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  1. Pass Intereference is now reviewable

    Like it isn't bad enough already when our guy scores a TD we hold our breath that replay does not over turn it on the 1 yard line or out of bounds we now have to hold our breath on every single catch or TD because we never know when some coach (or in final 2 minutes) a play gets stopped to review for an off pass interference. I personally hate it. I am all for getting a call right but refs are human and human is part of the game on judgements calls. This is going to open a huge can of worms and it is really going to make fantasy football that much more painful for us when we have our catches and TD's taken away on replay pass interference calls.
  2. Scott Fish Bowl 9

    1200 teams in this year's event. Last year they also used scoring for 1st downs. This is a superflex so at least for the teams with only 2 starting QBs you can start another position when on bye. Thus the reason Keg drafted guys like Mullens and Tyrod he wanted to ensure he had 2 starting QB's. I like the idea of 0.5 PPR coupled with 0.5 for 1st down. This way those short 1 or 2 yard catches are not worth as much except when they lead to a 1st down which should be worth more. Also TE's get double 1 PPR and 1 per 1st down giving balance scoring. The part I really don't like is the new rule this year of 5 bonus pts per 50 yards rushing, 50 receiving or 300 passing. So if a guy goes for 150 yards receiving they get 30 pts for those yards instead of just 15. Not a fan of that new rule.
  3. LLD RFA is officially over

    LLD RFA is officially over
  4. LLD RFA bid - Olsen, Greg CAR TE - Dr Julius No Won

    Dr Julius No acquires G Olsen Car TE for $7 $60-$7 = $53
  5. LLD RFA bid - Butker, Harrison KCC PK - Thunderballs Won

    Thunderballs acquires H Butker KC K for $2 $29-$2 = $27
  6. Berlin has until July 14 @ 10:52 PM ET to match $5
  7. LLD RFA bid - Olsen, Greg CAR TE - Dr Julius No Won

    You Can Try has until July 14 @ 10:54 PM ET to match $7
  8. OddJob's Hats has until July 14 @ 5:23 PM ET to match $2
  9. LLD RFA bid - Butker, Harrison KCC PK - Thunderballs Won

    Dr. Julius No has until July 14 @ 5:20 PM ET to match $2
  10. LLD RFA bid - Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def - Mr Big matched

    Mr Big has until July 14 @ 5:19 PM ET to match $2
  11. Thunderballs has until July 8 @ 3:45 PM ET to match $12
  12. Scaramanga has until July 7 @ 11:24 AM ET to match $1
  13. Cantankerous Idiots has until July 7 @ 5:40 PM ET to match $4
  14. Tyreek Hill again...

    You mean 4 games not 4 months
  15. Sir Hugo's Hipster Henchmen acquires P Rivers LAC QB for $30 $88-$30 = $58
  16. LLD RFA BID: Mike Davis RB CHI - Berlin Won

    Berlin acquires M Davis Chi RB for $3 $52-$3 = $49
  17. LLD RFA BID: Mike Davis RB CHI - Berlin Won

    The Honey Ryders have until July 2 @ 11:33 AM to match $3
  18. LLD RFA bid - G Zuerlein LAR K - Thunderballs Won

    Thunderballs acquired G Zuerlein LAR K for $6 $47-$41 = $6
  19. The Honey Ryders has until July 1 @ 1:26 PM ET to match $10