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  1. This - don;t decide until your deadline. Assuming healthy, then keep Elliott. At the end of the day, FF is about having fun, and if your top player can be from your top team, it will make it all the more fun. Even if you end up projecting Bell a little higher than Elliott, it won;t be enough to warrant not taking him so you can cheer for him and your Cowboys.
  2. This makes it even easier.... eliminate the teams with the 1st and 5th picks and get rid of the headache now before it becomes even worse, play this season with the 8 remaining teams. Everyone else just slots up accordingly.
  3. Assuming relatively normal scoring rules and lineup requirements, Murray for a 5th.
  4. When you standard, yes or no to PPR? Can you keep less than 3 and not forfeit one of your first 3 picks? For league 1, I'd lean towards Howard, Beckham and Adams. Luck is much more replaceable than those 3. For league 2, I'd lean towards Howard, Green and Thomas. Same reasoning, Ryan is much more replaceable. If you can keep less than 3 and keep one of your top 3 picks, then in this one I'd strongly consider only keeping Howard and Green
  5. 5.326589647 Someone had to do it........
  6. Since you traded future picks last year, I assume this is some form of keeper league.... who are your keepers? If no keepers, then I hope you won the league last year if you gave up 2 early picks this year for it. Assuming relatively normal scoring system, and relatively normal lineup options other than the QB eligible flex, this essentially is a start 2 QB league and I'd advocate going QB first in most instances and then depending on who was there and what the other owners did, then best available in the 2nd, buy you would need to seriously consider QB again in the 2nd if this league drafts anything close to what I have seen in most QB heavy leagues like this where you will be looking at something like 16-18 QBs going in the first 5-6 rounds. Not having a 3rd or 4th round pick is going to hamstring you.
  7. Bye Keenan...... I take that haul for sure.
  8. I think I would make the move up in the draft. With keepers factored in, I think you're looking at a better value gain by moving up in the first than anything you may lose out on with the drop in the 2nd. Who is the guy with the #3 pick keeping? I ask because depending on what round his keeper is in, you could potentially use that as some leverage to negotiate some concessions in the draft pick trade. For example, if he is one of the guys using his first to keep a player, then he is gaining quite a bit by dropping back in the first and using a later pick for his keeper. On the flip side, as you are using a 13th rounder, you are in a sense using a pick 6 picks higher than you would if you don't trade to keep Crowell. It is to his benefit if you don't include the 13th rounders in the trade, thus he keeps a pick 6 spots higher, you still keep Crowell at the same spot.
  9. Are you completely swapping draft positions throughout the draft, or is it some other deal that has you moving up to the #3 pick? Either way, keeping Crowell in the 13th is far and away your best option, whether you trade picks or not.
  10. Based on ADP you are getting both right around where they are being taken, so neither screams value in that sense, and neither is a "must have" guy anymore. I really don;t think there is a right answer here. I've flip flopped in my brain a few times, but push come to shove if I'm having to choose irght now I'm giving a slight nod to keeping Thomas. I think his floor is higher than Thomas so less risk in the pick, and he has a fair bit of upside still no matter which QB ends up with the job.
  11. Crowell for a 10th seems like far and away the best value.
  12. Try make a trade where you drop down in the 9th and then use the later pick to keep Crowell. Could either do it as part of a package to improve your positioning slightly in an earlier round or for a couple improvements in later rounds. I agree with this still....but if you can move back in the 9th then you get even more value.
  13. So you have rookies already but have not yet done keepers? May be a little more helpful if you list what the cost to keep would be, as a better idea of who you plan to keep, at what cost, would allow for better response. I still do not think it is a very good trade for you, but not knowing actual costs of players makes it a bit more difficult to provide any type of useful input. What is your source for dynasty rankings? Those can vary wildly, and also would not necessarily be relevant if they have not taken your leagues scoring/lineup reqs into account. Just something to think about. I'm very familiar with how 2 QB leagues affect QB values, but with only 8 teams, you're still only looking at 16 starting QBs, so you have not yet reached the threshold of where QB value starts to jump. You also already have 4 very capable QBs plus Taylor who is not a total slouch, so downgrading the other positions to get a coming off of injury Luck is not neccessarily a great idea. Not saying you don't entertain trading Elliott or Brown or both, but I'd be looking for better improvement to do so.
  14. You're already under your cap ($189 if my math is right), so the cap savings don't seem to have a point. You're giving up the 2 best players in the deal in Zeke and Brown. You're looking at a small improvement at QB, which is generally the easiest spot to replace. I really do not see why you would even consider making this trade.