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    If you notice, he only posts the random numbers in the rate my team posts that have the OP doing nothing put putting in his roster and not giving any informaton, such as number of teams etc. Nothing can be gained from those posts as there is no information for which to rate a team. The same goes for the who will win this week posts.. generally he is the only one who posts the correct answer which is the team that scors the most points. No one is clairvoyant, so no one can answer those questions. He does give spectacular advice to anyone that follows the posting guidelines for the forum and actually asks a question with some thought in it, such as WDIS posts where the OP actually makes some comments on why they are leaning one way or the other, etc. or trade advice posts where the OP says why they are considering the trade etc. It is his way, albeit sometimes childish, to make a point about how the useless posts do clutter the board so that people asking legitimate advice questions that could help many other Huddlers with similar lineup or trade situations don't get pushed off the boards by insecure posters that bump their rate my 6 man league team to the top every 20 minutes.
  2. Start Bench List

    I will be sure to bring it up at the Huddle executives meeting in Las Vegas tomorrow.
  3. DMD and WW in Vegas

    Yeah... I am "working" for the next four hours, then it is off to have lunch with my wife, go pick up Darin and go to the airport. Viva Las Vegas
  4. Best Food Network show

    I really like How to Boil Water. It has Tyler Florence, who did Food 911, and some other chick who is a non-chef. Of the shows you listed, I enjoy Iron Chef America... nice to see what they can come up with.
  5. MFFL Online Draft Sucked

    You can rank your own players using the My Draft List feature. Did one draft live at MFL this year and it went extremely smooth, no hangups, no conenction issues no problems finding a player on the list or anything.
  6. Legal Formation

    Like the others have said, you must have 7 on the line I believe... so, technically, you could have 4 RBs on the field with one on the line of scrimmage ie a FB playing like a TE or an RB spred wide like Marshall Faulk does fairly often... that, or go with no "QB" and have 4 backs in the backfield.
  7. Free IDP Fantasy Advice

    Better mark that advice at NSFW for most.
  8. Free IDP Fantasy Advice

    Fixed your thread title
  9. Can league commissioner see blind bids ?

    It is a setting on the Abilities Setup page for the commissioner. You can go to your league bylaws page, and at the bottom of the Abilities Setup section will tell you what the current setting is set at. If it is set to yes, then the commish is locked out and if he changes this setting the league will get a notification e-mail. Also note that if the commish is locked out from this, he can no longer assist owners by submitting lineups or waiver requests for them if they are away from the computer or confirming that they put in a waiver request correctly That said, if there is a trust issue with your commish, your league is going ot have problems sooner than later.
  10. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 1

    Ok Hugh, totally hijacked your thread.. hope you still agree with the way I went....LOL.... now time for me to go to lunch in a few.
  11. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 1

    Tough call between Green and Martin IMO, but I lean Green as well. No logical reason other than gut feel that Green will have a slightly better game than Martin and my coin came up heads which i said was for Green.
  12. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 1

    I lean Jackson as well. He has looked fairly strong so far and IMO STL should get a lead and we''ll see plenmty of Jackson in the second half running the clock (not that Martz would do something conventional like that if he got a lead)
  13. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 1

    I agree 100% with your thinking here. I only saw a little bit of Arrington when he played the Raiders, and what I s did not overly impress me. He id have one nice run called back, but other than that the Raiders were breaking through the line and hitting him in the backfield and he dropped a pas over the middle htat he should have caught. I go with jordan and see if Moss and Porter stretching the field don't open him up some nice lanes.
  14. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 1

    IMO, I like Harringotn, simply because of the weapons he has. As you are going to go Bulger all season barring injury, I think harrington is more likely to give you that explosive game when you are without your main QB, while Carr is more of a consistent 225-250 yards with 1-2 scores. If your primary QB was a little less secure, I would advise towards Carr as I would want a safer option in case I needed him more than one week, but, as that is not the case, I say go for the home run with Harrington
  15. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 1

    I stick with Lelie and Boldin until we see what sort of distribution of the ball happens in Detroit.