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  1. Playoff tie-breaker question

    As @Jackass says, your league rules should state how tiebreakers are determined for your league, thus no reason really for a debate as far as how it pertains to your particular situation. Now, as far as overall what is a more fair or, more importantly, a better barometer of overall performance to determine playoff teams, that is a different discussion altogether. My opinion is that in general total points is a better indicator of performance than looking at a one week sample size (I am not a fan of H2H being a determining factor of anything in fantasy football, nor am I really a fan of divisions in fantasy football). I am also a fan of rewarding consistency, so I like to put up the argument that all play record over the course of the season is also a strong measure to consider bringing into the equation.
  2. We picked the wrong week!!! Damn it!!!

    How did your team put up two different scores?
  3. Bragging rights

  4. Waiver Wire Targets

    Some truth to that based on Stafford's history of home/road performances, but Galloday's performance is tied to his redzone usage/TD scoring, which by its very nature is going to be boom/bust. A possession WR that will get 4-5 catches/game will have more consistent value in a PPR, a guy like Galloday does not have that potential, at least not yet, and is likely nothing more than a flex option when you are looking for that boom potentia as he could go off for a 3 catch, 45 yard and 2 TD day on any given week, it's just that those weeks are likely spread to every 3-4 weeks, and you have to gamble on which week it will be.
  5. Potential trade

    Basically you'd be trading out Gurley as a weekly flex plus strong bye coverage for one of those WRs as a flex plus the depth of one more WR. I'd be more inclined to sit tight on those RBs. Would upgrading the WR3 for flex/bye weeks be nice, yes, but not at the expense of Gurley. I'd be more inclined to see if you could package Fleener with one of your last 3 WRs for a WR improvement that gives more solid bye/flex coverage. I don't like your counter at all - you're downgrading from Freeman to Miller as flex/bye RB coverage, downgrading from Diggs to one of those WRs as a weekly starter and adding one of those WRs as flex/bye coverage while Sanu/Golladay/Moncrief, while inconsistent, can do that for the two weeks that you will need them.
  6. Gordon and Keenan Allen on the same team

    If they are the player at the position that will score you the most points then it is not a bad idea. If you are trading for Allen and taking a hit just for the sake of trading for Allen, then it is a bad idea.
  7. Tricky trade with Elliott lol

    Are you letting the rest of your league know about the condition of the trade regarding Elliott's potential suspension? Asking because this is getting pretty close to a roster sharing situation.
  8. David Johnson Dropped

    Absolutely worth a pick up and stash for next year. It's just a dislocated wrist, it's not like he dislocated his knee and tore multiple ligaments. Still a serious injury but not exactly career threatening or affecting his long term value.
  9. Crowder or Lee

    I liked Crowder before the season started and still think he is the better option and would go with him. The injury to Allen Robinson should increase targets for Lee, but still not the same level of upside as Crowder has.
  10. Drop John Brown?

    I know I wrote out a lengthy post earlier, not sure where it went - I'm assuming not a keeper league - anyway, I agree, especially in a 14 teamer and if you are short on RBs, probably best to keep Henderson, even if for immediate value he is likely the wekest of the group, if he gets an opportunity or if Anderson/Charles/Booker get dinged up/under perform, he could be in line for a few decent weeks. I wouldnt drop Lee - it remains to be seen how RObinsons targets will get divvied up now, so we have to assume that some of them will go to Lee increasing his value a bit. I understand the concern with Brown - probably still slightly better situation overall than Richardson, I've got concerns about the real upside of the Seattle offense as a whole with the poor OL there, but you have to be on the field to have any value and Richardson is on the field. I don't think it will significantly affect your team either way, so I suppose I'd say go with the guy that is on the field in Richardson.
  11. Question

    Step 1: Is the other owner even willing to move Julio - maybe start by inquiring, saying that with the loss of Johnson, perhaps he'd be interested in a deal of something along the lines of Hunt and Hopkins for Julio and a lower end RB2 type in return. He gets two startable players, you get Jones and a backup RB. I personally think Hunt will not perform like that every week so he is a perfect sell high candidate.
  12. P/U Martavis Drop Cupp

    Think Booyah nailed it - my view is that Bryant will be boom/bust, mixing some big multi TD weeks with 30 yard snoozers, while Kupp is more likely to be a consistent 60-70 yard guy with an occasional score tossed in. I think the answer depends on your team makeup and if a more consistent guy or a boom/bust guy better compliments what you have.... from a value perspective, they're pretty similar, just for different reasons.
  13. Waiver Wire Targets

    Seems to be a 6 of one / half dozen of one other, but Richardson at least is healthy - of the three listed, Brown would be the one I'd drop as well. It remains to be seen just how many of Robinson's usual targets go to Lee now, so hold him for his upside, and as you said Henderson is a lottery ticket RB and you are weak at RB, so all else being equal, he's worth a keep at least for now.
  14. Should I pick up AP

    I think you could get better return/value by shopping some of those WRs - maybe pair a Fitz/Hilton type with a White/Rawls for a better RB upgrade.
  15. Trade Fournette?

    You have 6 more weeks to figure it out, so don't rush it. You don't say what your lineup requirements are, but assuming 2 RBs, I would say that the drop from Fournette to West as your every week starting RB is going to hurt you more than finding a fill in QB for two weeks. Your sig line also says this is a dynasty league - if that is true, then this deal is beyond a big fat no, it is a pretty insultingly low offer for Fournette. Hoyer is just as likely as McCown or Glennon to lose his job by week 8 or 9 so if you end up doing this deal, you very well may be hurting yourself at RB, getting a borderline starting WR that doesn't really improve your current group and still not having a QB.