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  1. Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse

    sounds like the laws are similar or the mandated reporter (the doctor) would not have reported it and the state attorney would not have brought charges. I guess it would pay to know the laws of the state you reside in before beating a 4-yr-old with a switch and leaving welts/open cuts on him. I can see where it would be difficult for a typical adult to figure out if that behavior was abusive or not.
  2. Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse

    By legal definition, it is. In Florida, if you spank your child with an object, it is legally considered abuse. Now, you don't have to agree, but if you engaged in such activity in Florida, and a mandated reporter of abuse discovered this, you'd be voicing your disagreement to a judge/jury.
  3. Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse

    Could you explain exactly how correlations implies causation? I was always taught the opposite and now understand that I am mistaken.
  4. Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse

    I've never once, ever, hit my children. One is 18 and one is 15. Neither has been in any trouble and I'm consistently complimented on their behavior. And really, people are defending a parent who hit his four-year-old child hard enough with a switch to break skin? In several different places? Really?
  5. The Blitz Pick'em Memorial

  6. Flacco: "I'm the best QB in the NFL"

    Flacco wishes he was as good as Tim Tebow.
  7. Have you ever gone undefeated?

    As long as I give my best effort, I never feel like a loser.
  8. Two Teams are going to tie on purpose.

    Those two managers suck. They are fantasy football pieces of schillt.
  9. Why Won't Wife's Ever Learn

    If my wife said that she didn't wake me, I would have grabbed her right then and there and engaged in said activity.
  10. Done with paid services for FFL

    I always accurately prognosticate fantasy football player outcomes. However, I refuse to whore myself out to the likes of you.
  11. MJD? where is he?

    And I'm not even on thehuddle payroll.
  12. MJD? where is he?

    I don't think that trade is going to work out for you.
  13. This forum

    I object to the overtly sexist tone in this post.
  14. MNF - Broncos @ Falcons

    Good idea! I should try this with women!