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  1. My League Is A Joke

    Where did you find this league?
  2. Championship strategy

    The bolded
  3. Dynasty leagues, FAAB and roster size

    I'm in a couple dynasty leagues with varying formats, but for the most part, there is a hard cap on roster size during the season, but in the offseason it is open so you have your rookie draft, can pick up free agents, etc. and then have to cut down to the roster limit before the season starts. For the "more complex" IDP dynasty league I am in with contracts and FAAB, there is also a restricted free agency period in the offseason where player movement occurs.
  4. Tie Breakers

    What's the argument against the possibility of a tie during the regular season? If the point of FF is to try and figure out the best starting lineup each week, one could argue it's better to have a tie than having some random attribute that has nothing to do with that point determine the outcome. I've never been a fan of using bench points as you are basically rewarding the owner that made the poorer decisions with their lineup, using highest average score is rewarding someone for something that has absolutely nothing to do with that week's matchup, and while at least the options that Smales list are at least related to the current week, it's still very arbitrary and rewards a particular subset of scoring. For playoffs, yes, rules should be in place, and in that case I tend to lean towards ties going to the higher seed as the reward for the better regular season performance, but for regular season games, I've yet to see a truly rational argument for a need to eliminate ties.
  5. Trade question?

    If the guy is playing tonight and in his lineup it likely will cause a problem.
  6. All-play BOTH league?

    If were talking unique formats, I wouldn't mind doing a "Guillotine" or "Survivor" style league (whatever nomenclature you prefer, have seen both used) next season. Ideal setup is 16 teams, each week, the lowest scoring team is eliminated until finally in week 16 only 2 teams remain and 1 ends the week as the champion. Interesting concept to me, but the big risk is obviously having interest the following year if you are the owner eliminated in week one or two. Perhaps come up with some way to include the eliminated teams in a separate contest throughout the season, maybe a token weekly prize for highest score among eliminated teams.
  7. Advice on League Trading Bully

    This is definitely not true - plenty of leagues where the guy that does the most trades still loses, sounds like you are not that experienced in leagues that allow trades, not do you seem motivated enough to put in the level of effort required for competitive leagues that require trades. Trade limit is a stupid idea. Sounds like you should stick with FFPC type leagues. I love my FFPC leagues as they require minimal effort beyond looking at free agents on Wednesdays and setting lineups, however they are not nearly as exciting for me as my more competitive leagues with trades, dynasty/keepers, etc. simply because the added level of complexity adds more strategy and required thought, and while I play in some leagues that have owners that are extremely active all year, I know I am at a slight disadvantage because I can't bring myself to be fully focused on it in the middle of March. In sum, based on this comment from you, the issue is not the league, it is you, and I don't mean that in a negative way, just in that your personality and approach is likely not a great fit for a truly competitive league,
  8. Need to think about it

    100% this - at least make an effort to engage in conversation to see if it is even close before just throwing crap in the league site and hoping for a misclick
  9. Need to think about it

    If you send an offer that is super crappy, then I will sit on it and drag you along as long as I can out of spite. If you send a reasonable offer, then I will usually respond immediately, either by accepting, saying thanks but no thanks or engaging in some back and forth negotiations.
  10. Veto or Allow this trade?

    Guess I'm insane, but I'd probably want the Robby Anderson side of this deal. Tate is on a mediocre offense and is likely about to start losing targets to AJ Green. With Hill back, Robinson is way down the pecking order for targets and as Hill gets phased back in even more Robinson will likely see fewer snaps and even fewer targets. Anderson on the other hand is on an upward trajectory with Darnold back and a friendly schedule going forward.
  11. Auction Strategy - Tons of Starters. Need Help!!

    Yes, so you have to be careful not to overspend on one or two studs, as there are more required starting spots so it will be harder to keep an advantage overall with all of the extra required players. I think my approach would be to let others overspend early on the elite studs so that I can pick up a lot of 2nd and 3rd tier guys relatively cheaper when the other owners are no longer in a position to be able to outbid me.
  12. Auction Strategy - Tons of Starters. Need Help!!

    How many teams? If an 8 team league, it's not that many more starters/players being auctioned off compared to a more typical 12 team set up.
  13. Missed out on the top RB's.. make a deal??

    I wouldn't be looking to make any moves just yet - you have 3 potential top 10 WRs and 5 of the top Zero RB targets. See what you have over the first couple of weeks as it will take a little time to see just how some of these RB situations pan out, if you are fortunate to have hit on the right RBs, then you will be well ahead of the game. If not, then you can look to make a move, but doing something now will more likely weaken your overall team, not strengthen it.
  14. Obligatory pick the one that scores the most points response........... ETA: As noted should be in advice forum and should also include scoring system, as especially PPR or not would have bearing on the advice
  15. Thoughts on this scoring system?

    The first league I played in was set up similarly - major bonuses for longer scores and yardage did not kick in until 100 Rush or Receive and 300 passing. Definitely a different twist.