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  1. Justin Jackson time?

  2. Justin Jackson time?

    ...or not.
  3. I have both D Williams and J Jackson, and I think I'm starting Jackson over Williams tonight...contrary to my thoughts earlier today....I think.
  4. With Ware doubtful do you like Damien Williams?

    Yep..same here in redraft. Grabbed Williams up as soon as I heard Ware was doubtful. Also have Justin Jackson, whom I picked up last week as a hedge. Could be an interesting Thursday!
  5. Fournette Suspended 1 Game

  6. Fournette Suspended 1 Game

    Fournette out...Marvin Jones on IR...Kerryon Johnson out (who knows for how long?)...Kupp on IR...Gronk so-so...OJ Howard on IR. Man, it's been a rough 2 weeks.
  7. Week 12 Milk Carton - Thanksgiving Edition

    Yep...Milk Carton posts have worked twice today for me!
  8. Week 12 Milk Carton - Thanksgiving Edition

    Calling Mr. Thielen...where are you?
  9. Week 12 Milk Carton - Thanksgiving Edition

    Wow...Milk Carton comes through again! Sanders!!
  10. Week 12 Milk Carton - Thanksgiving Edition

  11. Leonard Fournette ejected from Bills game

    Fournette wasn't on the field for that play. He came off the bench, ran across the field, and got into the fight. Idiot! He was headed for a monster game. Might lose him for next week too, as a suspension may be looming.
  12. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    Per Gronk, he's "good to go" Rotowire: Rob Gronkowski (ankle, back) said he's "good to go" for Week 12 against the Jets. "Good to go and excited to get back out there with the team," Gronkowski said in a Friday press conference. "Excited to get back out there on Sundays and play some ball." His status comes from his mouth, so we'll have something more official on his availability once the Pats release their injury report Friday afternoon. It's been 27 days since Gronkowski last took the field, so he's presumably healthy enough to return to dominant form Sunday against the Jets. Source: Mike Reiss on Twitter Nov 23 - 2:36 PM The question is...should we trust him this weekend?
  13. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    Where is Gurley...and why is Brown in for 1/2 the carries snaps?
  14. What's Going on w/ Weekly Player Rankings?

    DMD...who is "they"? Just curious...thanks.
  15. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread over!
  16. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    Sure hope so.
  17. Gronk.

    How cool is that!
  18. Gronk.

    Well now. Some points!
  19. Gronk.

    Can't cut him. Can't trade him now. And he's going to my bench, so can't play him either.
  20. Week 6 Milk Carton

    I think it's worse than that. I thought with Edelman back, Gordon active, and White/Michel clicking, Gronk would bust out. But no, apparently not. Waste of a low second-round pick.
  21. Colts/Patriots game tonight

    FYI: No fumble on ESPN.
  22. Colts/Patriots game tonight

    For me, it's between Gronk and Ricky Seals-Jones, as my #2 TE, OJ Howard, is on a bye...and out for 2-4 weeks. I picked-up Seals-Jones in case Gronk was a no-go, but if he's playing, I'm playing him, decoy or not. The TE waiver wire is bare.
  23. Rams vs Vikes

    I played Gurley and Thielen (58.1 points) But, I sat Kupp (44.2 points)
  24. Fournette - Any update on his condition?

    Where did you hear this on Sunday? All I heard was that he could have come back in the game, but was held out for precautionary reasons. BTW: I'm sure glad i didn't hear this on Sunday!
  25. Who has been here since the 90s?

    Yep, no member number for me either, but everyone's email address is clearly visible.