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  1. For a WR needy team, who's more likely to flash early? Seems like the Jets are short WRs, will be throwing, and BP appears healthy. It seems like BP will be easier to move on from early for other pickups if he doesn't show in the first couple games or stay healthy. Thoughts?
  2. Line up questions

    Agree- It's Cam and Juju is a great start.
  3. WR help- Yahoo 12 team

    It's FAAB waivers so no worries on priority.
  4. WR help- Yahoo 12 team

    Yahoo 12 team PPR league, mostly typical scoring but 6 pt passing. QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2FLEX, 1 DEF, 6 Bench, 2 IR Mahomes CMC, Conner, Swift, TColeman, CEdmonds Lockett, Diggs, Kirk, CDLamb, Pittman Ertz, Hooper, Herndon Titans I landed 1.01 in the snake draft. I liked my start but went off the rails after round 6 or so with a short timer. Obviously, I like my starting RBs, QB, and TE, but the WR group is pretty weak. I landed Hooper & Herndon late and liked the value at TE much better than WR at that point. I could start all the TEs if needed. Overall- I'm confident the team will be competitive. Primary concern is weak WR group with little to no depth. Secondary concern is Swift, TColeman, CEdmonds could eat precious roster spots but none seem droppable or startable in the short term. I feel like with the advantages at QB & RB I should be looking for some high floor players (it's another reason I felt OK with Hooper and Herndon at flex) Free agent FLEX options pretty weak. Golden Tate and Breshad Perriman are likely the best options. Should I be looking to swap Ertz and one of Kirk or Lamb for a better WR1 or 2 (or Ertz and Diggs for an elite WR)? Thanks, CoH
  5. WR help- Yahoo 12 team

    Thanks for the response. Given the starting requirements of 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, & 2 FLEX vs only 6 bench spots. I'm going to have to see if I can pull some 2 for 1 deals to improve the roster while adding depth from WW.
  6. Damien Williams thoughts?

    Tough thing is- he is going late second or early third in most 12 team drafts. If you are picking in the 7-12 slots you either reach past some pretty strong players or he will never make it back to you.
  7. MB League #1 12 teams

    My decision to draft Luck's backup for the early season insurance looks ok
  8. Lamar Miller just went down with knee injury

    I've got Duke in a couple leagues, which is great and all, but if I'm drafting soon I'm not sure he'll be worth the bump in ADP given the uncertainty they bring someone else in.
  9. MB League #1 12 teams

    It's available on the Draft Report page. At the top you can toggle between list, grid, and draft recap.
  10. MB League #1 12 teams

    ANDDDD, we're back...
  11. MB League #1 12 teams

    And yet I think this is by far the fastest one of these drafts I've participated in.
  12. MB League #1 12 teams

    I freely admit. Long time message board draft leaguer, rarely in the running...
  13. MB League #1 12 teams

    I am by no means an expert, but I'm pretty sure this is closer to where his ADP will end up compared to where he's been taken prior to recent news.
  14. MB League #1 12 teams

  15. Message Board League #1 Chat

    Looking forward to another fun year!
  16. Message Board League status

    Reporting for duty! Thanks!!!
  17. Can be counted on to give well-thought out advice. A huge help for newbies like me!