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  1. Any player on my roster expendable for a trade

    Everyone should always be tradeable if the deal helps improve your team.
  2. How did this person win in a Tie Game???

    Stat corrections tomorrow will fix this.
  3. Why are Yahoo projections so lousy?

    One week does not a season make
  4. Please Rank our Draft

    Channeling Grits: "12.459684"
  5. QB/Kicker combos. Pros and Cons. DISCUSS

    When drafting - if the QB is your highest rated QB when you decide to draft a QB, and the kicker is your highest rated kicker when you decide to draft a kicker, and they happen to be on the same team, then so be it, but no valid reason to target it and take a lesser rated player to make it happen. When determining lineup - if the QB is your highest rated QB when deciding which QB to start, and the kicker is your highest rated kicker when deciding which kicker to start, and they happen to be on the same team, then so be it, but no valid reason to start a lesser rated player to make it happen. The only caveat is if you have very unique rules that give you a bonus for having the QB and kicker from the same team, something I have never seen in my 20+ years playing this game. It's no different than QB/WR pairings or any other positional pairing
  6. DMD - Suggestions for Draft Kit Tools

    Heck, if this is the suggestion thread, would be nice to have columns be selectable and able to be arranged in different orders. Leading from the ADP requests above, which I second, what I mean by that is it would be really nice to have the option to select what fields you want to have show for each player, and in what order. For instance, in addition to the usual name, team and bye week and projected points, also have the option to display ADP, projected stats, etc. each as an option if a user wants to display them or not. Not exactly a high priority add but would be nice to have some extra features in them linking together all of the information on the site.
  7. Drafting QB Early question

    What do other positions score? What is the scoring disparity between QBs and the other positions. This is one of the few situations where the normal advice of waiting on a QB may not be wise as they likely score such a disparately high number of points compared to the other positions that you are basically playing fantasy QBs and can not make up the point differential at other positions.
  8. Who would be your number one rb in Washington?

    If forced to take one it would be Thompson, especially in PPR, and even more so in a best ball league. It's a situation I would like to avoid if at all possible in a H2H league.
  9. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    Yup, interesting strategy as the max starts is 2, and they only have 1 WR so far while the minimum WR is 3
  10. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    You got him much later than I took him - I took him at 6.04 as the 28th RB off the board, but he's my RB2 whereas you already had Hunt and Cook - Coleman is very high on my list of RBs to target for best ball.
  11. Message Board League #1 Official thread

    Glad ours wasn't the only one that stopped after the first couple of picks.
  12. Lewis loses a lot of value with no PPR, but at the cost of a 12th I agree it's a low risk pick. If it was PPR it's almost a no brain gamble. Jones and Evans I toss back at the cost (actually, I'd look to see if you could find someone that would want to keep them and trade them for either a more attractive keeper option or some pick improvements, assuming you can trade before declaring*). With no PPR, I'd rather keep the flexibility of having my top 2 picks available to me. Hopkins is a no brainer for a 3rd. I could go either way on Lewis, but as it doesn't really cost you anything, I think it is worth it to go ahead and lock him up for the 12th. * For example, let's say the guy with the #3 overall pick would want to keep Jones (or Evans). You could basically offer him Jones(or Evans) and your first round pick for his first round pick. You now have the #3 pick at the cost of a player you weren't going to keep anyway. All sorts of moves you could do here ie Jones and your 7th for a 5th, etc. - anything you can get is essentially a free upgrade as you are using a player you aren't keeping anyway to improve.
  13. Howard Vs. McKinnon

    WR not an option to you? Should still be a lot of WR value on the board and you are likely still looking at a comparable RB in the 3rd
  14. 1st overall advice in 10 team non-PPR keeper

    Assuming all of the other top RBs are being kept, the fact that it is a non-PPR, and even though it is a 2QB league it is also 3 required RBs, and since you already have 1 QB locked up, then I would say most likely I am taking Barkley here with the aim of being able to keep him for many years.
  15. PPR Keeper Advice

    I wouldn't touch either of them at a 5th round cost.