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  1. Missing FA Threads **

    Are they in the old forum?
  2. DaD final pick.  I'll be out of town but if my pick comes up I'd like to get Tim White (UDFA Baltimore) if at all possible.

  3. I finally got my Bank app to work.. I think.  Should have payment shortly but please let me know if anything goes a miss.


    Confirmation #USB824365655

  4. LLD Fee's. How do I owe the league per chance?

  5. Whoops, that was actually for DaD.  Doing YODT now.

  6. Joseph Randle

    As long as Jay Jones give Randell enough cash to buy his BVD's, he's surely in for a big year, regardless who backs him up.
  7. Tebow

    Well, if you arm isn't' going to do it for you, then it's only sensible to use your other ass...ets
  8. Geno Smith fires his agent

    it was just 3 years ago where Sanchez took them to the AFC championship and lost to a mere 5 points.
  9. Geno Smith fires his agent

    New York Jets are like a clown car full of clowns that just crashed and there is carnage everywhere. You hate to stare, but you can't help but look at the thrown bodies and clown parts and laugh. It's almost like it's scripted. If the New York Jets were a TV show, what would you name it? I'd name it "Breaking Bad" because it's just one cluster after another.
  10. Justin Blackmon suspended four games

    I read that the NFL was considering a 1 year suspension so what ever he did was not pretty. I suspect a little more than just substance violation is what I'm thinking.
  11. Laptop hijacked again?
  12. LOL, I couldn't tell if the scripting for Timothy Dalton's Bond was intentionally bad or it was just him. I loved Brasnan in Remington Steele and always thought he'd make a terrific bond, but I guess I'd have to agree that the script was very flat.
  13. Tebow

    The Jets were trying to establish value and I suspect were using him for potential trade fodder with all the movement in the draft but everyone was smart enough to wait so they would not be pegged with the remaining portion of Tebow's salary. Someone will pick him up as he brings merchandising dollars with him, strangely (yeah, I own a Tebow jersey....)
  14. Tebow

    The Jag's didn't draft a QB so either they are sticking with Gabbert and Henne or they new the Jet's would cut him and they could get him on the cheap. I suspect he'll be suiting up in the new Kahn uni's but no later than this week.
  15. Draft - Who Do You Want ?

    One word will dictate this new regime for the Chargers.... Te'o I see another decade of mediocre play from this new regime just solely based on this one draft pick. Might as well higher Lindsay Lohan as their team drug screener!