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  1. Landry to Cleveland

    Us bottom feeders pick what we can.
  2. Landry to Cleveland

    Not exactly a high bar to get over.......
  3. Bell Making it impossible to sign long Term

    In a vacuum they would be better with Bell back there, but in reality if they were to spend that much on a Bell, they would then have to take hits elsewhere on the field. If you add $12/mill to your RB spend, you have to make up for that elsewhere, perhaps taking a hit to the O-line or D-Line in the process that may cause a greater hit to the overall team than the improvement from your run of the mill $3-4/mill/year guy to Bell.
  4. I would have to think that unless the Browns brain trust thinks that one of the QBs coming out this year is transcendent (if they believe that, then use the #1 on the QB), they are better off doing some combination of the following: 1. Sign a bridge QB and give Kizer a year to develop to see if he can be "the guy" 1a. If they are already convinced Kizer is not their guy, could still do a bridge QB, or could go after a better FA QB 2. Use the 1 and 4 picks on greatest need. 2a. If no "generational" talent, then I'd shop the picks. A team out there will pay a pretty good haul for the #1. Let's say you can still get a top 10 pick this year, a first next year, and quite possible another 3rd. I'd lean that route, where I still have two top 10 picks this year, another 1st next year and an extra third. If they keep the 1 and 4 picks, and are set on taking a QB, I'd lean to taking that QB at the #4 pick and not first overall, unless they really have one of these guys well above the others. That way they can either do an offensive overhaul and take Barkley at #1 then QB at 4, can trade down as detailed above, take QB at 4 and still have another top 10 pick to address OL or DB. A lot of options here. At this early juncture, I'm not convinced any of the QBs coming out are transcendent guys and I think the Browns can do more for the long term good of their franchise by not taking a QB with the #1 overall pick.
  5. [dynasty] ... most under valued players?

    To me it is exactly these factors that make Henry a definite buy target in dynasty leagues. His value is currently depressed but he has a massive upside. Every dynasty league structure is a bit different, if you are in a position with your team where you can acquire him without necessarily needing him to be a weekly starter in 2018 (ie you have a decent albeit older TE option already), the payoff could be big. A lot depends on what the current Henry owner has, but in a TE required dynasty league, he is definitely on the buy list. In regards to a lot of the rookie and second year players mentioned above, at least in the dynasty leagues I am in, none of them would be available at a trade price where I would say they are undervalued - Cook, Mixon, Davis - all are taking premium offers to pry. Of the other names already mentioned, Sammy Watkins and Malcolm Mitchell are both very intriguing and can usually be traded for at a less than premium price.
  6. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    I dreamed about you last night
  7. Playoff tie-breaker question

    As @Jackass says, your league rules should state how tiebreakers are determined for your league, thus no reason really for a debate as far as how it pertains to your particular situation. Now, as far as overall what is a more fair or, more importantly, a better barometer of overall performance to determine playoff teams, that is a different discussion altogether. My opinion is that in general total points is a better indicator of performance than looking at a one week sample size (I am not a fan of H2H being a determining factor of anything in fantasy football, nor am I really a fan of divisions in fantasy football). I am also a fan of rewarding consistency, so I like to put up the argument that all play record over the course of the season is also a strong measure to consider bringing into the equation.
  8. We picked the wrong week!!! Damn it!!!

    How did your team put up two different scores?
  9. Bragging rights

  10. Waiver Wire Targets

    Some truth to that based on Stafford's history of home/road performances, but Galloday's performance is tied to his redzone usage/TD scoring, which by its very nature is going to be boom/bust. A possession WR that will get 4-5 catches/game will have more consistent value in a PPR, a guy like Galloday does not have that potential, at least not yet, and is likely nothing more than a flex option when you are looking for that boom potentia as he could go off for a 3 catch, 45 yard and 2 TD day on any given week, it's just that those weeks are likely spread to every 3-4 weeks, and you have to gamble on which week it will be.
  11. Potential trade

    Basically you'd be trading out Gurley as a weekly flex plus strong bye coverage for one of those WRs as a flex plus the depth of one more WR. I'd be more inclined to sit tight on those RBs. Would upgrading the WR3 for flex/bye weeks be nice, yes, but not at the expense of Gurley. I'd be more inclined to see if you could package Fleener with one of your last 3 WRs for a WR improvement that gives more solid bye/flex coverage. I don't like your counter at all - you're downgrading from Freeman to Miller as flex/bye RB coverage, downgrading from Diggs to one of those WRs as a weekly starter and adding one of those WRs as flex/bye coverage while Sanu/Golladay/Moncrief, while inconsistent, can do that for the two weeks that you will need them.
  12. Gordon and Keenan Allen on the same team

    If they are the player at the position that will score you the most points then it is not a bad idea. If you are trading for Allen and taking a hit just for the sake of trading for Allen, then it is a bad idea.
  13. Tricky trade with Elliott lol

    Are you letting the rest of your league know about the condition of the trade regarding Elliott's potential suspension? Asking because this is getting pretty close to a roster sharing situation.
  14. David Johnson Dropped

    Absolutely worth a pick up and stash for next year. It's just a dislocated wrist, it's not like he dislocated his knee and tore multiple ligaments. Still a serious injury but not exactly career threatening or affecting his long term value.
  15. Crowder or Lee

    I liked Crowder before the season started and still think he is the better option and would go with him. The injury to Allen Robinson should increase targets for Lee, but still not the same level of upside as Crowder has.