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  1. Josh Gordon for Kerryon Johnson

    No way
  2. Was offered Zeke + Sanders for DJ + Jeffery

    I'd want zeke
  3. Jones Jr. for Boyd

    Do it
  4. Need a TE in trade please help

    Brate on ww?
  5. Ingram trade

    I'd settle for obj for Hunt if he doesn't bite on a combo including Gordon or woods
  6. Is this a good deal

    They all suck
  7. Davante Adams for Le'Veon Bell

    Based on your starting lineup I'm gonna say you can't afford that gamble
  8. Drop Chris Hogan for...

    Drop him for a backup rb (injury replacement). I usually try to do this a couple times a week - TNF (drop Fri), and again for the early sun (drop before early games are over)
  9. Was offered Baldwin and Collins for Kupp

    I'd do it even though I don't like Baldwin. Can you get another rb/wr2?
  10. Good Trade for a good RB?

    You'll be lucky to get an rb2 for cooks
  11. Advice on my lineup? (With pic)

    Drop Callaway ivory and flacco
  12. Gurley Trade

    Howard and Johnson belong on the bench
  13. Gurley Trade

    Not enough
  14. add/drop advice

  15. Fuller/Miller for Gordon/Ajayi

    No. Gordon is snake oil