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  1. Need to think about it

    100% this - at least make an effort to engage in conversation to see if it is even close before just throwing crap in the league site and hoping for a misclick
  2. Need to think about it

    If you send an offer that is super crappy, then I will sit on it and drag you along as long as I can out of spite. If you send a reasonable offer, then I will usually respond immediately, either by accepting, saying thanks but no thanks or engaging in some back and forth negotiations.
  3. Veto or Allow this trade?

    Guess I'm insane, but I'd probably want the Robby Anderson side of this deal. Tate is on a mediocre offense and is likely about to start losing targets to AJ Green. With Hill back, Robinson is way down the pecking order for targets and as Hill gets phased back in even more Robinson will likely see fewer snaps and even fewer targets. Anderson on the other hand is on an upward trajectory with Darnold back and a friendly schedule going forward.
  4. Auction Strategy - Tons of Starters. Need Help!!

    Yes, so you have to be careful not to overspend on one or two studs, as there are more required starting spots so it will be harder to keep an advantage overall with all of the extra required players. I think my approach would be to let others overspend early on the elite studs so that I can pick up a lot of 2nd and 3rd tier guys relatively cheaper when the other owners are no longer in a position to be able to outbid me.
  5. Auction Strategy - Tons of Starters. Need Help!!

    How many teams? If an 8 team league, it's not that many more starters/players being auctioned off compared to a more typical 12 team set up.
  6. Missed out on the top RB's.. make a deal??

    I wouldn't be looking to make any moves just yet - you have 3 potential top 10 WRs and 5 of the top Zero RB targets. See what you have over the first couple of weeks as it will take a little time to see just how some of these RB situations pan out, if you are fortunate to have hit on the right RBs, then you will be well ahead of the game. If not, then you can look to make a move, but doing something now will more likely weaken your overall team, not strengthen it.
  7. Obligatory pick the one that scores the most points response........... ETA: As noted should be in advice forum and should also include scoring system, as especially PPR or not would have bearing on the advice
  8. Thoughts on this scoring system?

    The first league I played in was set up similarly - major bonuses for longer scores and yardage did not kick in until 100 Rush or Receive and 300 passing. Definitely a different twist.
  9. Advice for a Super Flex Rookie

    Depends on the scoring system a bit, as most leagues you absolutely want a QB in there as your flex, so you will see them go early, and you will see teams go for a 2nd or even a third one even earlier. How many teams in the league? I ask because I play in a 14 team superflex and in that one I think the top 25-6 QBs were all drafted by the end of the 6th, mid-7th round, but that is a QB friendly scoring system combined with a deep league where it is a fight to be sure to have a viable QB option in case of injury or bye week in addition to using one as your weekly flex play.
  10. Season Long Fantasy Football Sites

    You can join FFPC cash leagues for as low as $35 and up if you want. Variety of options from fairly standard to superflex, best ball, terminator, etc.
  11. Trade Advice

    It's a 10 team league so you're pretty stacked as it is (as are just about every other team), but of all the scenarios you listed, this is the only one I'd consider in your position: Send: Jacobs and Josh Gordon Recieve: AB and Latavius Murray Murray has the potential to do very well in the Saints offense in the Ingram role, which put up top 10 numbers not too long ago. Don't get me wrong, I don't think top 10 is a likely output, but it is in the realm of possibility and given your RB depth it is worth giving up the rookie for a lottery ticket when the other side is giving up the WR lottery ticket in Gordon for a top 10 guy in Brown. Now I do not see Brown as a top 3 guy in Oakland, I just don't think they'll have the passing volume and efficiency of a Steelers/Roth team, but he should still be a target hog in an environment with less competition for targets and if he can keep from having his feet amputated should put in another top 10 finish. All that said, I don't see your squad as being in a spot where you "need" to trade just yet, but if you do this is the scenario of those presented that I would start with.
  12. Better WR options

    I'd personally take Sutton over Allison and see him as pretty close to your other WRs given that he'll have first crack at being the WR1 for Denver and should get a pretty decent number of targets per game.
  13. If he is your highest rated WR, and you have decided to take a WR, then take him. Taking WRs (or any players from the same team) is not something to be avoided, just as it is not something to be targeted.
  14. Is this a strange trade offer?

    Not strange at all, but I'd rather have Cook. And if I'm trading at all, I'm trading for WR help to try make up for the mistake of taking multiple QBs way too early.
  15. Nightmare scenario came to be.

    If this is not a superflex non-PPR league, I don't particularly care for it. You will need a LOT of ifs to pan out for this to work - you will need Gordon to be back for the bulk of the season (and I assume you can start a 3rd RB at flex). You will need Watkins to be healthy for an entire season for the first time since his rookie year, and for the record I actually like Watkins this year as a value pick, but not as my WR2 Hunt and Ito Smith were taken too early given you punted on WR - personally would have been doing my best to load up on higher upside WRs there, and taking the homerun RB swings at the end since you loaded up on RB early,