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  1. Curtis Martin

    I guess this is good news. I have to put in a WW request in the next few hours, and already have to replace Burleson and get a kicker for the bye week. I was considering trying to get Brandon Jacaobs, as the only viable free agent RB. I may still - but trusting injury reports released is as reliable as using tarot cards! I have the latter and I know how to use them!
  2. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    Sorry Wieg - the duplicate rule did not resonate. I'll got week 4, Tampa Bay. They will score 3 pts.
  3. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    Week 9, MN. They will score 3 points.
  4. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    The Vikings. please - if it is not too late to play!
  5. Seattles Wrs

    I don't think they threw one pass to Rice - but they should have done so on that last one.
  6. Democrats vs. Republicans

    Is there room for a token female to play with the Good Guys?
  7. Predictions for Auburn/VTech?

    Nope, as previously stated, I'm an Alabama fan. I have close relatives that went to UCLA (the Los Angeles school you have to be smarter to get into) and watching over the years, you can only come to one of two conclusions. USC is the luckiest team in the history of college football - or the Refs have an incentive to make them appear that way. It will be sad (as with this year's UCLA game) if USC wins a national championship on a demonstrably bad call, but I won't be at all surprised.
  8. Predictions for Auburn/VTech?

    But the refs did screw with the clock in the closing minutes of this game. Beware of this tomorrow - many bad calls will be in favor of USC.
  9. Predictions for Auburn/VTech?

    Must be the payed USC Refs. Screwing up the clock.
  10. Predictions for Auburn/VTech?

    One more thing - I do think Oklahoma will wipe the field with USC.
  11. Predictions for Auburn/VTech?

    May I add my two cents? Cadillac's lower legs look very skinny and fragile to me. He does not look like an NFL back. USC only beat UCLA on a bad call and should be playing this game (or no BCS game) rather than Auburn. Auburn should be playing tomorrow. And as a life long Alabama fan, it's hard for me to say that about Auburn. Bama fans, please forgive me.
  12. I have Hicks and for the moment have decided to play Faulk. I figure that Chandler is so terrible that even if they share carries, they could both have big games. But tomorrow I may decide to bench Faulk and play Bell. Good Luck!
  13. Wheatley

    Has anyone heard anything about his "game time decision?" Thanks!
  14. James Carvel

    If you are such a great fan of this moron - you should at least learn how to spell his name. It is Carville. Carvel is ice cream. Perhaps you should keep spelling it that way, as it seems describe him well and speaks volumes about you.