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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    NFL Network here also
  2. TE help...

    Clark--I have him and LJ Smith, but Clark is the better pick for both
  3. Quick! Who to start?

    DD...KJ Randle-El
  4. WDIS

  5. Which 2 WR's To Start?

    Too many questions @ BUF for me to play Evans, and Wayne might not get many looks. Doesn't anyone think Mason will do well w/Wright @ QB???
  6. Buccaneers or Lions defense

    I agree w/QBall....Chicago's all messed up. Go with DET D. Please answer mine....thx
  7. WDIS home on Sunday Night. Please answer mine. Thx
  8. WR's for today...

    Plax--even though it should be a shootout in Arizona. Please answer mine. THX
  9. Jordan or Caddy?

  10. 3rd RB To Start?

  11. T.E. woes

    I have to decide between D. Clark or LJ Smith @ TE. I really want to start Clark, but not sure if he is 100%. Given your 2 choices---Clark. WR--I'd go with Stallworth.
  12. Caddy or Mike Anderson

    Caddy, by all means. The DEN RB situation is, as always, confusing at best. Add to it the fact that Anderson is playing hurt and SD is tough against the run......Go with Caddy...........and I'm a Bronco's fan:(
  13. Keyshawn Johnson or Roy Williams

    I agree w/TS. Detroit playing conservative offense with too many WR's and Harrington as QB.
  14. 3rd RB To Start?

    8 Team Performance League Must start 3 RB's 1st RB: Alexander (SEA) 2nd RB: McAllister (NO) 3rd RB??? K Jones (DET) or J Jones (DAL)??