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  1. Huddle Message Board Leagues

    I'm not tired of getting crushed yet. This will be my year...... The Grey Pilgrim is in.
  2. I love week one! Not...share your misery

    I drafted heavy in Broncos, Packers (but not J Jones) and Saints. Not a lot of wins in week 1.
  3. Jimmy Graham

    I think that is a bit early, but it is not a crazy pick by any means. I would doubt he is there for your next pick, so it could be your best chance to grab him.
  4. Which position to draft in round 5?

    I like Kelce, but I like Olsen without Benjamin more and Jimmy Graham even more.
  5. Any bad picks in your league?

    The worst draft pick so far was in the Huddle league I am currently drafting in. It was my pick for CJ Anderson as the first pick overall. Not a real stupid pick, but, not one you see everyday, either. But I like my team overall, and I do think CJ has as good a chance as any to finish as a top RB. I believe John 2V made the same case a day later. Obviously, I knew none of the top RB's were coming back to me at the end of round 2. Might as well get the one I liked best.
  6. Huddle Message Board Leagues

    Yes, very nasty taste in 3 leagues last year. But through the years I have noticed that when I am way wrong about a player, about 75% of the time my logic is not wrong, just off a year. Bad timing only. So, I'm hoping this is one of those times.
  7. Huddle Message Board Leagues

    Yes, The Grey Pilgrim is still drinking what I call the Montee Ball kool-aid. I'm hoping the ingredients and logic were correct, but the year was wrong. Short of an injury, I'm thinking Denver rides CJ hard this year and if so, I like his chances to put up big yardage, receptions and TD's. Anyway, this is a league to have some fun with.
  8. Does anybody have any news or just an opinion on whether Greg Hardy will play anytime soon, or at all this year? He is available as a free agent in one of my leagues. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Panther homers?
  9. Anybody have any input about Greenway today?
  10. Do you think someone actually started Eli?

    I am also in a league where an owner started Eli and Donnell. I think he is winning 55-0 about this time. Ouch, I'm glad I played that owner last week. He sat R. Wilson this week for Eli. That takes some nerve I think. Oops....thank you for the clarification about Wilson's bye week, Irish....
  11. If people don't get their keepers in on time?

    Our league commish has been a bit lax about the keeper deadline. Last year, they were due on Saturday night a week before the draft, and two owners had not reported their keepers. But by the next day, both teams had posted the keepers and nothing was really said about it. One owner who got his keepers in asked about a penalty, but the commish just said he has run the league lax for the 20 years and no reason to shift. End of issue. This year, all the owners reported their keepers timely. And most years they are reported timely, will only occasional lapses.
  12. Predictions / Movement

    I liked the arrows and the written explanation.
  13. Main league - how'd I do?

    A nice starting team. Overall strength at WR, but weak at bench RB's and QB. Hope for a healthy team and Johnny Football to win the job.
  14. Message Board League?

    The Grey Pilgrim is ready to get started!!!!
  15. My Fantasy League site

    Our league is currently using CBSsportsline. :-( But we are wanting to switch to a free site or MFL. CBS has a column on the Roster page titled "Contract." We have off-line drafts. Usually, we place the round each player was drafted in that column. We allow 3 keepers and it is usually based on the round they were drafted in last year. Each "keeper" costs 2 rounds higher than the prior year. So, it is very helpful to have a website that shows the drafted rounds. Unfortunately, Yahoo and ESPN do not have a column that can be used as the roster to show a round drafted on the rosters homepage. I believe all they have are stat columns. I believe all sites have a "draft results" page, but that doesn't really work, since we often drop players or trade players throughout the year. If we pick anybody up off the free agent list, they are not keepable, and we leave the "contract" column blank, so it is evident the player cannot be kept. Does anybody know if MFL has the ability to show the drafted round of each player on the roster page?