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  1. Who else is 0-2?

    My starters: 12-team league, 1 PPR, standard performance scoring: QB M. Hasselbeck RB D. Davis R. Johnson WR R. Wayne (been killing me so far) Roy Williams TE J. Wiggins (thought I got good value in mid-11th round for him, still have some hope) K J. Reed (my 2nd best performer after Rudi, enough said) D Patriots (worried about them, giving up too many pts.) I noticed a lot of teams have DD like me, think things will get better after the bye week, hope I'm not 0-3 by then. Ouch.
  2. I usually don't ask for advice...

    Go with Double D
  3. I usually don't ask for advice...

    Do you mean Dominick Davis as DD?
  4. Drop Braylon?

    I think Engram will be a little steadier, while Booker would have the tendancy to have more high's and low's. I'd go for the gusto though and try Booker, more explosive of the two.
  5. WR Help

    I'd go Ferguson (now #2 man in Green Bay), Battle and Crayton, in that order. Keyshawn, Witten and Glenn will take receptions away from Crayton in Big D.
  6. Am I asking too much here?

    I agree, that offer is very fair. He may be a little worried about the ramifications regarding LJ's arrest and may also be a little leary of giving up Holt, especially with the Rams' soft schedule this season. I would hold my ground on what you offered though. Good luck.
  7. In a standard performance league (including 1 pt. per reception), would you start Plaxico Burress vs. New Orleans or Roy Williams @ Chicago? Will reply to all. Thanks!
  8. So am I gambling too much with my WRs

    I'd go with Stokley and DJ. Manning will try and get Stockley his 10th TD and DJ is still the main cog in Seattle. Good luck!
  9. WDIS? Super Bowl!

    I'd go with: K. Jones vs Chi and J. Porter vs KC Wow, you have great WR's. All should contribute well but that Oak-KC game should be a real shootout and I can see Porter with 8 rec, 120 yds and 2 TD's. Best of luck!
  10. Quick Poll

    Voted for Bennett and Galloway. Good luck this week.
  11. Need some help with a Flex spot/D

    I have to agree as well.. go with Goings, Washington D and yes, I think Hous is a better play at this time than Isaac Bruce. The Eagles corners and safeties are pretty solid and I see a lot of points tallied in that Giants-Bengals contest. Chad Johnson and Hous should do well. I, like you, have Julius Jones. I just hope he can get 25-30 carries and get his yards via volume. I'm hoping for at least 80-90 yards and a short TD plunge (or two, that would be nice). Good luck.
  12. Julius Jones or Westbrook?

    In a standard performance league (including 1 pt. per reception), should I start: Julius Jones vs. WSH or Brian Westbrook @ STL ? How much will Westbrook play? Jones will get a lot of carries but the Redskins' D is pretty tough. Will reply. Thanks.
  13. Me too, sigh..I got only 1 pt. from them. 1 pt! Very disappointing. I was at the game and they put very little pressure on Eli Manning. No sacks. They actually did sack him but it was on a 2-pt conversion try, so that doesn't count. Ouch. Shocked that game turned out to be 33-30. Half the crowd were Steelers fans waving their gold towels. The Giants played tough. Bad start to the weekend for me. Go Randy Moss, I need you big time now!
  14. Every fantasy web site had Gates as a sleeper this season but I never thought he'd be this dominant. He's helped carry my team to a 4-1 record while Randy Moss was injured. Picked him in the 8th round, McGahee late in the 7th. Picked up Julius Jones off the waiver wire a few weeks back and used him this week vs. the Bears (nice). Like that week 14 matchup vs. the Saints. On the flip side, Stephen Davis, Matt Hasslebeck and Vanderjagt were not good picks. I can't believe how bad Hasslebeck has been this season. A real disappointment for me. Hello Brian Griese. My vote is for Gates, he has been my MVP by far and has helped my team to the playoffs. Tony G is still great and Crumpler is very good, but Gates is the man this season.
  15. Atl vs NO or Den vs Oak

    I agree, go with Denver. Can't you see Kerry Collins throwing 3 picks and Champ returning one for a TD as the crowd goes crazy? The Saints still have some weapons in Duece, Horn and Brooks (when he's not throwing bone-head picks near his own goal line). I see Denver winning 31-10 while the Saints will lose 27-20, something like that. Go with the Broncs.