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  1. Aaron Rodgers - perfect time to trade for him?

    I traded Rodgers for Demarco Murray. Fairly under performing as well, but needed to make aide
  2. Seahawks Packers Game Thread

    Just in, #37 for Green Bay heads to local Seattle hospital for whip-lash like symptoms due to the shove in the back....
  3. Playoff Fantasy Football

    We just finished our local Playoff draft via MFL. Did it all on line....worked great.
  4. Local league and Doubleheader week for the grande finale before playoffs and he has Vincent Jackson playing Monday night and I have none: Dbaxx: 132.50 Pitt-kings 131.70 Pitt-kings is also playing Los Cool Arrows who has Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates his score 132.50! Exact same as Dbaxx So PK's loses 2 games BY THE EXACT same score, to 2 different teams in the same night! He does end up making the playoffs by a hair. Dropped from 2nd place in his Division to 4th, but made it. Any other "weird or close" finale's like this?
  5. Thanksgiving thread!

    Ok, well if memory serves, it started out with, "looking into the toilet and seeing a foot and a half long Boa Constrictor, tapered at both ends....."
  6. Thanksgiving thread!

    Happy turkey day! To some of the old timers here, remember the post years ago by the Great Spain about the "Post Turkey Day Dump"? Classic......let's see how good Big John is on that one!
  7. Question about keeper leagues

    Who is the person you want to pick up?
  8. Reversal of calls is getting stupid

    I agree.....Az cardinals just had an INT reversed via the Calvin Johnson rule. Gets pretty sickening.
  9. I am starting Bernard Scott over De-suckelo Williams. You probably have a shot at getting more points with Ball that Williams.
  10. Ingram owners

    I concur...I had Matthews last year as well. Hopefully, Ingram cranks out a great second half.
  11. Ingram owners

    Plus, I think anybody that took a flyer on Ingram, was hoping that he would be the next Arian Foster, Ray Rice, etc.....not happening, so that's the disappointment with having him on your roster.
  12. Collusion? What to do?

    I think Ryan is going to tear his ACL this weekend and Rowdy Roddy sits out with a hammy after the 1st qtr, so, no it's definitely not collusion. If anybody else has any clear cut collusion issues, please PM me. TIA...and YWIA...
  13. The common denominator of sucking balls teams seem to have a gore or Mendenhall combo in there. Kinda funny. I traded Mendy/and some scrub for Deangelo/newton after week 2 and everybody snickered. Turned out pretty good....
  14. UFC 126

    Thanks for the heads up....didn't realize the Prelim fights were on Spike. Good first fight. Owagamba is split open like a peach above his eye.