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  1. Should Saquon be next year's #1 pick?

    As of today, I agree with this, but a lot can change between now and next year's drafts.
  2. High Stakes League?

    To be fair, most of the posts that I see where people say this is a high stakes league is still people talking about their local $50 buyin league. But I agree when I think of high stakes, I would qualify it as the large buy-in tourney style leagues that Big John and DMD described, as there are some slight tweaks to strategy in those, in particular those with playoff formats like FFPC where the playoff spots are not just determined by record, but some spots are determined strictly on points scored regardless of record.
  3. Sounds like you did the streaming kicker/defense approach wrong.
  4. League rules debate on trades

    These are the exact kinds of trades to be expected in any keeper/dynasty league.
  5. Suicide Squad...... Harley Quinn says she can be quite vexing or something to that effect. ashamed I know this without having to look it up
  6. QB/Kicker combos. Pros and Cons. DISCUSS

    Your fantasy score has no impact on any part of the playing conditions. If you thought Butker would score more, you should start him. If you thought McManus would, you start him. I understand what you're saying about Butker not outscoring Mahomes, etc., but it is flawed logic. It's akin to starting the WR of my opponent's QB to "offset" points even though I think my other WR that I am benching is going to score more.
  7. QB/Kicker combos. Pros and Cons. DISCUSS

    Still irrelevant to the final outcome - you want whichever kicker will score the most points. Your fantasy score had no effect on which kicker was likely to score more points, so using it as a deciding factor is no different than flipping a coin.

    He can have the wife, keep him away from the girlfriend
  9. Any player on my roster expendable for a trade

    Everyone should always be tradeable if the deal helps improve your team.
  10. How did this person win in a Tie Game???

    Stat corrections tomorrow will fix this.
  11. Why are Yahoo projections so lousy?

    One week does not a season make
  12. Please Rank our Draft

    Channeling Grits: "12.459684"
  13. QB/Kicker combos. Pros and Cons. DISCUSS

    When drafting - if the QB is your highest rated QB when you decide to draft a QB, and the kicker is your highest rated kicker when you decide to draft a kicker, and they happen to be on the same team, then so be it, but no valid reason to target it and take a lesser rated player to make it happen. When determining lineup - if the QB is your highest rated QB when deciding which QB to start, and the kicker is your highest rated kicker when deciding which kicker to start, and they happen to be on the same team, then so be it, but no valid reason to start a lesser rated player to make it happen. The only caveat is if you have very unique rules that give you a bonus for having the QB and kicker from the same team, something I have never seen in my 20+ years playing this game. It's no different than QB/WR pairings or any other positional pairing
  14. DMD - Suggestions for Draft Kit Tools

    Heck, if this is the suggestion thread, would be nice to have columns be selectable and able to be arranged in different orders. Leading from the ADP requests above, which I second, what I mean by that is it would be really nice to have the option to select what fields you want to have show for each player, and in what order. For instance, in addition to the usual name, team and bye week and projected points, also have the option to display ADP, projected stats, etc. each as an option if a user wants to display them or not. Not exactly a high priority add but would be nice to have some extra features in them linking together all of the information on the site.
  15. Drafting QB Early question

    What do other positions score? What is the scoring disparity between QBs and the other positions. This is one of the few situations where the normal advice of waiting on a QB may not be wise as they likely score such a disparately high number of points compared to the other positions that you are basically playing fantasy QBs and can not make up the point differential at other positions.