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  1. Make this trade in a keeper league??

    I would absolutely do the deal for Mixon - is this a straight up trade, player for player? Reasoning is that in my opinion Mixon plus whomever you take in the 1st is going to be a fair bit better than Cook and whomever you get in the 4th. While the same is likely true for the Drake deal, particularly if focusing on this upcoming season, it is much closer in my opinion as I am not 100% sold on Drake as a long term solution for the Cardinals or as a viable fantasy back.
  2. Second-year wideouts

    Of the ones listed, I would probably take Deebo first as the safest option of the 4. Brown and Hardman likely offer more boom/bust potential, while Samuel should be the safest floor on a week to week basis but without as high of a ceiling on any given week, as both Brown/Hardman can easily bust out the 80 yard score. Harry is the outlier as we hardly saw any of him last year, it's a steep QB downgrade from Brady to Stidham, etc. but he's a very intriguing prospect for sure. Even though he's not listed, I'm probably highest on the potential of Diontae Johnson over any of the 4 listed WRs. He should be getting a QB upgrade with a healthy Roth back, he played most of last season injured and still put up solid numbers that should only go up, plus with Juju being a free agent next year, there is a possible path to being the #1 option in 2021 if the Steelers opt to move on from JJSS.
  3. Miles Sanders worth

    Quick clarification - you don't list the 2.12 as a pick you have, so do you have the 2.12 as well as the 2.2, or is the deal for the 1.2 and 2.2? If the deal is for the 1.2 and 2.2, it's an easy no for me. If it is the 1.2 and 2.12, I'm still on the no side, even though it is closer to a decent offer that possibly with a few tweaks would sway my opinion. Though I do think Sanders would be an upgrade to Ekeler in the non-PPR format, it doesn't really address your real need which is a WR upgrade. Kirk is likely barely even a flex option in non-PPR, especially as long as Hopkins and Fitzgerald are there not to mention the slew of other young WRs ARI has fighting for reps. If you can start 3 RBs, you can make a stronger argument in favor of the deal (if it is for the 2.12), but I'd be trying to get a better WR added in rather than Kirk. As it is, I would keep the pick and take Taylor/CEH if they are there, but ideally I would shop the pick for a major WR upgrade.
  4. Dynasty Drop

    I would agree with that - drop McKissic
  5. Mattison for 2021 2nd Rd pick?

    I think I would absolutely do that trade.
  6. Keeper help needed!

    I'd keep Mixon from this team.
  7. Early Keeper Question PPR 12 Team

    I agree with this. Unless there is something funky in your scoring system that drives QB scoring way up (since the lineup doesn't appear to be a 2QB or Superflex league), there is generally little value in keeping a QB. Chubb for a 10th provides much greater value in my opinion than either Hill for a 2nd or Jones for a 3rd. You lock up one of your starting RB spots for essentially the round that backups would go, giving you a ton of flexibility to draft BPA throughout the draft and maximize value with each pick rather than have to chase and fill a need early because you don't have one of your early picks.
  8. Dynasty Draft advice

    It's a 2 QB league - values get adjusted accordingly so not that surprising.
  9. Undrafted Free Agent Tracker w/Teams

    Might be worth the $10 so I know who to avoid....
  10. Dynasty trade advice

    What are your lineup requirements? Scoring system? If you can start 3 RBs, I'm not sure I like those deals enough to get me to move Jacobs. If you can only start 2 and can start 3 WRs, then I could see considering those offers. Of the two, I'd be more inclined to go with the Keenan Allen one unless you think you could possibly turn around and package the picks in the JuJu deal for a better pick (either this year or parlay into 1sts next year)
  11. Dynasty league trade advice

    Do you think anyone in the top 3 would be willing to part with their pick? If so, I think I would start negotiating with them. Since you have 2 RBs required, If it was my team, I'd want to try and move up to get an RB to pair with Guice. See what they are asking for, research the RBs, as you may be able to move up cheaper now while there is a lot of unknown compared to after the draft when the hype train gets going. I'd also see if the Bryce Love owner would move him for a reasonable pick package to give you some Guice insurance.
  12. Dynasty league trade advice

    Absolutely fair in my opinion and I think it helps you address your needs. I think you pull the trigger here as it is laid out. If you don't mind, post your current roster and starting lineup reqs after these deals and a quick rundown of the picks you have. Asking because if RB is a position of need for you, with this year's draft class, everything I have read is saying you likely need a top 3 pick to get a decent RB, big dropoff after that (obviously destination, etc. come into play, but as of now this is what I have been reading), so if you want an RB, we'd need to try and package picks/players to get into the top 3 if any of those owners are willing to move one of those picks. If however you are okay at RB even after dealing DHenry (and getting Guice back helps with this), then you may be okay without moving up as it is supposed to be a deep WR class so you can probably still get good prospects with your current picks. Regardless, I don't think you stand pat as is - you have too many picks in this draft (not necessarily a bad thing, depending on roster slots), that I am looking to either consolidate by moving up, parlay into picks next year, or move down and add picks/prospects. For moving down/picks next year, you will usually get better value once the draft has begun as it is inevitable that, given how many picks you have, you will be in a spot where you are up to pick and another owner has a guy that they must get and will overpay a bit to get him now.
  13. Dynasty league trade advice

