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  1. The NFL Hall of Fame 2018 Class

    Just a question for anyone-has any other player declined their invitation to be at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony?? I don't recall if this has ever happened before.
  2. The NFL Hall of Fame 2018 Class

    It's too bad TO didn't learn how to act classy from the rest of his 49er teammates (such as Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and others) when he was playing for the 49ers.
  3. Who has been here since the 90s?

    I joined in July 2001--for 3-4 years prior my keeper league teams were terrible-since then I've only missed the playoffs twice and have placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd many times. The huddle helped me turnaround my teams and I will continue to use this website.
  4. Trade question

    I wouldn't do this deal. Kamara looks like he's set for a big year.
  5. Worst NFL broadcasters (Please chime in)

    A guy I do like is John Lynch. He was the former Tampa Bay Bucs safety. I think he is good at explaining the game of football on both sides of the football.
  6. Worst NFL broadcasters (Please chime in)

    The worst for me has to be Dick Stockton. I can't stand to listen to him.
  7. Thanks TS!! This spreadsheet is so helpful!!
  8. Wtd Avg Projections Spreadsheet

    ts and rhino: Thank You so much for putting together this spreadsheet again this year. I got 3rd place in my keeper league last year--and your spreadsheet was a big reason why I did so well!! Good luck to both of you again this year too!! badboy
  9. Hi Rhino!! Your spreadsheet was a tremendous help to me in my league last year. I finished 3rd in part to your spreadsheet. Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!! Are you going to be able to do the spreadsheet again this year?? I hope the answer is yes, but, if not, I do appreciate all the work you've done in years past!! badboy
  10. Rhino's spreadsheet

    Does anyone else do a spreadsheet similar to Rhino?? I thought he did such a great job last year-- my first choice would be to get Rhino's spreadsheet again--but if anyone else has one please let me know. Thanks so much!!
  11. No FF Index this year

    I've bought the magazine since 1992---I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I guess I'll check out other magazines because I like to have at least 1 as reference before, during, and after the draft.
  12. I need some advice. I'm in a performance keeper league-1 pt per 50 yds passing, 6 pts per TD, and -2 for INTs I currently have Rodgers, Cutler, and Kolb as my QBs-- I like to keep 3 on my roster-- my question is do I hang on to Kolb or do I pick up someone else available QBs are Young and Orton I'm thinking Orton might be a good 3rd QB to have What do you think??
  13. Wtd Avg 2010 Projection Sp-sheet

    Thanks a bunch Rhino!! good luck to you in your leagues this year!! badboy
  14. who will win the nfc west in 2010?

    Here's how I would rank the NFC West: 49ers---another good draft this year--more protection for Alex Smith--improving defense with Patrick Willis & others Arizona--takes a step back this year with the retiring Kurt Warner Seattle--great first draft this year for Pete Carroll but there are quite a few holes to fill in the defense--Lendale White a disappointment for the offense & no more Waler Jones St. Louis--should be better than last year with Bradford at QB--defense still needs some work but the Rams should be a couple games better this year
  15. Should I trade Ronnie Brown for Portis in my keeper league?? Its a performance keeper league- 1 pt per 25 yds rush 1 pt per 25 yds rec 6 pts per TD Thanks!!
  16. Bold Pedictions for my Boys

    I think the Giants are still the class of the division---they made some great off season moves I'm not sure about the Skins-although it seems Mr. Snyder isn't helping the team The Eagles--who knows--is Jimmy Johnson going to be back to coach the defense?? If so, they may have a shot at the playoffs I see Dallas as maybe a wild card team--9-7 or 8-8 at best--and not just because TO is gone
  17. Head Coach

    I would go with Coughlin as my coach--the Giants are still the best in the NFC East-- I like their off season moves. Others I would consider---Tomlin of Pittsburgh, Belichick from the Pats, maybe even Del Rio in Jacksonville
  18. 1 pt per 50 yds passing, 6 pts for TD pass/run Thanks a bunch!! Rivers is home vs KC Rodgers is at Minnesota
  19. I'd go with Hightower & Jones as well......
  20. Draft Pick You MOST REGRET So Far.......

    I picked Selvin Young at pick# 69 in my keeper league--I'm thinking I should have gone with Lendale White or Mendendall-- any opinions one way or another is appreciated!!
  21. CCS Pick #28

    I'll go with Romo too!!
  22. Hi everybody!! I'm just curious why Jason Elam signed with Atlanta after all the years with Denver?? I'm sure he realizes the Falcons will not be a good team this year--did he sign with them just for the $$?? Is he a Atlanta native?? I'm just wondering why he didn't sign with a good team since most of the teams he was on in Denver were pretty good.
  23. Thanks for the info!! That makes sense to me why he would sign in Atlanta. I hednt read anything yet this year about Elam. There seems to be a lot of bad teams--my 49ers included with Atlanta--but I see Denver better than KC and Oakland this year---but probably not good enough to overtake the Chargers.
  24. CCS Pick #24

    Steve Smith!!