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  1. LLD 2019 Roster Moves

    This will be where you will post your 2019 drops, IR and DTS moves in this thread. If dropping a player that has contract implications note next to the player the number of years on the player's contract at the time of the drop. You only need to post players dropped that have contract implications.
  2. The MFL site does the setting for you and I don't believe you have an option to adjust it. It has top 4 teams get 2 VP's and bottom 4 get 0 VP's the other 6 get 1 VP. 5, 4, 5 seemed to make more sense to me but that is not an option that I know of. Here is the breakdown. Top point scoring team - 2 VP's No.2 point scoring team - 2 VP's No.3 point scoring team - 2 VP's No.4 point scoring team - 2 VP's No.5 point scoring team - 1 VP No.6 point scoring team - 1 VP No.7 point scoring team - 1 VP No.8 point scoring team - 1 VP No.9 point scoring team - 1 VP No.10 point scoring team - 1 VP No.11 point scoring team - 0 VP No.12 point scoring team - 0 VP No.13 point scoring team - 0 VP No.14 point scoring team - 0 VP
  3. John Ross to IR

    It was one hell of a 2 game run
  4. Diggs to Patriots??

    What makes even more sense for NE is to go into a time machine lock Kraft into a room and not let him out until AB has received his $5 million bonus so he can't cut him.
  5. Barkley eyeing October 10th return

    Not human
  6. Wayne Gallman worth picking up?

    Barkley owner isn't paying you much for him. I know this because the Gallman owner tried it with me and I was like ya go ahead and pound salt I picked up Darrel Williams I did ok.
  7. Kelce leading BUST of the year....

    Yes he is terrible I feel much better with Jared Cook as my TE
  8. Wayne Gallman worth picking up?

    I have been playing Fantasy Football now 30 years and yet still learning lessons. I didn't backup Barkley on a single team with Gallman because I thought Gallman sucked and wasn't even sure he would make the Giants roster when I was doing my early drafts. 30 years into this game and still learning lessons. I am a handcuff guy for your top picks most of the time. I know some people are not "handcuff your own player" guys they steal others and hope for the daily double of their guys staying healthy and the other guy losing a DJ while they hold an Edmonds or whoever. 30 years in and still learning lessons the hard way.
  9. Wayne Gallman worth picking up?

    Sucks or not Gallman worth the pick up for at least this week.
  10. Electric Relish - Roster 2019

    Processed +1 dead year
  11. IR spot

    Pretty simple for my leagues. Is the guy actually on the NFL IR a guy like Guice is on IR. A guy like Brees is not on IR. If on IR then you can put them IR if not then not.
  12. Melvin Gordon Holdout to end, he could join this week

    Gordon needs to take 1 more week off I am currently in 1st place in the NFFC out of 3204 people and I own Ekeler so I know my stay at the top will be short lived so I want 1 final monster game from Ekeler so I can finish week 4 as the #1 team and at least have that in my memory as my team fades when Gordon takes over. https://nfc.shgn.com/standings_overall/football/85
  13. 2014 best WR draft ever?

    You can remove Moncrief's name this guy blows
  14. Wayne Gallman worth picking up?

    Went for $400 to $800 in my high stakes leagues in 90% of them
  15. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Antonio Brown "Just kidding"
  16. LLD 2019 Roster Moves

    +1 dead year
  17. Brown released by Patriots

    What an idiot. Just don't send the text message(s) and you are probably fine for now. 15 teams.......down the drain well 13 as 2 are dynasty so might be ok there but still a blow.
  18. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    Diggs 3 yard TD catch just reviewed and taken away.........as I was saying.
  19. Started AB on all 15 of my leagues......or so I thought I just found out 1 of my teammates pulled him in 1 of my leagues without telling me for freaking Kirk.......... I wasn't listening to all the "experts" that said to sit Brown and he was only at best a WR3 or WR4 today. These are the same "experts" that tell you to trade away Aaron Jones after 1 bad game vs the Bears. I have a new thing I do this year I listen to no one I don't look at rankings on any site I just do what my gut says. 75% of the time when you use rankings or listen to "experts" on your gut calls they lead you down the path of doom. These so called "experts" don't know anything more than we do in most cases.
  20. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    I just added a 112th league I draft later tonight. It's not easy. Not married no kids. I do work normal 40 hour job a week. The crazy thing is I add an extra layer of work to my fantasy football I keep a spreadsheet on all 112 teams with entire rosters and update every waiver run. That's the easy part the hard part is I keep all 112 teams and opponents lineups on a spreadsheet and update the scores every week. That takes me about 6 hours to enter the lineups and another 2-3 the scores. That is the part I should quit doing.
  21. AB to New England

    Good for my 14 fantasy teams with Brown....bad my for real like team the Browns on hopes of winning the AFC this year. What a roller coaster ride last night I missed Brown in 2 leagues by 1 pick was not happy then today was happy I missed him in those 2 leagues but crushed for the 14 other teams and now this.……...
  22. Where does AB end up?

    Reminds me of 2007 Randy Moss going from Oakland to NE same 2 teams as 2007.
  23. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    I just did a roll call have Brown on 14 out of my 111 leagues. The craziest being I drafted in the brand new NFFC Silver Bullet league. Only 180 teams in this format so 15 drafts. Most of them had already run before my draft on Thursday so Brown went 2nd or 3rd round in them all done so far. So he fell and fell and fell and I was sitting there in round 5 do I risk Brown in this league ? So I took the risk in the 5th round taking him at 5.01. Then Friday I get good news he is not suspended and everything is fine! So I had a big advantage over everyone and in fact someone took him at 2.02 on Friday Silver Bullet. Then when I wake up today I hear the news he wants released..........ugggg Fantasy football what a brutal game.
  24. RB McCoy released

    Signed by KC
  25. What round will you draft Josh Gordon?

    In the drafts I have seen since he has been reinstated he has gone from the 6th to 9th round. He went in the 5th round in one of the King's Classic drafts (14 team league) on Saturday.