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  1. Luke Kuechly retiring

    Smart move! Great And smart player and a well spoken guy. NFL network and ESPN I’m sure are already reaching out to him for an analyst position. I see him being very successful in that endeavor in his next chapter of life.
  2. Another reason to respect Josh McCown

    F@cking Mans man right there!!
  3. Vikings vs 49ers

    Was scared of dalvin and that run game... super proud of my niners and how they showed out on def today! Bosa = F@cking stud and so happy they got him and shanahan is a boy genius and I feel can put any running back in there and succeed. It’s impressive to watch... congrats to the Vikings and their fans for their season they have been and will continue to be a great team with zimmer at the helm and a back like cook to run the ball glad we were able to beat a really solid team today and move on
  4. Derrick Henry in walking boot.

    Amen brother he is a BEAST
  5. Titans vs Ravens

    Teams hot at the right time they write storybooks about teams like this and the run they’re on!! And Vrabel is a stud!
  6. Titans vs Ravens

    And just like that the head of the dragon is chopped off. Tennessee looked good and ready but Lamar looked pedestrian and lost most of the time besides running whenever he could. But put him in a pass or go home and he failed miserably... still think he’ll be good but this doesn’t bode well for the ongoing legacy everyone was bestowing upon him. And by the way Henry = BEAST... he’s gonna get paid and set the new standard for RB salary
  7. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    PP sent
  8. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    I’ll take max 8 - 4 on each

    AFC Team QB: BAL-Lamar Jackson RB1:BAL-Mark Ingram RB2:KC-LeSean McCoy RB3:NE-Rex Burkhead TE1:KC-Travis Kelce TE2:NE-Ben Watson WR1:KC-Tyreek Hill WR2:KC-Sammy Watkins WR3:KC-Mecole Hardman WR4:KC-Demarcus Robinson PK:BAL-Justin Tucker DEF: BAL NFC Team QB:NO-Drew Brees RB1:NO-Alvin Kamara RB2:NO-Latavius Murray RB3:SF-Matt Breida TE1:SF-George Kittle TE2:SEA-Luke Willson WR1:NO-Michael Thomas WR2:SF-Emmanuel Sanders WR3:SF-Kendrick Bourne WR4:SEA-David Moore PK:NO-Wil Lutz DEF: NO Tiebreaker #1 - 274 Tiebreaker #2 - 53
  10. Sea vs sf ... No PI at end of game?!

    Is it not how it’s been called all year? And it was reviewed ok? So shut it and let the team who earned home field with solid football the whole year get their due respect. Homer or not can’t take a f@cking thing away from a team that earned what they got
  11. Sea vs sf ... No PI at end of game?!

    Love it when one Stupid f@cking play gets all the attention from a huge win for a team. They did review it in NYC and determined no PI consistent with how’ve they’ve called it all year...Did they not? Move on and give the respect the niners deserve for EARNING # 1 seed
  12. SEA has lost their top 3 rbs?

    Same ^ always enjoyed watching him... I was a big Cal Berkeley fan since I was young. I was only 50 minutes from memorial stadium from my doorstep And him growing up in Oakland another stones throw from my doorstep. I knew of him since his high school days and then followed him into college always a fun watch on and off the field!
  13. SEA has lost their top 3 rbs?

    If the action is a full year of smokin the tweeds and gettin then gains... big boy gains!! he may be good on goal line attempts as he’s still beast mode but you don’t peel yourself off the couch and expect to be nfl game ready.... see zeke in Cabo training
  14. SEA has lost their top 3 rbs?

    5 day training camp? Can’t be in very good shape
  15. What did Jameis eat for breakfast today?

    Not sure what he ate but he was definitely sprinkled with picksy dust again!