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  1. Hello Patriots
  2. Play and simple break it down like this... Brady has ice running through his veins is more clutch than anyone in big situations in the history of maybe any sport. He won that game more than Atlanta lost it. He has to be damn near perfect in the comeback effort once again and he was! Some lucky breaks sure but no one else brings that team back to win that game but him PERIOD... Well maybe Montana
  3. Hey I'm just willing to take a shot on any young QB who has some promise! It's an upgrade any route they go with the crap that's been on the field the last two years. It's a rebuild I don't expect the next guy to step in to be the answer but I'm willing for them to take the chance and that it pans out. If they go a Garrapolo route or a veteran free agent and draft a couple young guys to learn the system for a few years I'm good with it. I am willing to give an offensive mind like Shanahan the benefit of the doubt in choosing correctly. Everyone has the right to be the Monday morning QB with their 2 cents and I respect it but it can't get any worse time to throw some darts and see the if they stick.
  4. No question he is the GOAT.... Just a jaw dropping moment in a career where you didn't think the jaw could drop any further
  5. Good riddance
  6. The difference I feel is he hasn't had any major arm,neck,back issues like a Peyton and he has such a fluid non violent throwing motion that won't be an issue. And his game is not mobility so older legs won't prevent him from doing what he has his whole career. I could see him playing 3 more very productive years and still going out on top.
  7. Time will tell until then continue on
  8. Surround yourself with people that do and soak up the knowledge
  9. Exactly... And guaranteed it was Kyle's guy with the history with pops. Fresh young faces I'm willing to see where it takes them after the debacle the last few years
  10. 40 tacos sent via PayPal
  11. just a wise crack as 4 x 2 does not equal 40 but in this scenario it does
  12. All great analysis and I definitely agree with you and think Atlanta is actually a better team especially with NE being gronkless. I just would take Brady and Belichek over Ryan and Quinn on the big stage is the bottom line for me. I think it will be close with the experience edging out in the end.
  13. If you have to hear Matty Ice one more time.... are you serious Mr. Slip Romo ya didn't think so move on Cowboy!
  14. Huh?! Ok?
  15. While I agree NFC is definitely a tougher division New England is a more disciplined team that does not make mistakes and the coaching staff and Brady have been there many times before. I believe this and this alone gives them the upper hand even with inferior talent at all positions to give Brady his 5th title and solidify him as one of the greatest to ever put on an NFL uniform! As I've stated before it will be a close hard fought battle but Tommy boy will once again reign supreme!