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  1. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    Don't think it will do much good. I talked to Customer Retention 3 times, and spoke to a "supervisor" twice (different one each time), to no avail. I'm in Stevegrab's camp and am really tired of going through this song and dance every year, and their "business model" sucks in giving varying discounts to some...and none to others. I'll be GLAD when DirecTV loses the NFL Sunday Ticket monopoly to other carriers...the sooner, the better.
  2. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019) call...nothing.
  3. MyHuddle Player Tracking Not Working

    It's been a day now and I still can't use the "Player Tracking" function of MyHuddle, as it sticks on "loading" and NOTHING HAPPENS. What is going on here??? ETA: In addition, I'm getting this error message (both when logging in and when trying to access MyHuddle Player Search): utag is not defined
  4. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    Similar here, as they told me I had to pay this month's bill in full, and they would refund the NFL Sunday Ticket first payment on a Mastercard gift card! I said I want a refund check, as I pay them by check and expect the same in return. They said the only refund available was in the form of a gift card. What kind of BS is that? I sure hope you get your refund. I'm tempted NOT to pay this month's bill (due 09/07/19) and see where it goes from there.
  5. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    I've had DirecTV since 1996...23 years. I have multiple HD DVR's, whole-home conncecivity, all of the movie channels, MLB and NFL every year, etc. I called 3 times, talked to Customer Retention, Supervisors, etc. ALL they would offer me was $16.50/month off of NFL Sunday Ticket. So, I completely cancelled my DirecTV service and am returning all my equipment and told them to go pound sand. Unbelievable. I live in the country so my streaming options are extremely limited. I'm probably going to go with Dish so I can at least get NFL Redzone. I'm beyond pissed.
  6. Tried to get into MyHuddle player tracking tonight and just get "Loading" ad infinitum. Why is this not working? Lots of problems on here today/tonight. I've been a member for a long time and I'm getting frustrated with the new Huddle website "improvements".
  7. What the hell is wrong with this website tonight?

    Same problems here...very frustrating to say the least. And we PAY for this!
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    NFL Network here also
  9. TE help...

    Clark--I have him and LJ Smith, but Clark is the better pick for both
  10. Quick! Who to start?

    DD...KJ Randle-El
  11. WDIS

  12. Which 2 WR's To Start?

    Too many questions @ BUF for me to play Evans, and Wayne might not get many looks. Doesn't anyone think Mason will do well w/Wright @ QB???
  13. Buccaneers or Lions defense

    I agree w/QBall....Chicago's all messed up. Go with DET D. Please answer mine....thx
  14. WDIS home on Sunday Night. Please answer mine. Thx