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  1. Luck retired and He was a Keeper

    Our league has existed for 28 years and is pretty laid back, very few rules written down. Our keepers are due 1 week ahead of the draft, which we always hold the Sunday before the season starts. We can keep up to 3 keepers, they move up two rounds from last year's draft spot if kept. If a player has a new injury after we turn the keepers in, then we allow the team to drop him, but not pick up another player. In my opinion, I would have allowed a retirement to signify the same "spirit of that rule." We do not allow an owner to change his/her mind because of an injury that was known about when keepers are due. It must be a new injury and player is put on I/R or very significant. In the league in question, I would probably allow another keeper; especially if they allow it with a new/major injury. To me that is what the spirit of the rule was about. And asking people to turn their one keeper in 5 weeks before the draft???? I don't get that....
  2. Do I take the trade??

    I wouldn't take that trade.
  3. Dump Kevin Jones for Ricky Williams

    Might not end up being a bad idea. But I wouldn't do it today. I'd play the waiting game. It's very early to give up on KJones.
  4. Culpepper

    Culpepper? Bounce back? Uhh............ no.
  5. Post #2K

    Congrats on the milestone post, T.
  6. I too, need WR and RB help

    Those are tough calls, Rook, no doubt.
  7. Culpepper

    Culpepper? Bounce back? Uhh.......Yeah.
  8. Ed Hartwell?

    I noticed he only had one tackle last week. Can anybody give me any thoughts? Is he hurt somewhat, or did just playing the Eagles, where the runs are rare, with Westbrook receiving out of the backfield have a detrimental impact on his stats. Thanks for any background. I have Bulluck as my starter LB, but drafted Hartwell to back him up. So, I'd like to get the skinny on Hartwell.
  9. The Edge Debate

    I took Edge with the 8th pick in the 1st round last year, and was one and done in the playoffs. But I had a bad draft and lost TO at the end of the year. But, I was glad he was drafted this year with the 7th pick, and I had the 13rh pick. Took Torry Holt this time. Crossing my fingers.
  10. Sunday Morning Inactivity and Injury Update

    Gotta give this a big thumbs up, too. I didn't use it this morning, because I didn't know it was offered. A great addition, if you can keep it up.
  11. Who Ends Up the Pittsburgh Starting RB?

    I think you may be missing something regarding trading Parker and Staley for Bell. I believe your thought is that you wouldn't be getting enough in return, since Bell is clearly a back-up TODAY. But that trade looks like a classic "you can lose the trade and still have a better team" type trade. I think you're team is better with Bell, since you have M. Anderson. So, don't make the trade if you insist on "winning the trade" or "breaking even". But I think you can lose the trade and come away with a clearly better team. Of course, if you can talk the other owner out of extra stuff, all the better. The other consideration to me is whether the team with Bell, is a contender or not. If he is a contender, and Parker/Staley make him better, I might not consider it. But I do believe your team is better with Bell than Parker/Staley. JMO
  12. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    St. Louis
  13. Green Bay Packers

    The Pilgrim is shaking his head. People are ready to give up on the Packer players during pre-season???? I understand the weaker O-Line, but there is a ton of talent on the offensive side of the football, and a crappy defense. Not a bad recipe for success in fantasy football, especially if the players are falling in the drafts. That being said, I am a bit worried, but not near enough to steer clear if these players fall down the charts.
  14. The Bulge

    better O-line, 3rd year of QB'ing for Bulger, Kevin Curtis as a solid #3 WR, Steven Jackson as the starter, and the easiest schedule. Lot's of positives. I took him in two drafts, so I guess I'll find out.
  15. Who will have the better year?

    I took Burleson, then came back and took S. Smith. I like them both and expect strong WR numbers from each of them. I took Burleson at the end of the 3rd round, then took Horn to start the 4th, and came back with S. Smith in the 5th.