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  1. Flex: Exeter, Perine, Woodhead, or Yeldon

    Who would be your second choice? Can't trust Woodhead yet. Don't think he's in shape. Not being able to lift or run for two months does a lot to a body - especially a little guy
  2. Flex: Exeter, Perine, Woodhead, or Yeldon

    you think hes gonna get carries this week? i usually wait till a player returning from injury starts producing before starting them again. i am starting collins on same team.
  3. Ppr. Yeldon would mean dropping either Mack, Perine, or Exeter. Thx!
  4. Martavis Bryant rest of season

  5. Duke Johnson or A Collins

    id roll w collins here
  6. Freeman for AD and Mariotta

    Thanks. I even told him I owed him a steak dinner at El gaucho or John Howie, but he has yet to reply.
  7. Freeman for AD and Mariotta

    So I ended up accepting the trade. Afterward, the co-commish posted a comment about my "dumpster trade" and I was shocked to hear that most of the other mgrs agreed. That was when I went back and reviewed the pending trade and realized it included my giving up Hill as well! When I first opened the trade on the yahoo app, it displayed Freeman for AD/Mariotta but apparently if I had scrolled down, Hill was below Freeman - which as this post confirms, I was unaware. On the yahoo app, it gives you the options to accept, deny, counter, etc, without having to scroll to the bottom. The commish informed me this am that he spoke to a few of the mgrs and their belief was that the trade should be processed. When I explained the circumstances and sent a screenshot of what I saw on my end before accepting, everyone but the guy involved (who happens to be a co-commish) agreed that it should be vetoed. I made the realization and objected well before AD played last night, but the other team is holding their ground - he's claiming I got cold feet. What are your thoughts? Should I be be held accountable for user error, or should I be given leniency for a mistake anyone could have made?
  8. Freeman for AD and Mariotta

    Mariota is da Man!
  9. Lost Winston so in need of a QB. Seems like Arians is committed to running AD ros. Freeman is consistent but low ceiling. Same owner had Cousins, but Mariota seems to have a pretty good schedule and is getting some wr back, right? Should I accept or counter Freeman for AD/Cuz? Thanks Amigos
  10. Stafford or Carr ROS

    What if I were to throw cousins and mariota into the mix. Same owner has both and his team is in shambles
  11. Stafford or Carr ROS

    So slight edge to Carr so far - Thx. How would you rank Goff if added to this group? He is currently benched on another team, and could be a potential target. thx!
  12. Stafford or Carr ROS

    Winston owner here, and assuming he's done for the year. Can either of these take my team to the promised land?
  13. Winston owner here

    Eli is rostered. Would you rank Taylor the highest out of the 3? Seems like they're all playing good ball right now. Like carr but his receivers drop everything and Stafford throws a ton.
  14. Winston owner here

    Make a move for Carr, Stafford, Taylor (same owner), and give up someone like agholor, a Jones, Collins, or pickup Dalton, bortles, Keenan, Hundley for a couple week filler? Thx amigos