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  1. 2019 Season Paid

  2. trade opie and bear

  3. trade opie and bear

  4. FA Bid : Dissly, Will SEA TE - BEAR Wins

    I'm dropping Josh Malone from my DTS and placing Dissly onto my DTS.
  5. 2018 Cantank Roster

    Red font = New contract years Blu Font = Promoted from DTS CANTANKEROUS IDIOTS PLAYER CONTRACT NOTES Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB 3 Johnson, David ARI RB 4 Jones, Aaron GBP RB (S) 1 Promoted from DTS Zenner, Zach DET RB 2 Anderson, Robby NYJ WR 2 Benjamin, Kelvin BUF WR 2 Kupp, Cooper LAR WR 6 Promoted from DTS Jones, Zay BUF WR 3 Kearse, Jermaine NYJ WR 1 Sanu, Mohamed ATL WR 1 Henry, Hunter LAC TE (O) 4 Heuerman, Jeff DEN TE (Q) 1 McDonald, Vance PIT TE (Q) 1 Walker, Delanie TEN TE 2 Catanzaro, Chandler TBB PK 1 Janikowski, Sebastian SEA PK 1 Broncos, Denver DEN Def 1 Patriots, New England NEP Def 1 Contract Years 37 Player on Roster 18 TAXI SQUAD Darnold, Sam NYJ QB (R) Chubb, Nick CLE RB (R) Pettis, Dante SFO WR (R) Malone, Josh CIN WR Taylor, Trent SFO WR (Q) Thomas, Ian CAR TE (R) Butt, Jake DEN TE DTS 7 Beathard, C.J. SFO QB DROP Hogan, Kevin WAS QB DROP Washington, DeAndre OAK RB DROP Williams, Kerwynn KCC RB (Q) DROP Decker, Eric NEP WR 1 Drop Kizer, DeShone GBP QB DROP Barrett, J.T. NOS QB (R) Drop Henderson, De'Angelo DEN RB Drop Tavecchio, Giorgio FA PK Drop Dead Year 1
  6. Deeper Sleepers

    I think Carson has a solid year and holds off Penny the majority of the year until Seattle becomes irrelevant. Carol will have no choice but to see what they have in Penny. And my steal pick this year is Moncrief. 1200+ yards this year and at least 6 TD's..
  7. Missing FA Threads **

    Are they in the old forum?
  8. DaD final pick.  I'll be out of town but if my pick comes up I'd like to get Tim White (UDFA Baltimore) if at all possible.

  9. I finally got my Bank app to work.. I think.  Should have payment shortly but please let me know if anything goes a miss.


    Confirmation #USB824365655

  10. LLD Fee's. How do I owe the league per chance?

  11. Whoops, that was actually for DaD.  Doing YODT now.