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  1. Should I trade Jordan Howard?

    His value is low now so just wait it out. Cohen is little and could get hurt
  2. Panic stations

    Shop Cohen as he's the only player outperforming his adp
  3. Don't love any of their matchups this week. Having buyers remorse for trading cohen/kupp for Thielen this week, as both of those guys would be in my lineup. Thx
  4. Buy High on Thielen

    About to pull trigger here. Any more feedback? Thx!
  5. FLEX: Tyreek Hill or Ty Montgomery?

    Tyreek the freak
  6. Adding Carson, who do I drop?

    Rawls will play this week so I wouldn't start carson
  7. Mariota trade value

    Needle hasn't moved since you drafted him
  8. Buy High on Thielen

    Thanks for the reply. I'm more bullish on Thielen. That said, don't want to overpay. It's difficult with these 3 as their value at this point is more speculative, and you could make an argument that each could have breakout years