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  1. Tyreek Hill again...

    He’s a piece a $hit plain and simple. He beat his fiancé when she was pregnant with his now 3 year old and punched her repeatedly in the stomach while pregnant. That was his black mark coming into the league. He’s a dirtbag and I hope he burns in hell. SMH
  2. Jordan Howard is an Eagle

    So he’s like one of those tiny houses that are all the rage
  3. DeSean Jackson traded to Philly

    How’s the shoulder feeling?
  4. Robert Kraft busted!

    That’s quite the turn about... 😂
  5. No Tag For Nicky TD'S

    Double same thought maybe it was a thread about the AFL or whatever the hell that other league is 😂
  6. No Tag For Nicky TD'S

    She was most definitely tagged