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  1. The Jets Select Zach Ertz, TE Stanford
  2. Barkley's boy becomes Geno's Robert Woods WR USC I'm surprised we got him in the second round
  3. Not really looking for praise here, but what is everyones thoughts if the real draft played out like this. Do you think the Jets would take Geno, I feel like if our new GM wants to build from the draft that it's hard to pass up on a player that instantly upgrades a pitiful offense.
  4. Sorry for the delay, sping break has been a marathon. People are goin to hate this pick, but at this point in time If Geno Smith falls to here I'm taking him. 9th overall, Geno Smith QB WVU. Hate it or love it but bye bye Mark. Instant upgrade the whole offense
  5. Oh man, this is gonna be a disaster!

    Tony Softli ‏@SoftliSTL Sources say NFLRA communicating with NFL that they agreed to sign the proposal, and a crew will work the Thursday night game CLE vs. BAL Happy now boys?
  6. Depending on what "cheap" means I may be interested
  7. Electric Football - RIP Norman Sas

    I'm not even that old and had one of these guys, used to play it all the time. Patriots vs Packers
  8. Playoff

    Yeah, I tend to agree with this move. Sort of the "best of both worlds" example, you have to have the season represent a large portion of the bowl games. Football, unlike basketball, is much more violent and aggressive and takes a massive tole on the body so playing a 16 team tournament even with single elimination would take too much time and would really beat down the student athlete's body. 4 team is simple, quick, does minimal damage to the athletes and it eliminates the issue where OKSt. doesn't get a national title shot last season and Bama gets a rematch.
  9. Random Picture Here

    That's honestly impressive
  10. It would be awesome to get a huddle 6+ player online dynasty going on, anyone else down?
  11. An issue with my freshman son away at college

    Drunken whores. Hmmmm. One time a sorority offered us $300(we normally get around $100 max from them) and invited us all over for a good cooked meal if we did one social event with then. We decided, since they were all ugly, we would just get smashed at the social event. I was trying to make myself throw up (I had drank a bunch and felt terrible), so i decided to beer bong a mostly vodka drink, to my surprise I didn't throw up. However, an admiring girl goes "psh that's not how you do one of those" gets down in a squatting position and starts pouring a half gallon directly into the bong. I was impressed honestly, that her body could handle such a large quantity of Burnett's. But more-so I was scared. She wasn't hot either. None of them were. Obviously. Another story was we hosted the Catalina Wine Mixer and before the girls got there we were doing Wongs(wine bongs). Suddenly a girl opens the door to my friends room and in shock and says "are you guys sure you're supposed to be drinking wine like that"...honestly we all sat there confused and I just responded "I was unaware that wine came with directions." But on to the sloots! On Ski weekend(which consists of very little skiing), we had 19 kegs, 12 cases, 37 half gallons and 20 boxes of wine...for 3 days. An entire sorority goes up to a huge house with our fraternity. And obviously we party quite hard, if you don't have sex on that weekend you're forever doomed. Either way at some point in time we started moving the wooden furniture outside near the trees, we claimed we were "bringing them back to their family" or something like that. That wooden table should never be used for dinner again. Also, we always spend one full day at the ski resort pool. We couldn't figure out a good way to get down the mountain, nobody wanted to drive. We are geniuses and used our 30 packs of beer as sleds down the mountain, it worked really well honestly. At the pool you always play the good ole trick of "oh my god i was getting out of the pool and accidently pulled the string and your top came off...which oddly enough resulted in topless chicken, which was the actual reason we were kicked out of the pool area. Also i had my birthday on this trip, my parents called me at midnight to wish me a happy one, in which case I was forced to stop talking to them and take more body shots...which they promptly heard about over the phone by my brother who confiscated it. My mom was pretty appalled, my dad said I live the dream. You only live once, and most of that living happens in college DO NOT THINK THAT YOUR SON IS DOING THIS CUNNING RUNT! Also sorry for semi-hijacking this thread, please continue with the advice guys.
  12. An issue with my freshman son away at college

    Fair enough, then talk with him and tell him that he better start acting a bit more mature. On a side note, we aren't supposed to have open sources of alcohol thanks to IFC rules. So we have a keg box, if IFC or the Cops come you throw the keg in the box and put the lock on it. They aren't allowed to force you to open it. I'm telling you there's nothing like a cold beer and enjoying the good weather at high altitudes Haha sure, what kind of stories would you like to hear.
  13. An issue with my freshman son away at college

    Alright alright. Here's my .02 cents. I'm currently a sophomore about to be a junior after completion of this semester at Michigan State. I rushed a fraternity here, my fall semester freshman year. I understand your viewpoint as a father, especially considering the fact that your ex spoiled him his own life. If you have an issue with that I would talk to her about cutting back on allowance, forcing him to get a job this summer etc. Drinking in college,'s drinking in college. With all due respect it's hard to say no, especially in a fraternity environment(I assume he's still a pledge) where there are tons of beautiful girls around who are equally down to party. And of course day drinking is the best type of drinking. I don't see the drinking as a problem. You learn to manage it better, and if there was a time to screw your GPA it's freshman year because you still have 3 years to recover. I see your son's problems as similar to mine, except for the fact that I worked for all the money I have. He's going to learn that being drunk 24/7, being "the drunk brother" of the frat, while is a ton of fun, A) is a turn off for girls will cause grades to slip and C) should be done when appropriate. Now you and your son definitely have different definitions of appropriate. Some days, when it's beautiful out you need to drink on a roof rather then go to class. Sounds ridiculous but it's true. It happens. Soon he will realize that the older you get the more important getting better grades are, nobody wants to feel stupid, especially when they aren't, because Purdue is no easy school to get into. He'll mature, I will almost guarantee it. That's what I did. I screwed around freshman year and honestly I don't necessarily regret it, I just look at it as a learning experience. I learned that you need to get your priorities straight. You have four years, five if your lucky, to go to college before you need to grow up and get a job and won't get to really be a kid anymore. It'll be the saddest day of my entire life when I graduate. As long as you get good grades you can do whatever the hell you damn please. But as much as he needs to get good grades, he also needs to have fun and experience college to the fullest. He will find a balance, you can even speak to him about that. You seem like a really cool father honestly, my parents just yelled at me and threatened to bring me back home. Which, I'll tell you right now, won't work. He's old enough to take out loans and can stay in school without any assistance from parents, wouldn't be easy but he could do it. Just talk and be honest with your son, he knows your not naive as you know he's not little and easily fooled by you or your ex anymore. As said before, if you were my dad you would seem pretty damn cool by the way you currently are reacting. If you really want to get to know your son best, go up to school and drink hard with him before a football game, be apart of his college experience. If he doesn't have to hide little details about his college life from you then he wont and you'll have a much easier time speaking with him and having an open relationship. All that being said, some of my fraternity brothers last year thought that they had a problem with drinking. They learned to control it. He will learn to control it. Just because he drinks 5 days a week or however much he's drinking doesn't mean he's becoming an alcoholic or a drug addict. It's college, it's the time to have fun and have experiences as much as it is about learning and getting that degree. To bring it full circle and recap. He's not an alcoholic. He's not throwing away his future. He will learn that nobody wants to be that dumb kid at school nor does anyone want to be that drunk kid at school. Be open and honest with him and go and do some of his fraternity stuff with him, it'll make you guys a lot closer. A GPA target, something like a 3.0 is a fair goal. As others have said if he continues a downward spiral, then give him one semester to show he's capable of the GPA target, if not cut the funding. Best of luck and really any questions about college life/fraternities. I'd like to think I'm a pretty good source to ask