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  1. And the winner of Super Bowl XXXIX

    Seahawks over Colts---I wished my 49ers would be there--but they will be lucky enough to finish ahead of the Cards in the NFC west---they don't have much on either side of the ball this year
  2. Smarty Jones loses!

    I watched the race--it appeared Smarty was going to win--but it seemed like he faded in the last 200 yds--I'm not a horse racing fan but I really wanted him to win the Triple Crown!!
  3. Does anyone know of any I can look at before my draft day this Saturday??
  4. Larry Hughes vs. Joe Johnson

    I live in Sacramento--I get to see the Kings and a lot of the Warriors--Trust me you dont want Hughes-take Joe Johnson--sounds like this guy is the real deal--I wished I could get him because I need scoring in my league--
  5. I prefer McCullough because he is on a better team and he has Jason Kidd to get him the ball--Miller has Greg Anthony--I think you see my point--