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  1. Should Antonio Brown be numero uno?

    There are a lot of factors that would go into this: Lineup Requirements - How many required RB and WR? Is it a 2QB league? Scoring - PPR or not? Anything else that adversely affects positional value? League Size - In combination with lineup requirements, the number of required starters across the league is a bid determinant of positional value. League Tendencies - Are the other owners likely to stock up on a single position early? It is impossible to say he is the #1 overall player as a blanket statement for all leagues. He should definitely be in the conversation for the majority of leagues, but in no way would I be comfortable saying he should be the #1 overall player drafted for most leagues.
  2. Keep Tyreek Hill or Brady

    100% this - in a 10 team league, Brady is JAG at QB realistically, Hill at least projects to be an easy weekly start
  3. Who has been here since the 90s?

    And still coming here. Creature of habit I suppose
  4. When to draft Saquon Barkley

    What are your rules on keepers? If you are able to get him with the #5 pick, are you able to keep him and Kamara in the year's to come?
  5. Jimmy Graham...........

    Whats the total salary cap? Pretty important as the answer could change if its a $100, $200 or $500 cap. Do you get PPR? I see very few scenarios where I'd consider keeping Ryan over Graham at those prices (well, ok, I see no scenario where I'd keep Ryan over Graham), but if your cap is only $100, I don't think I could justify putting 17% of my cap into a TE. If it's a $200 cap, 8.5% of cap to a TE is pushing the bounds of what I'd personally be comfortable with, and I would say it's a bit on the high side for a non-Gronk/Kelce TE (and very high for a non-PPR league), but Graham and probably Ertz are the only other 2 TEs I'd consider in that cost range, but wouldn't say either is a slam dunk.
  6. Keeper Help, please.

    I'd lean Evans and Thielen as well at those prices, though I think arguments could be made to keep AJ Green over Thielen, especially with 5 owners using first round picks on keepers, you still have Barkley, David Johnson, Kamara, Cook, Gordon available, so you could theoretically come out of the first 3 rounds with one of those backs plus Green and Evans in a PPR. I like that as much as any combo of the other teams you listed (Brown/Fournette is a solid start but he won't pick until the 3rd, and Elliott/Adams is not bad either)
  7. Ertz for #4 & #14? Dynasty

    It's a steep price for sure. I think the only way I would pay that much for a TE is if the league were a TE premium league and acquiring a guy like Ertz would strongly help your odds at a championship. If it is not TE premium or you are not realistically in championship contention by adding Ertz, I think I'd prefer to add whichever rookie RB you get at 4 and keep the #14 - or parlay just that pick into a TE improvement.
  8. Big dynasty trade PPR

    I prefer the JuJu side on this. Mike Williams is talented but as long as Keenan Allen is there he will never be better than the #2 option at best, and who knows what the situation will be at QB once Rivers moves on, so looking at a very murky long term situation for him. Cohen also likely never an everydown back so he just adds in as similar value to the guys you already have with maybe a little more of the high reward/high risk type play. Ross also has some potential if he can stay healthy, but also is not likely to ever be a #1 WR, as he is a true speed WR that, like Cohen, will usually be a boom/bust type play for the foreseeable future. The 2.16 rookie pick is not of much value assuming non-IDP, but I'd still prefer to have JuJu over the other 3 players combined. Yes, he is behind Brown on the depth chart, but the offense virtually assures of him of top 20 production, and Brown is turning 30 this year and likely going to start to see a slide sooner rather than later while JuJu is only going to be 22 midway through the season.
  9. Dynasty league trade

    Sure it's fair, but again, what would the point be? You hurt your QB depth, get a little younger with your RB depth and turn Moncrief into a 2nd round rookie. If I'm the other guy I'm probably doing it for sure to get Cousins, for you, yes, it adds some youth, but nothing that is likely to really boost your team, so I'd be iffy on it unless you think it better positions you to flip these guys for something better.
  10. Should The Commissioner Review Lineups On A Weekly Basis?

    And his job is to do what exactly? Change the lineup to what he alone deems to be best? What gives him that right? May as well let him negotiate all the trades between the teams, determine who should get what free agent, etc.
  11. Dynasty league trade

    Which Coleman is it - Corey or Brandon? What would be your motivation for making the deal? As I see it: Cousins>Dalton Williams=Mack (both have potential, both have a ton of questions, both have competition, have very similarly rated short and long term with neither likely being a long term stud) WR - None are very appealing or likely have long term dynasty value, kind of a wash. Unless you happen to have Mack that much higher than Williams, I don't really see the reason for making the deal.
  12. Dynasty deal for #2 pick?

    Every league I am in that is a keeper/dynasty allows unequal draft picks and all have no offseason roster limit. There is a cut down day before opening week when each team must cut down to the roster limit. And hopefully you don't also have positional limits - that's almost as dumb as the fixed number of picks.
  13. Amari

    I would do it as well, assuming you are the one receiving Penny and the 2nd rounder.
  14. Keeper Help

    Assuming you only start 1 QB, I'm keeping Gurley in this situation. Rodgers is much more easily replaced, and even the value he presents as a 15th rounder (unless you have unique rules that drive up QB value) is not that great compared to the possibility of having Gurley for a 3rd plus still having your 1st round pick.
  15. I'd say the 50+ responses from the other site you posted this same question to a few days ago, just like your other threads, should suffice, don't you think? Many of the people here are on that site as well, so you're essentially asking the same people. Maybe you'll get different answers I suppose. But, much like that other thread, rule was poorly written, should be revised.