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  1. Keeper Question

    Since you have concerns, look at it this way: Option A: Keep Cook, draft Chubb/Mixon, hammer WR in rounds 3-10 Option B: Keep Elliott, draft ??? in 2nd Once you project out who you think will realistically be there for you in the 2nd, compare the 2 options. If you do think Eliiott and whomever you can get in the 2nd is superior to Cook and Chubb/Mixon, then by all means go that route.
  2. Please help me pick my keeper

    Non-PPR and assuming no cost (ie forfeiting pick) to keep the player, I think Drake is the play here.
  3. Keeper Question

    When do you have to decide? While Elliott for the #6 pick is decent value, Cook for a 2nd round pick is even better value, but there is the looming threat of his holdout, which would be my only hesitation. The longer you can wait to decide so more information is available the better. If that wasn't in play, Cook for the 2nd rounder is the easy choice.
  4. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    I just tried searching the archives and can't find it as I don't recall what year your did Mystery Huddler, plus the majority of links to the pictures are no longer working. But I am sure someone has that picture
  5. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    I think this meme would be even funnier if we changed the picture to a certain fantasy football prognosticator with a mohawk.......
  6. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    Maybe I am misreading, but pretty sure the "fix" is being said sarcastically, which is why it is in quotes. Essentially if the NFL wants to have a season, they will need to put their head in the sand and skip the testing of players, as if there are no tests performed, there are no positive cases, thus no need to quarantine or not play.
  7. Rebuild Draft

    I really like Jefferson, but what other WRs are on the board. I ask because with Dobbins still there, I would feel pretty confident that you can probably drop back to the 11-13 range, picking up at least a mid 2nd from teams that thought there was no chance an RB of his caliber would still be on the board, and you still get a solid WR (possibly even still Jefferson) - this year is stacked with WR potential, and given your team's current state, I would want to take the shot gun approach and try and take as many shots as I can if possible.
  8. Trade offer...Thoughts

    So if I am understanding right, the taxi squad is only a year one thing? You do not have a taxi squad for future years? Basically this first year you get to keep 3 players (1 per position) plus your 4 rookies if you don't activate them, but then there is no taxi squad going forward? As for Burrows or CEH/Taylor/Dobbins, that completely depends on how your main draft goes, as with only 3 keepers (plus the taxi squad), you have to take into consideration the odds of any player you taking being a viable keeper option after year one for you, especially considering your rule of only one per position. So if you have Lamar Jackson for example, there is little chance that Burrows or any other rookie QB will be a keeper option for you. As for the rookie backs, again, it depends on who you end up with out of the draft, though as RBs tend to have much shorter careers in terms of elite fantasy relevance, I'd say there is a higher chance that one of the rookie RBs this year is a viable keeper option for you after year two.
  9. Trade offer...Thoughts

    That throws a huge curveball. Initially I was going to say that a possible strategy, assuming fairly normal lineup reqs other than 2QB, would be to essentially go zero RB in the main draft and load up at WR and QB in the first 5-6 rounds, then add in a few upside RBs, with the though being that you would have the 1.03 pick to fill in your RB position and still justify being able to keep him, as your top keeper options would be your WRs and QBs. With this wrinkle, that approach is largely out. The only way I would activate a rookie in the initial season (how many years can you keep a player on the taxi squad) is if they were that last piece to pretty much lock you into a very strong chance at a championship, otherwise the cost is just too great as you basically lose a keeper just to activate a guy from the taxi squad.
  10. Trade offer...Thoughts

    Definite reject, and a little advice, generally speaking when a league is refered to as a dynasty, it means that essentially every player is kept from year to year. Only keeping 3 players (more commonly referred to as a keeper league) is a very different strategy set. Given that you only keep 3 players, and they can not be from the same position, strategy wise I'd probably look to see if I can get anyone to give me good value in the regular draft for your rookie picks. While I like CEH, Taylor and Dobbins and the rookie WRs as much as the next guy, the odds are heavily against them being top 10 at their positions and justifying being kept - if you can get someone to say trade for the 1.03 outright (or for say a 3rd round rookie pick) and you can move up from say your 5th or 6th round pick into the 2nd round of the main draft, you will come out way ahead IMO. That's the kind of deal I would be shopping for.
  11. Trade offer...Thoughts

