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  1. Week 6 Milk Carton

    Niners defensive front is no joke QBs aren’t gonna be able to sit back and pick them apart anymore.
  2. Week 6 Milk Carton

    Zeke and cowboys as a whole they just look pedestrian last two weeks of actually playing decent competition. Should have never taken zeke I knew it and I’m paying for it.
  3. Monday Night Football Browns/49ers

    Really happy with the defensive performance again and the run game is legit. This is a young team and sky is the limit going forward the next several years. I love the hate already from people in my circle and around the football world who just can’t stand the niners becoming a good team again. But that defensive front is beastly if they can get some depth in the defensive backfield the next couple years that defense is gonna be lights out. Feeling real good on this Monday night been a while since I loved my team and the direction it was heading! Go Niners!!! Whats up bier? Come see me in the Pacific Northwest! I’m the only one rocking a Jimmy G jerzee
  4. Monday Night Football don’t remember year maybe 2008ish. Brett Favre’s dad passed away a few days before game and not even sure if he’s gonna play. He announced he would because dad wouldn’t have had it any other way. So of course I fired the old cowboy up in my lineup He went for like 400 yards and 4 or 5 TDS at Oakland to squeak out a win for me. It was an emotional watch he was unstoppable that night!
  5. Week 4 milk carton

    So so glad the rumor of him to the niners didn’t happen... did I mention so so glad
  6. Week 4 Injury Report

    Hopefully not with Sam Darnold... you know kissing disease and all
  7. Kelce leading BUST of the year....

    What is this thread even doing here
  8. VENTING!!!!!

    I think it’s time to cut ties with Mahomes can’t even record a TD!
  9. Frank Gore to BUF

    One of my favorite niners all time! Go get em Frank the tank!!
  10. TNF: Eagles/Packers

    Was an easy prognosis when he was in close up mode on tv rubbing his toe and didn’t come back in... turned to my buddy who I was watching game with and also owns him in our league and said that sucks but that’s turf toe!... he analyzed it every way under the sun of what it could be besides that and I just kept saying sorry dude 😂
  11. The NFL needs new blood

    Must Of Been Drunk
  12. Week 3 Injury Report

    In a boot on crutches not good
  13. Who Woke Mike Evans Up?

    Third hookup for TD
  14. Week 3 Injury Report

    Ya that looked like an ankle or knee and he wasn’t putting much pressure on it... not good
  15. Minshew

    Yep sold the California overpriced market home for 700,000 and bought on 15 acres. I own a tree business up here now. Best move I ever made don’t miss crowded California one bit and I was born and raised in the same town for 43 years