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  1. I didn't know you were here.

  2. Does this avatar make me look fat?

  3. what the small one said

  4. i am only looking because i know it makes you uncomfortable. it's for your own good.

  5. Today...It's on!

    There are Eggs all over the country.
  6. Today...It's on!

    nice meal this evening. I always wonder if everyone is enjoying a feast as much as me. It was nice when, at the end of the evening, a couple of the guys spontaneously asked if they could take home some of the left over ribs (I tend to make too much, just to make sure no one leaves hungry). Now, if only portis could go off...
  7. Today...It's on!

    http://www.biggreenegg.com/index.php?optio...4084f0da668615d all knowledge will be yours. somewhere on the site there's a place to type in your zip code to find the closest dealer.
  8. Today...It's on!

    You get real nice smoky flavor. I order wood chunks online as I prefer chunk to chips. You are correct on the plate setter--I allows for the indirect to slow cook the meat.
  9. Today...It's on!

    The Egg is a very heavy ceramic--it holds heat nicely. You have an adjustable vent on the bottom and one on the top. Because it is ceramic, in combination with the vents, it's very easy to control the temp. I've done low and slow from 180-190 degrees, to searing a steak at 800 degrees. I have cooked as long as 20 hours on one load. You can set up a regular and place another metal rack on top of that for direct cooking. It is also possible to set up indirect cooking with a plate setter. [Plate setter--think pizza stone with legs] Invert the plate setter and place the metal rack on top. That's the set up I'm using today with my ribs. under the metal rack, but on top of the plate setter is a water pan filled with apple juice. Right now, I've got the temp at 210 degrees and it will hold steady for hours until I adjust vents. I use lump charcoal and on long cooks (pork butt, ribs, etc), I mix in the wood I want within the lump. I think I answered all your questions. Any others? I'm always happy to talk about the Egg.
  10. Today...It's on!

    I think I'll try it this way next time and see if there's a difference.
  11. Today...It's on!

    membrane be gone.
  12. Today...It's on!

    I like to put the rub on the day before to allow it to get in the meat. There's only certain meats that I put a rub on, ribs being one of them. I put the rub on, wrap in saran wrap, and let them sit in the fridge over night.
  13. Today...It's on!

    I have 15 lbs of baby back ribs, purchased from my best friend, the local butcher. The rub went on yesterday. The Egg, lump charcoal, and cherry wood are ready. About 5 hours of low and slow, indirect cooking on the Egg--followed by an hour of light mopping with my smoked onion bbq sauce. Snacks include home-made onion dip, chili dip, stuffed mushrooms (herbs and cheese), and jalepeno poppers (along with chips, pretzels, etc.) Sides include home made mac and cheese, home made baked beans, and some vegetable dishes that people are bringing over. Dessert, I made a cheese cake and my wife made her famous, no flour, chocolate tort. Two televisions with direct TV football package and ales aplenty. And the Gators beat the vols last night. sigh...Life is good.
  14. Gators / Vols

    Life is good.