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  1. WDIK next year at RB? VBallard or MTurner?

    Must keep 4 players, either one-per-position (1-1-1-1) or two at one position but other two must be at one each (2-1-1). Standard scoring and, again, no PPR. starters: QB - Andrew Luck (K) RB - Steven Jackson, Vick Ballard WR - Decker (K), RWayne (K) TE - Heath Miler FLEX - Michael Turner D/ST - Cincy K - SJanikowski bench: QB - Tannehill, Foles RB - Joique Bell, Felix Jones WR - Santana Moss, Torrey Smith TE - Jacob Tamme There are 12 teams in this league and an owner already having Ridley and BenJarv just dumped Ahmad Bradshaw. Can see why I posted this there IS nobody else to keep! I guess Turner over Ballard for 2013 and Bradshaw over both if he stays healthy and that of course is a big 'if'.
  2. LM advice needed for title game

  3. If an owner fails to start an obvious starter(s) or simply leaves a spot empty and LOSES A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME because of it, what should an LM do? Boot the owner? Use LM powers to manually put in the obvious starter(s) so that the title at hand wouldn't be 'tainted'? Leave championship game as is and not boot the owner being that losing the championship game is 'punishment enough' for not being active? Any thoughts? Tell you, I certainly would not want to win a title due to those circumstances.
  4. Kaepernick or Luck the rest of the way?

    I now have both QBs also. In an 8 team league (which is the reason why he was on waivers in the first place), I picked up Kaep last week but still started Luck. Both are good but I would keep Luck in the starting lineup the rest of the way. I can only keep one player per positiion for next year and I personally am going to keep Luck if only because we've seen for an entire season what Luck can do as opposed to Kaep only playing a few games so far.
  5. Even with no PPR, I'm starting Decker at flex over VBall

    Hey, with how nicknames (unimaginatively - can't say I'm a fan of it) ) go these days taking the first letter of the first name and placing it in front of the first syllable of the last name, it certainly wouldn't surprise me if that becomes his nickname. I actually should (meant to) have spelled it 'VBal' (as in rhyming with 'Al') instead of adding the extra 'L'. As for his performance vs Jax, glad I did bench him. I feel confident Decker will have another monster game (even WITHOUT ppr).
  6. A Football Life - Jimmy Johnson

    Wasn't too into it. Didn't go into as much detail as I would have liked and totally ignored the rift between he and Marino when he was with Miami. In the end, Dolphins really were no better off with JJ than they were with latter-day Shula (a mere playoff team and nothing at all more). There are many types of championship coaches and Jimmy's the type that has an eye for fresh talent and if he can load up young players who have never played for any other coach before, he can mold (motivate - also his forte) them into the championship team. That's what he was able to do in Big D thanks enormously to the Herschel trade (it was as if he never left The U). When taking over the Dolphins, however, (players already established such as Marino) different story (to his credit though he did draft some great defensive players while he was there). As for how many Rings Dallas would have won had he stayed on a few more years? I'd say 50/50 between 5-in-a-row or 4-out-of-5 only losing in '94 to San Fran anyway (Deion still being the difference maker). '96 would have been their last hurrah over Parcell's Patriots with Favre never having won his one Ring.
  7. Do I bench Jamaal Charles vs Steelers?

    Still a question mark whether Mendy or Dwyer will play though.
  8. VBall's doing alright even with Donald Brown back in, but with AP & MTurner as my starting backs and with MWallace and VJax as my WRs, that's going to be my Week #10 play. Decker is now on fire.
  9. And start Isaac Redman (or even Joique Bell) instead?
  10. WDIS Week #7? VBall or SJax?

  11. RB2 slot - week 7 - Felix Jones or Steven Jackson

    I have both and am starting Felix Jones instead. I acquired him off waivers and have long given up on SJax, may as well.
  12. WDIS Week #7? VBall or SJax?

    no ppr So far I got VBall sloted in