    To clarify, this is a new startup right? And is the swap in the main draft you moving up to the 5th pick in the 3rd and 5th rounds from your current 8th pick, or are you giving your 5th rounder for his 3rd rounder? I think it is the former, but the wording in the OP has enough ambiguity that I'm not sure. If it's the latter, then it's a no brainer to drop 2 spots in the rookie draft to move up two rounds in the main draft. If it is the former, then I don't really see any advantage to the deal as the difference between the 3.05 and 3.08 and 5.05 and 5.08 is pretty negligible whereas in the rookie draft, most consider CEH, Taylor and Dobbins as the clear cut top 3 in varying order, though with 2 QB it could push Burrow and Tua into the top 2 picks (countered though that as it is a 10 team league, there are enough viable QBs that it's not certain that they should move that high from a value perspective), then lots of debate for the 4-7 picks between Akers, Swift, Jeudy and Lamb. I would think that if you are inclined to move the pick, you could get more value than the small bump ups in the 3rd and 5th. You can especially get more from a QB needy team if one of the first two picks is a non-QB.
  12. Superflex dynasty trade .5PPR

    What are your lineup requirements and how many teams in the league? Trying to get a gauge on if you are more win now or rebuild mode, and how your lineup stacks up. You definitely need another QB being a superflex, so I'd agree on Burrows at 1. You need an RB to pair with Fournette (assuming you start 2), and Cook is probably a lot better than anyone in the draft (despite the hold out possibility), so he is easily worth the 1.02 plus extra picks, let's say the 2.02 and 2.06 - I don't know many owners that wouldn't give that up to get Cook, especially if it is a 12 team league For WR, Hill is a definite upgrade to Metcalf, though I really like Metcalfs long term upside, But Metcalf plus the 1.08 for Hill is an easy accept. That leaves out the 2.03 in my sample breakdown of the deals - Me personally, if you are win now, I'd prefer to have Cook and Hill as they are known commodities with a high probability of finishing top 5 in their positions - the same can not be said of any of the draft picks you are giving up - you'll be lucky if one hits at that high of a level for more than a season realistically. IMO, it's a tough call, which means it is probably a very fair offer, just a matter if you prefer the known commodities or the dart throws
  13. 2020 FSGA drafts

    I like 14 teams, but that's because I also think it makes for the easiest scheduling for a 13 week regular season - play everyone once, top 6 to the playoffs for weeks 14-16 Definitely a bit tighter, so with 14 I prefer to have 1 less required RB and replace with an additional flex
  14. Early Keeper Question PPR 12 Team

    Based on your scoring, I would say it appears that Lamar is the easy choice. Do a quick simple valuation - one way that is simple but at least gives an idea of positional value is the worst starter method. Since you start 1 QB, just look at the spread between QB1 and QB12 to get an idea of the value spread at QB (I prefer to do a 3 year average when I have time, but for simplicity sake you can just look at last year) 0 Spread calculated as QB1-QB12, QB2-QB12 and so on (super easy to do in Excel) In this case, since Cousins actually is your QB12, we know Jackson had a value of 518.95 - 332.45 = 186.5 Rinse and repeat for each QB (thus you can slot a value into your rankings for this year - ie if calc says QB4 is a value of 137 pts, you can assign that to whomever you rank at QB4, assuming you don't do your own projections based on your scoring system) For RB, look at the spread of RB1 - RB 24 (for now we will ignore the flex positions aspect) and do the same calculation using RB24 as the baseline (as you start 2 RBs) DO the same thing, come up with values to assign to RB1 - RB24. Let's say you have Chubb as RB5 this season - just assign him the value you came up with for RB5. Now look at the values you came up with for Jackson and Chubb - as their cost is very similar, it would be wise to keep the one with the higher value, which I am going to go out and make a relatively safe guess that it is Jackson. The above method is rather simple and works best if you take the average of at least 3 years (looking at QB1 from each year, not worrying about the name associated with the final ranking), but it is fairly effective in showing where the positional value is within your league based on your scoring and lineup settings.
  15. 2020 FSGA drafts

    2 required RBs or just 1?