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  1. Good call!!
  2. Sooooooo glad for TD! It's about time!!
  3. Carson Palmer denies he's moving out of Arizona. Per Roto: Carson Palmer denied he has put his home up for sale and moved his family out of Arizona. This has gotten a bit out of hand. It's our third post on the topic after one Cardinals beat writer apparently erroneously reported Tuesday night that Palmer was yanking his family out of Arizona and put his home up for sale. It's apparently a completely fabricated rumor. "No, my house in Arizona is not on the market," Palmer said in a statement. "And every year we have taken off for offseason family adventures, so there's nothing to read into there, either." All of this has gotten so much attention because Palmer is considering retirement at age 37. Source: Mark Dalton on Twitter Feb 1 - 11:19 AM
  4. $40 sent PP. Thanks!
  5. But Elway did have experience as GM/Co-Owner of Arena Football League's Colorado Crush from 2002-2008. Lynch does not have any GM experience.
  6. Long overdue.
  7. I'll take 4 spots on each of 2 or 3 cards (8-12 spots total). Thanks Irish!!
  8. The start time for the Steelers-Chiefs game Sunday has been moved from 1:05 PM EST to 8:20 PM EST due to an impending ice storm and inclement weather.
  9. Exactly Opie, players are > the scheme. Kubes was great and I wish him well, but it's time to move on. I think McCoy was over his head as HC of the Chargers, and should he be the Broncos next OC, will hopefully resurrect the offense, which has been pitiful the last 2 years.
  10. Dodgers should sue as this is a blatant ripoff. Also, their slogan "Fight For LA" is a ripoff of USC's "Fight On."
  11. Agreed.....especially about the OL .
  12. In
  13. Adam Schefter is reporting the same. I'm sure this decision was made well before the media finding out, and Elway and Kubiak would already be working together on a transition plan. Wade Phillips' contract is up this year as well....and I sure hope he stays with the Broncos as DC (not HC).
  14. I'm in again. Got the invite from MFL. ETA: $$ sent