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    Well crap top of the heap and if not for Marcus Williams blundered tackle sitting real pretty...
  2. Brady Worked to Force Garrapolo Out of NE?

    Not sure what the pissing match in this thread is all about but whoever forced him to the niners... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
  3. This can't be real.. can it?

  4. Thank You Todd Gurley

    Fortunate enough to beat the teams with him in both championships I won
  5. One-and-Done Playoff Contest (Old School)

    I’ll play again... Thanks Karl
  6. How's the weather for the Rams / Giants game?

    Last I checked it was raining Goff TDs I believe... Oh hey C1
  7. What Do You Need On MNF?!?!

    Same scenario for me lost by .35 in my $500 buy in league in to move into a playoff spot. F@cking PI last play in a 20 point game
  8. Jimmy Gruffalo to SF

    Great move Coach I like it... I wanted them to make a move for him before the year better late than never I suppose. Shanny should be great for him in his growth in SF
  9. Zach Miller May Need Leg Amputated

    Ooof that’s hard to watch.... hope for a full recovery
  10. Patriots vs Chargers game thread

  11. one of the coolest FF-ish related photos

    Taz has openly talked about this photo in past threads
  12. steelers fans/those who have watched alot of the steelers this year....Martavis

    Was gonna say Habit as well... but if anyone’s ever in Napa go to either Squeezins or Gotts roadside best burgers in the valley for the price
  13. Playoff clincher/elimination

  14. Playoff clincher/elimination

    Sad what this place has come to SMH.... The old days the boys woulda chewed up and spit out these NTOY’s now they just piddle around aimlessly
  15. Week 8 milk carton

    I think someone likes to hear themselves talk... revisit in a few days rider