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  1. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    This has to be a joke we’ve known most of the week he’d be playing.... that’s on you boss
  2. Fournette out for week 7

  3. Which WR to start? Why Mike Evans?

    wrong forum
  4. Bragging rights

    And this thread is irrelevant without pocs of your wife naked... now that's a brag we can get on board with
  5. Bragging rights

    Come back and talk to us when you been at it for 20+ years
  6. Who's FF team hit worst by injury bug

    Rodgers Fournette (I know no word yet but didn't look good and guy basically crawled off the field) D.Cook OBJ Olsen C.Clay (my replacement for Olsen) My $500 main local pretty much done deal with most of my early draft picks gone. I dropped to 3-3 today but am decimated and not a lot of hope on the wire.
  7. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.... nom nom nom... act like you been there before in the NFL young man oh wait you haven't!! Yet you're still a cocky POS every "good run" you have with the feed me motion... sit yo a$$ down and come back humble and not disrespecting women... Your mom should be so proud of your past antics
  8. Will Fuller

    Picked him and funchess up two weeks ago out of absolute necessity and plugged them both in two weeks in a row. I'm overly pleased at the results so far. Couldn't have asked for much more to this point.
  9. Goff is getting his shot!

    Well hell I think he set the sunset over big D today and set off on his horse back west.... Yeeeeeehaw
  10. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Oh your sunshine boy you've had a hard on for the last year heard your cries of his inability between the ears.... Goff doesn't forget there C1 and you definitely weren't pulling for him last year pull your blinders tighter bud. Mr. sunshine just came into your house and spoiled what Chef Elliott and king Dak was cooking nom nom nom.... eat a little of that crow big boy Goff without fisher has all the potential as a real leader and is gaining momentum towards his true potential of the number 1 overall pick... Now bend the f@ckin knee and watch the sunset over big D
  11. What are T.Y. Hilton owners doing with him?

  12. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

    Don't everyone dislocate your shoulders patting yourselves on the back He was typically in the 3rd-4th round of all my drafts right there with fournette and dalvin. I got him in a couple leagues big deal it was where a starting rookie RB on a typically run heavy reid team should go. Everyone around fantasy circles are acting like they are geniuses for taking him and any leagues who had people laughing at you for picking him please extend an invite to me next year.
  13. Survivor - Week 1

    100 dollar buy in 75 people total and 18 people had N.E. Still don't know who I'm picking have Pitt penciled right now but have flip flopped between them and Buff all week
  14. Zeke for Brandon Cooks and Kareem Hunt?

    Don't be a thread jacker start your own or keep it in your own
  15. CBS question regarding waivers and player availability

    You're welcome