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  1. My mother died

    I want to thank all of you, it was a very emotional day for me at an emotional time. What I am angry about is that the changes to Medicare - due to Obamacare - likely killed my mother. I will be able to elaborate at another time if anyone is interested.
  2. My mother died

    Yes, I am that mad. And sad. It will not be a great Thanksgiving.
  3. Benghazi, Libya

    What? All they have done is disclose to me what procedure should be. That is not a breach of national security. I ask a lot of questions of my family that are unanswered.
  4. Benghazi, Libya

    I never posted a video of Obama doing anything. Prove it. You can always tell a liberal is cornered when they start spouting nonsense. And how dare you insult my father?
  5. Benghazi, Libya

    I have family that are military officers and defense contractor executives. I cannot tell you what they have told me, but I did find an account that mostly backs up my claims. Some of you won't read it because it came from a caller to Rush Limbaugh's radio show, but as the caller is a retired lieutenant colonel special operations planner for 15 years, you should. You might learn something. What I got wrong was that there are apparently not separate messages, but panic code words within the bulk of the communication, if I understood what the man was saying. What I said was essentially what happened. http://www.rushlimba..._rescue_in_1979
  6. Benghazi, Libya

    You might be better informed if the main stream media was not carrying the water of the decieving administration. Why does the left have no issue? That is a really good question. I have been wondering that for a very long time.
  7. Benghazi, Libya

    Some of you are just going to have to realize that Obama is inept or corrupt. The Seals at the CIA annex a mile from the Embassy - after they heard the mortar attacks - asked for permission 3 times and were told to stand down every time. Five of them defied orders and went to help. We only know what really happened because 3 of them survived. 28 people connected to the embassy were rescued due to their bravery. Two of them died, many hours after the attack began The way this works is that there are levels of notification. The emails we saw were lowest level and unclassified. There would have been two other levels - Secret and Top Secret. The highest level would have gone to The Pentagon, State CIA, and the White House Situation Room, basically as an instant message. All of those places required a return acknowledgement of receipt. The person in the Situation Room was required to notify POTUS. If POTUS cannot be found, the protocol orders in place are to save American lives, first. That clearly did not happen. There are only a few people who can override the protocol orders. POTUS, VPOTUS, State and Defense -someone said," No, Stand Down." Or, "Do not try save our Americans." Sickening. I am as mad as mad can get. Americans do not leave Americans behind. If my father was not already buried in Arlington, news that this actually happened would have killed him. Words Fail.
  8. Benghazi, Libya

    They watched this as it happened live in the White House Situation Room. That is a fact. Where was Obama? We had military response resources an hour away. 4 brave Americans died - 2 of them likely could have beed saved as thay died hours after the attack was launched. This is a disgrace.
  9. This forum

    There's literally a binder full of Ladies who resort to baiting posters and then whining to the powers that be. This really makes me angry. There is no binder.
  10. 40th Anniversary

    Our Freedom is your sacrifice. Thank You!
  11. What are gas prices where you live?

    $5.79. I live in California.
  12. Ryder Cup - The thread

    Agree completely. And however Tiger would have finished did not matter today.
  13. Video Games; What are you playing lately?

    Catan HD on my IPad, Knights and Cities version.
  14. A Date With My Daughter

    You will cherish this adventure forever. As will your daughter. Will this be your only father/daughter special event? Years ago I had mine, my father was a communications exec in NYC and I was in college in LA. He came to town and took me to dinner at a fine restaurant of the time. I felt so special. The entire event was memorable, but we both laughed at overhearing two older ladies dining near us when one of them said, " It is awful seeing that old guy with that young thing!" Have a blast and treat her like the princess that you know she is! She will remember the time forever. And take a few pictures!
  15. Worth Watching

    It will truly suck to be you when the USA is bankrupt. Laugh and disparage all you want, it will still suck to be you.