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  1. Yahoo League mess up (win and loss)

    The same thing happened in my Yahoo league. I suspect it will be corrected (if it hasn't already).
  2. Weekly Rankings/Projections-IDP

    Who will be doing the weekly IDP projections for The Huddle this year? Will Keggerz be involved?
  3. DMD - Suggestions for Draft Kit Tools

    Steve, see my post in the IDP forum.
  4. DMD - Suggestions for Draft Kit Tools

    I know, I know, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. But I really appreciated having The Huddle cheatsheets in just two pages. Minor issue, I know. I'll get used to the new look of the cheatsheets, I guess , but 2 pages was more concise. I don't like shuffling pages any more than necessary. Anyway....... As a side, I was unable to use the IDP cheatsheets again this year.
  5. Are IDP players ranked properly this year?

    Thank you, Staniels. Appreciate the reply.
  6. I spend 95% of my FF study time on the offensive players, and a small amount on IDP's. So I apologize up front if the rankings are "good to go." Are the IDP's ranked properly this year? I notice DL Joey Bosa and Calais Campbell are ranked in the 20's, but on other free sites they are near the top.
  7. Keeper Advice: Howard or Beckham?

    Still tough to decide. If flex can play 3 RB's, I think I'd keep Howard, then load up on WR's/TE's from there. OBJ would be the 23rd pick, or about 12 picks past his ADP. Not a tremendous value, but good. I think Howard would be better value. But.....tough call.
  8. Drafting 9th

    With a report of a D Cook and L Murray split workload, D Cook could be there in early 2nd round. Fournette a slight possibility. If K Hunt is still available, I’d take him in the 1st round. Then consider a WR in round 2, or either of the other two RBs you wonder about. Watch for M Gordon, too. You might get lucky if several people take WRs.
  9. Kamara vs Hunt keeper league

    PPR league probably favors Kamara. Standard league....flip a coin.
  10. Keeper Advice: Howard or Beckham?

    This one is tough. Both are great value picks. What pick in the 3rd round will you lose if you keep Beckham? And would Howard be a probably keeper next year too?
  11. Keeper 1 pt. ppr

    If you keep Kamara over Brown, you get Kamara and your own 2nd round pick (D Adams, M Evans, D Freeman, etc). If you keep Brown, you get Brown and your 6th round pick (not sure who that might be, but it's not a 2nd round pick type player, that's for sure). Kamara.
  12. I have Beckham in the early 4th round (3rd pick), or Edelman in 19th round. 12 Team, PPR league, basically standard scoring. I was originally keeping Edelman until the 4 game suspension, but now think Beckham is the choice. Opinions welcome......
  13. Huddle Message Board Leagues

    I'm not tired of getting crushed yet. This will be my year...... The Grey Pilgrim is in.
  14. I love week one! Not...share your misery

    I drafted heavy in Broncos, Packers (but not J Jones) and Saints. Not a lot of wins in week 1.
  15. Jimmy Graham

    I think that is a bit early, but it is not a crazy pick by any means. I would doubt he is there for your next pick, so it could be your best chance to grab him.