about 10 hours on waivers this week (4 on Tuesday and 6 on Wednesday). Waiver Wednesday is by far my least favorite day of the week. It was a pretty cruel first week I might add....I went 3-16 in games decided by less than 4 points.
  4. The Man With The Golden Gate Ginn Won Contract needs assigned
  5. Man with the golden gate Ginn roster - PROCESSED

    +2 dead years you other guys can hash out if any penalty is given
  6. Man with the golden gate Ginn roster - PROCESSED

    I just sent a message to him that this still needs fixed.
  7. The league safe site will charge you a $10 late fee if you do not pay by Wednesday, Sept 16th 11:59 PM.
  8. Hopefully the NFL players are smarter than the baseball players but I doubt it. Going to strip clubs and Casinos during the season in a pandemic isn't exactly smart if you want to keep your season going...allegedly that is.
  9. Nfl to allow players to opt out

    A big one for IDP leagues Jets LB C.J. Mosley has opted out of the 2020 NFL season, citing family health concerns.
  10. use DAD covid rules?

    I would hope whatever we come up with in the huddle leagues that we could use them for all the Bond huddle leagues since there are a lot of us that cross over between leagues. Once I get a better handle on the situation I will throw out suggestions. Anyone from LLD and YODT that is not in DAD should check out the board there on all the discussions we have been having over the past few weeks.
  11. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    The NFL didn't want to do anything last year to allow him any chance to get back into the league after NE cut him. Everything was fine until that story came out right after he signed with NE. Teams dropping players and NFL saying they would put him on the commish exempt list if anyone signed him for players accused of something but not proven to be guilty doesn't make a lot of sense to me. There used to be a saying innocent until proven guilty but that certainly isn't the case any more. Yes he did many stupid things especially what he did this year but would any of this happened if NE never cut him ? Probably not. It is what it is though. Not sure he plays this year because I am not sure we get to week 9/10 anyway. Will be interesting to see if someone signs him now. I hope so if we do have football that is because I have almost a 50% share on him about 15 out of 30 redraft and 3 out of 9 dynasty.
  12. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    He probably wouldn't have done those terrible things if he was not black balled out of the NFL last season. Getting dropped by NE and the commish taking his sweet time on this case allowed Brown to go nutso.