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  1. Sutton, Hamilton, Ridley, Reynolds

    Good advice, Amigo! Picked up and flexed Foster right before kick off. Just need 4 pts from Reynolds and I'll be defending my crown next week in high stakes
  2. Sutton, Hamilton, Ridley, Reynolds

    Thanks but after your Hamilton advice (so far), I'm questioning your street cred
  3. Sutton, Hamilton, Ridley, Reynolds

    That's what I'm thinking. Play Sutton or Foster over j Adam's in flex?
  4. Sutton, Hamilton, Ridley, Reynolds

    Could also pickup foster
  5. I never draft a kicker or defense. Don't even pick them up until playoffs or if I'm in a tight game
  6. Kareem Hunt Altercation

    Knee-jerk reaction maybe? I have Hunt in my high stakes league where I happen to be LM as well, and the thought never crossed my mind to step down as commish or quit ff entirely - that's insane. If over the course of 17 weeks you can't put together a team that can't survive with the loss of a single rb1, then maybe you should just quit.
  7. Amendola or Bourne

    Shoot didn't have a chance to see responses in time. Let's go bourne!
  8. It's just ignorance. It's fine, though - try it and you'll quickly realize what you've been missing. It will cost you an extra couple brain units per week - no more than 3, though
  9. Drop Ekeler for Penny?

    Who do you think will go down first - Gordon or Carson?
  10. Kerryon for?

    ok. how would you rank these ppr ros edelman boyd jeffrey
  11. Kerryon for?

    He's not biting on carry-on or Collins for either of those wide receivers. How much trade value does wentz have right now? My starting qb is Ryan and his is trubisky. Would Wentz alone be enough for either of his 4 wr or would I need to package?
  12. Kerryon for?

    Owner of top 3 also has cooks, and currently has alshon on his bench