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  1. Tyrod Taylor injured, Justin Herbert starting for the Bolts

    Followed him through college and loved him coming into the draft... pulling for him to have a great career
  2. Anybody buying Scotty Miller?

    Grabbed gage over him last week on waivers as I got slammed with injuries at wr... glad I did he won me the game this week 152.3 - 149.2 as I lose with Miller in there
  3. And thats why I drafted Zeke!

    Jinxed so hard now
  4. James White inactive

    So sad feel for that whole family...
  5. Russel Wilson

    Straight stud... even though he’s our bitter rival I enjoy watching him perform more than anyone in the league he is unbelievably poised and talented!
  6. Week 2 Chat

    TD # 2 in the books
  7. Kenny Golladay injury

    Golladay fournette and Connor for me weeeeeee
  8. Colts Oline

    All I know is there awesome upset loss took half the field out of my 10,000 dollar survivor league... literally 52 people had them for week 1 and quite a few had philly. There’s 37 out of 104 people left. I was the only one who picked NE while everyone else used the likes of KC - Balt and a few others
  9. All-Decade Teams

    Amen... COUNTLESS hours of research and getting scores for fantasy matchups
  10. Super Bowl gambling thread

    This is my favorite prop I do it every year for about the past 10 years and look for a long shot for a 1 yard plunge like a fullback. I did Redmond of the Steelers the first year I ever bet in it in the cardinals vs Steelers years back and got him at 35-1 put a 100 bucks down. And then the first score was a field goal and Redmond scores a td after that. I thought I had lost all the way till halftime and then my cousin who I was in Tahoe With said they circled Redmond on the board for first score. I thought it was just first score not first TD. And I went up and collected my 3500 bucks like a kid in a candy store.
  11. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    Amen brother
  12. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    Nah I know man and it’s fun for me too. Sh!t I’ve Had beers with guys in these forums over the years that I went at it with and we laughed and enjoyed ourselves in those meet ups! I’m passionate for all my teams and will defend them to the end. Right or wrong I love my teams and will ride or die with them and our true fans!
  13. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    You’re funny I can dig it!
  14. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    I Agree with you don’t see the Reid hate as I think he’s a fantastic coach! I know he’s had some stumbles along the way I’m not blind but really feel he learned from all those missteps and his team will be locked and loaded. And also I would definitely want Jimmy to beat me over the run game as well the only problem is the run game comes from a ton of different looks ex. samuel kittle and various directional runs out of the backfield. I think if they sell out to stop it the play action quick hitters down the middle will be open all day and that’s actually where jimmy excels. Should be a damn good game I’m nervous as KC is a studly team and Mahomes is arguably the best player in the NFL right now .. but hey any given Sunday baby! Cheers man I enjoy your posts you are a knowledge cat and I dig it!! (Wedding Crashers kinda)
  15. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    @Shorttynaz yes I actually did wasn’t aware I was supposed to specify that it wasn’t analysts and experts I talk to daily... so there’s that