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  1. Benjamin Watson's - Ferguson Post on FB

    Irish, are you really trying to stir a religious debate here? GTFO with trying to bait people into a religious discussion on a fantasy forum
  2. Allen Hurns

    I don't see the similarities really. Ogeltree and Hill weren't getting the kind of praise Hurns has been getting all pre-season. He outplayed Lee in the preseason, wouldn't be surprised to see him keeping a spot as a top 3 WR for the Jags. At 6'3" he makes more sense as a go-to guy than Shorts
  3. Best 2014 Rookie RB as of now

    And Lattimore and Hunter just disappear?
  4. RG III - If this is true..... wow.

    It's his father, who probably is pretty controlling. It doesn't represent RGIII as a person, and I think it's ridiculous that people are making news about crap like this. Do you really think RGIII's father will convince Snyder to hire a coach on his own? You're buying into this crap hook, line and sinker which is what news outlets want
  5. Ands that's how the top teams go down...

    Going up against the #1 record and #1 scoring team in my work league this week for the highest pot in any of my FF leagues, you can imagine I was pretty imtimidated facing Manning, Decker and Moreno last night. The guy has all but conceded already.. I think it's a bit premature but I'm feeling pretty good!
  6. Dwayne Bowe arrested

    He wasn't under the influence, just in possession.
  7. Week 10 Injuries

    I know people said this in years past, but it feels like there are way more injuries this year than I'm used to
  8. Who is rolling with Jimmy Graham Today?

    I'm not playing him, it kills me too
  9. Hoyer Hurt

    I don't see why people are freaking about Cameron, he did fine with Weeden before Hoyer took over. Are your short term memories that deficient?
  10. WDIS in FLEX MJD or Jared Cook? PPR

    In a PPR I'm going with Cook. Can't go wrong with MJD either though
  11. Tennessee Titan WR Value in Dynasty

    It's a terrible time to unload Wright IMO. He'll make a much bigger impression this year, but he doesn't have the buzz to make anyone overpay at all
  12. Pro Football Weekly has gone out of business

    That sucks. Their season preview and fantasy guides were my favorites
  13. Ricardo Lockette

    I do think it's pretty over the top comparing this dude to Julio Jones. Offseason fantasy hype is pretty outlandish
  14. Rookie Dynasty Drafts

    On a side note, that is one of the best looking MFL sites I've seen. Kudos to whoever designs that
  15. Justin Blackmon suspended four games

    Blackmon is 2-for-2 messing up in the offseason. Doesn't look good for the guy, he better get his act together