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  1. Milk Carton

    Jaguars D/ST.
  2. Milk Carton

    Kelce...paging Travis Kelce.
  3. Milk Carton

    Matt Ryan is dead to me. Man that offense sucks without Shanahan.
  4. Milk Carton

    The whole Falcons passing offense is down this year, probably due to mini-Shanny leaving.
  5. Milk Carton

    Julio, where art thou Julio? Chris Hogan...invisible. Matt the bench next week.
  6. Kelce-Is he injured?

    Kelce not practicing on Wednesday 10/11/17, per Roto: Picked-up Henry Hunter to cover...same start time for their games on Sunday.
  7. Sterling Shephard's Value

    Almost...but not quite.
  8. Is Matt Ryan Entering Dropsville?

    I'd definitely wait on Ryan and see what happens after their bye this week. Maybe they'll fine-tune the offense after having a 4-game sample size. But I agree, the ATL offense looks nothing like last year's.
  9. Is Matt Ryan Entering Dropsville?

    I'm holding Ryan and rolling with Dak for now.
  10. Patriots/Bucs thread

    I think he'll be under the bus after that miss.
  11. Patriots/Bucs thread

    Winston looks horrible.
  12. Patriots/Bucs thread

    Hogan!! Yes!
  13. Week 4 Milk Carton

    Lost Ty Thursday night, and now Julio.
  14. I have to ask...Is there an "official" injury report from the Packers saying Ty's ribs are, in fact, broken? All I hear/read/see is mostly speculation. What am I missing?
  15. TY Montgomery to the locker room

    As did I...FML