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  1. Agree with this line of reasoning.... then, if you are allowed to, try and trade OBJ for some draft pick improvements.
  2. I would keep Murray, Abdullah, Nelson and Henry for a total of $72. Allen is very tempting and you head in to the auction with your RB1/2 and WR 1/2 essentially locked up for only half your cap, but I think Henry at $6 is too good of a value to pass on.
  3. What is your total cap?
  4. To clarify, you have no required TE position, or you do have a TE position with the limited flexes of RB/WR and WR/TE so you could potentially start 2 TEs?
  5. Diggs in the 12th would be my choice, but both are presenting solid value for their keeper cost
  6. I'll take DJ as my poison
  7. I pass because in a keeper his value comes from being able to have him beyond this season. If you can wait to see what comes of his appeal, it will make the decision easier.... if the 6 games holds, you pass on him, at 4 or less games, its a coin flip, Leveon Bell won many a championship last year for owners willing to wait on him (though the real payoff come for those that were able to get him at end of 1st/early 2nd). Suspension overturned and he may not be there for you at 4.
  8. If I am reading this right, with trade 2, you essentially are giving up Robinson and the 1.09 and getting the 1.01 and essentially Crowder (as he'd replace Robinson as a keeper) Additionally, you can give up Gillislee for the 8th round pick. What are your keeper rules? How many can you keep? Hard to tell if it is just 3 or if you can keep more. Both trades say you'd have to give up a 14th rounder to do it, can you do both? I think trade 2 is a definite deal as the probable drop from Robinson to Crowder is more than made up for by getting Bell. If you can keep more than 3, then Gillislee would be a fine 4th keeper, but I don't think I'd keep him over Crowder if you can only keep 3, in which case I would trade him for the 8th (essentially getting something for nothing.
  9. I wouldn't fault you for something like that with Graham being the one I would opt to keep of the two. In fact, I thnk I could easily start to thnk that it is the best move to make if you want to lock up a player offering some value. My only concern would be if you get an early first and then Gronk is still there late 2nd or even early 3rd, do you pass on him because you already have a TE locked up? Same with Kelce and if you have a later 3rd and he is sitting there screaming value pick. Granted a small worry.
  10. Seems like McCoy is the only one even worth considering. Brown is nice, but I'm not forfeiting a 6th rounder as well to keep him when I can just as likely draft him (or a comparable player) and still have my 1st rounder. If you're comfortable with McCoy, he's decent value in the 2nd round - his ADP is in the 8-10 range as the 3-5 RB off the board, but he comes with a lot of red flags, mostly due to the team around him. I'm torn between keeping McCoy or suggesting just not keeping anyone.
  11. If PPR, Woodhead and I don't think its that close of a decision. Non-PPR and I think it is back to a coinflip situation.
  12. Agree with this - you most likely come out ahead with this deal.
  13. Cut the 3 QBs - should be fairly easy to fill the spot or reacquire them (saves $24) Cut Murray - With Cook there and McKinnon possibly getting a role as the receiving back, his long term upside is limited (saves $17) Cut Watkins and Parker - Already strong at WR and cap heavy there by keeping top 3, but worth it to play for current season (saves $18) Cut Olsen - probably my most "questionable" suggestion, but he is taking up cap space, when healthy Eifert a much better value and you can likely get servicable T in auction for cheaper (saves $21) Cut Chiefs - no point keeping a defense (saves $3) If you do all of that, you shave $83 off of your cap, putting you at $139 ($61 to spend) You have your RB, WR, Flex spots covered with one extra, meaning that Robinson or Miller is bench/flex each week. You have TE covered but needing insurance. You will need to address QB, K, D and youth in the auction. If you want to punt on going after any of the top rookies, then you could keep Olsen so your TE spot is covered, then you'd have $40 left to spend on QB, K, D and depth. The other alternative would be to do the above, keep Olsen but cut Lamar Miller. His price is a little high to value, and with the strength you have at WR and David Johnson, and with your lineup requirements, he will be on the bench quite a bit - If you do that you now have $67 to spend on QB, K, D and depth/youth, you just lose the slightly more sure thing of depth with Miller.
  14. Add a second required WR to your first approach and it is close to the way many flex leagues are going - rather than have 2 required RBs and 3 WRs, you put two flexes in there. It keeps the starting lineup fairly balanced, keeps the league deep enough so everyone isn't loaded at every position, and maximizes the flexibility owners have in building their teams - ie trying to load up on RBs could be just as effective as loading up on WRs