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  1. Super Bowl teams, who do you have?

    Dak (lost wentz) kamara dalvin cook Michel / Damien Williams / Ware / Mcguire (unsure still) davante adams allen Robinson robby Anderson ertz greg the leg Da Bears
  2. Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    Jesus Christ you have more problems in ff than a sex addict in a whore house
  3. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    Just need 1 point between Kamara and Samuels in a ppr to move on to the ship.. thank you Dalvin cook and Damien Williams
  4. Chiefs/Bolts

    I picked up ware and Damien Williams when the hunt news broke. Really glad I grabbed and held on to both started Williams over a slumping Sony Michel this week to the tune of 31 points nice start to the playoff run
  5. Sony a dangler?

    That was quite the performance for a dangler
  6. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    And this ^
  7. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    Ya ok 👌🏻Never really considering yet you posted a thread asking about doing it. I’d say that’s the definition of considering it but whatever makes you feel better 😂
  8. O. J. Howard on IR

    It is sooo thin at the position this year and I usually in the last 10 years completely forget about TE pos till late in drafts. This year for whatever reason in my 3 leagues I have Ertz, Ertz, and Kelce.... I’m 9-2 , 8-3, and 7-4.... guess it was a good year to grab top TEs! 😁
  9. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    That was incredible to watch 2 heavyweights exchanging haymaker after haymaker
  10. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    Ya it was an ok game but nothing like last weeks monday night game.... 😂
  11. Why did Winston get credit for this TD instead of Evans

    Probably don’t have OFRTD as a scoring option in your league
  12. This ^ that is what I’m planning to do but I am 9-1 and 4 games ahead of the playoff cutoff so I have the luxury
  13. Good night, Le'Veon, where ever the hell you are

    Hmmmm not sure... if he can’t I’m sure he’s burning it at both ends 😏
  14. Good night, Le'Veon, where ever the hell you are

    😂 him and LeGarette Blount roller we’re already suspended once for burning the devils lettuce... he may just join mister Williams in his pursuit of total mind command
  15. Good night, Le'Veon, where ever the hell you are

    Bye Felicia 🙄