    I like this one quite a bit given what you are trying to do. Here's how I view it. Clearly you are giving the best player in the deal in D Henry, but TE is usually a dime a dozen and given no RIvers, and your depth at the position, Hunter Henry is easily expendable. Mattison is a decent insurance carry and long term hold if you have the space, but in this deal I'd willingly toss him in. In return you get a high upside RB in Guice, a high upside WR in Samuel, the #10 pick this year (which I'd try to package with some of the haul of picks you got in the earlier trade to move up this year or parlay into next year to spread your draft picks out) and a 3rd next year that is a decent trade asset. Is this your offer to him, or his offer to you? Asking because if it is his offer to you, then I'd see about countering to make the 2021 pick at least a 2nd, or, if he is particularly motivated to make the deal, see if you can get his 2021 1st if you throw in your 3rd next year or a couple of those mid round picks this year. You obviously don't want o push it too hard and blow the deal, but given you are the one giving up the top player, if this is his offer to you, you may be able to get a little more value out of it.
  14. Dynasty league trade advice

    Would that be brown in the for Fuller or for someone else? Personally, I am not high on Hunt really regaining the magic he had in KC, so I would want Brown in over him. He and Fuller both have high potential as WRs (Fuller with Hopkins gone, if he can stay healthy, and Brown if he continues to progress on his rookie season). Mack has show flashes and can fill in fine for a rebuilding team. Would he do Brown, Fuller and Mack and not ask for a pick in return? Really depends on your view of Hunt I suppose.
  15. Dynasty league trade advice

    Agree - I'd certainly consider something like that, but I'd want to be getting a pick back, though, given the haul you already have in the current draft I'd try to get picks from the 2021 draft to cast a wider net so to speak.
  16. My League Is A Joke

    Where did you find this league?
  17. Championship strategy

    The bolded
  18. Dynasty leagues, FAAB and roster size

    I'm in a couple dynasty leagues with varying formats, but for the most part, there is a hard cap on roster size during the season, but in the offseason it is open so you have your rookie draft, can pick up free agents, etc. and then have to cut down to the roster limit before the season starts. For the "more complex" IDP dynasty league I am in with contracts and FAAB, there is also a restricted free agency period in the offseason where player movement occurs.
  19. Tie Breakers

    What's the argument against the possibility of a tie during the regular season? If the point of FF is to try and figure out the best starting lineup each week, one could argue it's better to have a tie than having some random attribute that has nothing to do with that point determine the outcome. I've never been a fan of using bench points as you are basically rewarding the owner that made the poorer decisions with their lineup, using highest average score is rewarding someone for something that has absolutely nothing to do with that week's matchup, and while at least the options that Smales list are at least related to the current week, it's still very arbitrary and rewards a particular subset of scoring. For playoffs, yes, rules should be in place, and in that case I tend to lean towards ties going to the higher seed as the reward for the better regular season performance, but for regular season games, I've yet to see a truly rational argument for a need to eliminate ties.
  20. Trade question?

    If the guy is playing tonight and in his lineup it likely will cause a problem.
  21. All-play BOTH league?

    If were talking unique formats, I wouldn't mind doing a "Guillotine" or "Survivor" style league (whatever nomenclature you prefer, have seen both used) next season. Ideal setup is 16 teams, each week, the lowest scoring team is eliminated until finally in week 16 only 2 teams remain and 1 ends the week as the champion. Interesting concept to me, but the big risk is obviously having interest the following year if you are the owner eliminated in week one or two. Perhaps come up with some way to include the eliminated teams in a separate contest throughout the season, maybe a token weekly prize for highest score among eliminated teams.
  22. Advice on League Trading Bully

    This is definitely not true - plenty of leagues where the guy that does the most trades still loses, sounds like you are not that experienced in leagues that allow trades, not do you seem motivated enough to put in the level of effort required for competitive leagues that require trades. Trade limit is a stupid idea. Sounds like you should stick with FFPC type leagues. I love my FFPC leagues as they require minimal effort beyond looking at free agents on Wednesdays and setting lineups, however they are not nearly as exciting for me as my more competitive leagues with trades, dynasty/keepers, etc. simply because the added level of complexity adds more strategy and required thought, and while I play in some leagues that have owners that are extremely active all year, I know I am at a slight disadvantage because I can't bring myself to be fully focused on it in the middle of March. In sum, based on this comment from you, the issue is not the league, it is you, and I don't mean that in a negative way, just in that your personality and approach is likely not a great fit for a truly competitive league,
  23. Need to think about it

    100% this - at least make an effort to engage in conversation to see if it is even close before just throwing crap in the league site and hoping for a misclick
  24. Need to think about it

    If you send an offer that is super crappy, then I will sit on it and drag you along as long as I can out of spite. If you send a reasonable offer, then I will usually respond immediately, either by accepting, saying thanks but no thanks or engaging in some back and forth negotiations.
  25. Veto or Allow this trade?

    Guess I'm insane, but I'd probably want the Robby Anderson side of this deal. Tate is on a mediocre offense and is likely about to start losing targets to AJ Green. With Hill back, Robinson is way down the pecking order for targets and as Hill gets phased back in even more Robinson will likely see fewer snaps and even fewer targets. Anderson on the other hand is on an upward trajectory with Darnold back and a friendly schedule going forward.